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An intelligent Mother is half the Battle
Tags // lion 
Categories // Pets and Animals 
Added: 151 days ago by Orthrus
Runtime: 0m35s | Views: 86 | Comments: 0
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He is the Father you have been looking for all your life.
Categories // Family  Fashion and Lifestyle 
Added: 159 days ago by DivineRevelations
Runtime: 4m56s | Views: 91 | Comments: 0



And two Boats
Tags // love 
Added: 201 days ago by Orthrus
Runtime: 0m7s | Views: 114 | Comments: 0
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I love to share my strategies with others because it has dramatically improved my quality of life. In this video, you'll learn about intermittent fasting, eating protein for breakfast, balancing gut bacteria, and more!
Tags // healthy  foods 
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 219 days ago by johngeltkn
Runtime: 3m7s | Views: 132 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated For over 40 years, we have been serving the pets and families of South Florida. We love caring and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships. We provide veterinary care for your fur baby as if they were our own, and ensure that they receive the highest quality attention, from annual vaccines to acute care without leaving your home.
Tags // ezvet  mobile  vetinarian 
Categories // Pets and Animals 
Added: 346 days ago by johngeltkn
Runtime: 0m54s | Views: 299 | Comments: 0



1946 ultra rare $100,000 error cent. Improper alloy mix video and rare off metal strikes. These type of Errors are Extreemly Rare especially when they are old like this one... 1946 wheat cent. Major sites are showcasing 4 and auctions sites are hardly showing any for sale. A $100,000.00 dollar value. A collectores dream come True. I love Treasure Hunting for Rare Lincoln Cents.. God Bless America!!!
Tags // rare  penny  millionaire 
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 355 days ago by johngeltkn
Runtime: 2m7s | Views: 189 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated



An AMV of the Naruto anime exploring the troubled life of Obito Uchiha and his love for Rin.
Tags // anime 
Categories // Music 
Added: 476 days ago by johngeltkn
Runtime: 4m5s | Views: 353 | Comments: 0



Yeah Snow!
Tags // dog  snow 
Categories // Pets and Animals 
Added: 495 days ago by Orthrus
Runtime: 0m22s | Views: 297 | Comments: 0



Do You Want Your Love Life Back? Have you lost your love making ability? Has your hardness changed and has caused you some embarrassment? You don’t have to suffer the shame or fear that comes with lack of hardness when your love partner is ready for you. Are you starting for feel like less of a man?
Categories // Family 
Added: 594 days ago by rss41
Runtime: 4m1s | Views: 271 | Comments: 0
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Dr. Maurice Rawlings, MD, a heart surgeon, has written a number of books on the near-death experience and clearly shows from his own practice and the experiences of his patients, that not everyone goes to the light when they die, where there is total love. He has written of many patients being resuscitated on the operating table and speaking about being in hell, where there was a real devil and demons, and where the inhabitants were tormented with fire. Dr. Rawlings writes that these people are a lot more reluctant to talk about it than those who went to the good place.
Tags // rawlings  heaven  hell  god  bible  jesus 
Categories // Miscellaneous  Family  People and Blog 
Added: 698 days ago by DivineRevelations
Runtime: 70m0s | Views: 320 | Comments: 0



Ghostware is the production of Golden Way Media Films. It is about a troubled young woman moves to a new country and works at an artificial intelligence company. Her project is an A.I machine and the man who she falls in love with is not what he seems. IMDB:
Tags // ghostware 
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 897 days ago by johngeltkn
Runtime: 0m39s | Views: 417 | Comments: 0
Not yet rated In the depth of hidden Norwegian forest a beautiful Huldra falls in love with the prince of elves. They elope with war consequences. Writer, Director and Producer: Maria Johnsen
Tags // elf  and  huldra 
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 925 days ago by johngeltkn
Runtime: 2m48s | Views: 384 | Comments: 1
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