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A lovely girl grows up in isolation where her father, a powerful magus, has spirited them to in order to keep them safe. In this incredible retelling of the fantastical tale, Jacqueline Carey shows readers the other side of the coin—the dutiful and tenderhearted Miranda, who loves her father but is terribly lonely. And Caliban, the strange and feral boy Prospero has bewitched to serve him. The two find solace and companionship in each other as Prospero weaves his magic and dreams of revenge. Always under Prospero’s jealous eye, Miranda and Caliban battle the dark, unknowable forces that bind them to the island even as the pangs of adolescence create a new awareness of each other and their doomed relationship. Find out more at- Romance/Fantasy
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In her newest YA novel, VASSA IN THE NIGHT, Sarah Porter has merged the dark, forested world of Russian folklore with the gritty, urban streets of Brooklyn to vibrant and dramatic effect. In the enchanted kingdom of Brooklyn, the fashionable people put on cute shoes, go to parties in warehouses, drink on rooftops at sunset, and tell themselves they’ve arrived. Babs Yaga, the owner of the local convenience store, has a policy of beheading shoplifters—and sometimes innocent shoppers as well. So when Vassa’s stepsister sends her out for light bulbs in the middle of night, she knows it could easily become a suicide mission. But Vassa has a bit of luck hidden in her pocket, a gift from her dead mother. Erg is a tough-talking wooden doll with sticky fingers, a bottomless stomach, and a ferocious cunning. With Erg’s help, Vassa just might be able to break the witch’s curse and free her Brooklyn neighborhood. But Babs won’t be playing fair…. Find out more at YA/Fantasy
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Since Newton witnessed a bubble rising from his bathtub, mankind has sought the stars. When William III of England commissioned Capt. William Kidd to command the first expedition to Mars in the late 1600s, he proved that space travel was both possible and profitable. Find out more at Arabella of Mars by David E Levine. Fantasy
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A novel that is both fantasy and techno scifi. The story follows the lives of childhood friends living in hipster mecca San Francisco. Patricia is a secret member of the world’s magically gifted and Laurence is a techno science geek. Together they must either save the world or plunge it into a new dark ages. Find out more at All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders Scifi/fantasy
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Master anthologist Ellen Datlow has assembled a list of beautiful and terrifying stories from bestselling and critically acclaimed authors such as Joyce Carol Oates, Seanan McGuire, Carrie Vaughn, Pat Cadigan, Tim Lebbon, Richard Kadrey, Genevieve Valentine, and Jeffrey Ford. The collection is illustrated with photographs of dolls taken by Datlow and other devoted doll collectors from the science fiction and fantasy field. The result is a star-studded collection exploring one of the most primal fears of readers of dark fiction everywhere, and one that every reader will want to add to their own collection. Find out more at or The Doll Collection edited by Ellen Datlow Tor Books Book Trailer. Horror/Suspense
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Once there was a time when men and women lived as equals, when girl babies were valued, and women could belong only to themselves. But that was ten generations ago. Now women are property, to be sold and owned and bred, while a strict census keeps their numbers manageable and under control. The best any girl can hope for is to end up as some man’s forever wife, but most are simply sold and resold until they’re all used up. Aya has spent her whole life in the mountains, looking out for her family and hiding from the world, until the day the Trackers finally catch her. The Glass Arrow is a haunting, yet hopeful, new novel from Kristen Simmons, the author of the popular Article 5 trilogy. YA/SciFi
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The thrilling conclusion to Kristen Simmons’s post-apocalyptic YA trilogy (Article 5, Breaking Point), set in a future American in which the Bill-of-Rights has been replaced by the Moral Statutes, and young Ember and her boyfriend have been branded criminals. Now, joined up with the resistance movement, they are trying to find a safe place to settle—but they may be coming closer to facing the notorious organization known only as Three. The CW Atlanta has dubbed Simmons: “A true dystopian force.” YA/fantasy/romance
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Tor Books is thrilled to announce the THREE NIGHTMARES YOU CAN’T RESIST tour, featuring three amazing YA titles: Kristen Simmons’ THREE, Mindee Arnett’s THE NIGHTMARE DILEMMA, and Jenna Black’s RESISTANCE. YA Paranormal Tuesday, March 11: Lexington – Joseph-Beth Booksellers Wednesday, March 12: Cincinnati – Joseph-Beth Booksellers Thursday, March 13: Dayton – Books & Co Friday, March 14: Louisville – Carmichael’s Bookstore Monday, March 17: Chapel Hill – Flyleaf Bookstore
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Der ADAC hat insgesamt 150 Waschstraßen und sogenannte Portalanlagen bundesweit getestet. Resultat: Waschstraßen waschen besser als sogenannte Portalanlagen. Die beste Waschstraße heißt „Soft Wash Park“ und ist in Magdeburg. Diese Anlage schneidet mit der Gesamtnote „sehr gut“ (1,5) ab. Im Durchschnitt bekommen die Waschstraßen die Note „gut“. Die Portalanlagen - ein „Tor“ mit Waschelementen fährt bei dieser Art der Säuberung über das stehende Fahrzeug und zurück - kommen nur auf einen Notenschnitt von 3,6, sind also nur „ausreichend“. Weder eine Portalwaschanlage (66 wurden getestet), noch eine der 84 geprüften Waschstraßen fällt im Test durch. Allerdings ist auch keine Portalanlage dabei, die ein „gut“ oder „sehr gut“ schafft. Die wichtigste Testkategorie ist die „Waschleistung“.
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In the tradition of Stanislaw Lem and Philip K. Dick, a novel of future disaster in Europe by the grand master of German science fiction, Wolfgang Jeschke. In 2052 creation is dying, time has been conquered, and Domenica is trapped in the past with the seeds that hold the promise of rebirth. Learn more about this book and its author here, Science Fiction
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Set in the near future, V.E. Schwab exciting debut novel VICIOUS brings to life a gritty comic-book-style world in vivid prose: a world where gaining superpowers doesn’t automatically lead to heroism, and a time when allegiances are called into question. Learn more about this book and author Fantasy
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REPLICA is the breathtaking new Tor Teen science fiction novel from JENNA BLACK, author of the Faeriewalker series. With REPLICA, Black has created a striking new dystopian vision of the near future—and mixed in a page-turning murder mystery that will keep hearts pumping this summer! Learn more about this book and author Teen YA / Science Fiction
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