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Cat and Popcorn Machine
Cat and Popcorn Machine

Tags //
cat  popcorn  machine  pet 
Added: 1994 days ago by
Runtime: 0m29s | Views: 5354 | Comments: 0
      (11 ratings)
GIVE ME LIFE - ( David Bowie Lives ) by Stephen Hereford.
I've been told that some of my songs in the past have a David Bowie quality to them and so I started thinking 2005 when I first started practicing how to sing sing. I would practice at the factory where I used to work at as no one could hear me with all the stamping presses running. That was until one day when I was practicing in a quieter welding area and not knowing that the idiot maintenance electrician was doing something on my welder until then popped his head out and uttered "Don't quit your daytime job." ..... Very original line ..... Well, I didn't exactly quit my job but the doors did close down there and since that time, I've been working hard to make this my daytime job. As always, hopefully this song will catch on and I'll acquire an audience who will just appreciate this song without asking for something in return ..... A guy can dream can't he? ... Maybe David can help me out on this one.

Tags //
stephen  hereford  steve  david  bowie  music  rock  mood  life  montage  tribute  remembering  nostalgia  windsor 
Added: 6 days ago by
Runtime: 4m50s | Views: 128 | Comments: 0
      (1 ratings)
Never Be The Same by Ida Divine
music video Never Be The Same Ida Divine Best Music Video R&B London United Kingdom When you hear the name Ida Divine, think bold, classy, powerful. A singer with vocals so fierce, that when she sings its like a light shining in the cracks and crevices of soul to a place where pain seeps, often forgotten but always felt like the prick of a needle, feeling gone as soon as it comes. Follow Ida Divine Here! Instagram: Facebook:

Tags //
united  kingdom 
Added: 7 days ago by
Runtime: 3m35s | Views: 162 | Comments: 0
     (1 ratings)
Hey Jude The Drunken Version
Hey Jude The Drunken Version

Tags //
heyjude  beatles  drunk  forfar  scotland  funny  katebush  wuthering  heights  meatloaf 
Added: 11 days ago by
Runtime: 2m21s | Views: 67 | Comments: 0
( Not yet rated )
Bitter's Kiss - Love Won't Make You Cry
The official video for Bitter's Kiss' single "Love Won't Make You Cry" Rive Video Promotion

Tags //
rivevideo  bitterskiss  lovewontmakeyoucry 
Added: 63 days ago by
Runtime: 3m57s | Views: 67 | Comments: 0
     (2 ratings)

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