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cartman poker face version française

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couch gag

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South Park

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roller coaster
Millennium Force

Tags //
roller  coaster  rollercoaster  millenniumforce  force 
Added: 3570 days ago by
Runtime: 1m46s | Views: 7495 | Comments: 0
     (15 ratings)
Fans of Love
To coincide with Valentine’s Day, the Ad Council, R/GA and an unprecedented group of brand partners launched, “Fans of Love,” an extension of the iconic Love Has No Labels campaign. The new PSAs, filmed live at the NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando in January, put a twist on the traditional kiss cam by replacing it with an unbiased camera that features all forms of love –friendships, families and romantic relationships– across race, religion, gender, sexuality, ability and age. The goal of the campaign has always been to flood culture with a message of unbiased love, but this year, they’re doing so by actually reframing an iconic part of culture. “On Valentine’s Day ‘Fans of Love’ highlights that love has the power to bring people together regardless of our differences – a message that is more important now than ever,” said Lisa Sherman, president and CEO of the Ad Council. “We hope that this new creative will encourage all of us to reflect on our own biases and the role we can play in creating a more accepting and inclusive world.”

Tags //
adcouncil  lovehasnolabels  valentinesday  probowl  nfl  fansoflove  jumbotron  psa  diversity  love 
Added: 10 days ago by
Runtime: 2m41s | Views: 32 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Feeding Hummingbirds by Hand
Feeding Hummingbirds by Hand:

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Added: 15 days ago by
Runtime: 0m55s | Views: 28 | Comments: 0
     (1 ratings)
Grandma comes back home
Grandma comes back home

Tags //
grandma  comes  back  home  russia 
Added: 1561 days ago by
Runtime: 0m34s | Views: 5552 | Comments: 0
     (8 ratings)

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Added: 3069 days ago by
Runtime: 2m25s | Views: 4583 | Comments: 0
      (5 ratings)
Unbelievable Basketball Trick Shots
some kids making some ridiculously crazy bball shots.

Tags //
crazy  basketball  trick  shots  insane  extreme  ballin  bball  basketball  shots 
Added: 3292 days ago by
Runtime: 1m18s | Views: 12820 | Comments: 0
     (11 ratings)

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