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Easter Pics
Random pics

Tags //
random  pics  easter  cartoon  animals  holiday  images 
Added: 3674 days ago by
Runtime: 1m9s | Views: 14925 | Comments: 5
      (7 ratings)
Hold My Hand (We'll Take This On Together)
HOLD MY HAND by Howard Herrick First video and single from Howard Herrick's new 2019 solo album

Tags //
music  video 
Added: 9 days ago by
Runtime: 3m28s | Views: 24 | Comments: 2
      (1 ratings)
FIND MY WAY HOME by Stephen Hereford
It's been a month since I uploaded Supercar and so the time has come for my December song. The idea for this one came while I was waiting for the bus to bring me back home. Often when I write a song, most of it is composed in my head as I had the string line and percussion already laid out in my mind for this one. The trick is to actually create the exact sound that I'm hearing in my head. Once that it done, I have to write the words and then see if I can actually sing the song and decide then if my voice is right for it. I'm very happy with the results here and how this song turned out. Lyrics Trying to find my way back home. Crying, it's a long way to go. I'm just staring at the world with nowhere to go. I'm just trying to find my way back home. I've got to find my way home.

Tags //
song  original  music  epic  beautiful  moody  ambient  rock  world  environment  pollution  wildlife  war  soldier  home  need 
Added: 864 days ago by
Runtime: 5m5s | Views: 106 | Comments: 6
( Not yet rated )
Android Band
Android Band

Tags //
android  band 
Added: 3418 days ago by
Runtime: 1m18s | Views: 5091 | Comments: 0
      (5 ratings)
Omega Point - GraegDJ
omega point graegdj 2008

Tags //
omega  point  graegdj  dance  disco  dancefloor 
Added: 3782 days ago by
Runtime: 6m34s | Views: 11034 | Comments: 1
      (4 ratings)
The Story of Easter
What is behind all the eggs and bunnies? What is Easter all about? Here is the real story. Watch the animated version on how Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins (we promise you no gore and blood like The Passion of Christ).www.SO-U.TV wishes you a happy Easter!

Tags //
jesus  christ  easter  judas  sacrifice  cross  christian  catholic  religion  holidays  bible  story  animation 
Added: 4050 days ago by
Runtime: 3m4s | Views: 13857 | Comments: 2
      (9 ratings)

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