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Moon Hoax -Blowing Air Moves The US Flag in The Nevada Fake Moon Bay
Tags // moon  hoax  blowing  air  moves  the  us  flag  in  the  nevada  fake  moon  bay 
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BLACK+DECKER™ launches POWERCOMMAND™ Outdoor Power Tools, just in time for spring. BLACK+DECKER’s new String Trimmer, Sweeper, and Hedge Trimmer each incorporates one of three innovative POWERCOMMAND™ features to help solve common user frustrations. BLACK+DECKER’ 20V MAX* EASYFEED™ String Trimmer (MSRP $99) allows the user to easily and reliably feed trimmer line with the simple push of the EASYFEED™ button, putting control back into the user’s hands without the hassle of bumping. The 20V MAX* POWERBOOST Sweeper (MSRP $89) gives the user a surge in blowing speed of up to 130 MPH with the push of a button. Users can loosen stubborn debris or operate the Sweeper in non-boost mode for additional runtime during less rigorous tasks and for more precise control in moving debris. Finally, the 20V MAX* POWERCUT™ Hedge Trimmer (MSRP $99) puts added cutting control in the user’s hands with the POWERCUT™ feature, which allows the user to Power Through Jams with the Push of a Button™. To view the multimedia release go to:
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For negotiators at the Paris climate conference (COP21) to successfully advance global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, nations must embrace a prominent role for nuclear energy. The Obama administration highlighted the crucial role of nuclear energy when it convened a White House Summit on Nuclear Energy earlier this month. “As America leads the global transition to a low-carbon economy, the continued development of new and advanced nuclear technologies along with support for currently operating nuclear power plants is an important component of our clean energy strategy,” a White House fact sheet developed for the summit states. Many environmentalists are also giving nuclear energy a second look, as they seek practical solutions to constrain carbon emissions. Nuclear energy facilities provide 63 percent of America’s zero-carbon electricity. Globally, nuclear power plants provide one-third of all zero-carbon electricity. One of nuclear energy’s major advantages relative to other low-carbon energy sources is its unique ability to produce large-scale electricity around-the-clock in extreme weather conditions. Nuclear energy facilities don’t rely on the wind blowing, the sun shining, or just-in-time deliveries of fuel by truck, barge, rail or pipeline. In 2014, the U.S. nuclear energy industry’s average capacity factor—a common measure of efficiency and reliability—was 92 percent. To view the multimedia release go to:
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: 'The Tribulation - Hidden Secrets Revealed From Texts Predating The Bible' found at is the new mind-blowing book by Dr. Scott McQuate that reveals powerful secrets about the epic event known as the Great Tribulation, that have been hidden beneath the pages of the Bible. Learn the fascinating and alarming messages, completely unknown to scholars and theologians, that the ancient Sumerians, Mayans, Hebrews and others tried to give us that have been concealed for millennia by the Illuminati. If you've read any other works by highly-acclaimed author Dr. Scott McQuate, you know that what he reveals from his research is unlike anything else you've ever seen. Read this scintillating, non-fiction book today and prepare yourself for a roller-coaster ride that begins by exploring your very own DNA.
Tags // tribulation  bible  great  tribulation  end  times  last  days 
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Kerala is a land exceptional with beautiful beaches, hill stations, mind blowing backwaters, eye-catching greenery, wildlife, bird sanctuaries and prosperous civilization. Kerala Backwaters are the most admired tourist attraction in India. Kerala Backwater tours provide the perfect setting for visitors to have great experiences. offers best Kerala backwaters tour packages. Have enchanting moments!!
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Drive on our challenging racetrack or take it to a road tour and feel the unbelievable grip and the mind-blowing acceleration of any of our Ferraris or Lamborghinis & more. Exotic Rides, the newest, most exciting attraction in Cancun. Book your experience online and get a special deal Exotic Rides Mexico, the best attraction in Cancun! Webpage: Facebook:
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Not yet rated[EXTRACT] B.F.F. \
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Not yet rated[EXTRACT] Introduction to - As a small business owner who's got a great idea for a mind-blowing new product. You have your awesome new business all planned out all the way down to what you'll be wearing to your keynote speech introducing your hot new gadget. If you'd like to learn more about how to get your product idea developed and manufactured properly and for the best possible price, Download our FREE! PDF guide that will teach you all you need to know to get started.
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A gorgeous supermodel with wind blowing through her hair isn’t unusual to see in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. But when that wind is created by a Lexus LFA supercar screaming by, it’s definitely something to check out. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Allergan, Inc. (NYSE: AGN), the makers of LATISSE® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03%, announced today the launch of the LATISSE® Wishes Challenge campaign. Inspired by the tradition of blowing on an eyelash to make wishes come true, lifestyle designer Kathy Ireland, professional ballroom dancer Chelsie Hightower and style guide Bobbie Thomas will each lead teams of LATISSE® users from across the country who are challenged to raise more than a quarter of a million dollars for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to granting the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions. LATISSE® solution is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to grow lashes longer, fuller and darker for those with inadequate or not enough lashes (eyelash hypotrichosis). To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Kalpavasi experience The kalpavãsi experiences are the most unique that a human can undergo in this mortal world. A kapavãsi basically transcends the linear space-time barrier by submitting himself / herself to a day in the Brahmaloka, Which is equivalent to 4.32 billion earth days. We invite you find out how this magic (time-travel) unfolds We are the pioneers of an ongoing research on the Kumbha (Kumbh) Mela and other Indian Traditional Knowledge Systems from the last 10 years and the packages presented through this Kalpavãsi program have been designed with complete assimilation and understanding of both the sensitivities of the participating religious organization and the sensibilities of the modern traveller We present to you the best possible experiences of the Kumbha (Kumbh) Mela in an effort to introduce you to the essence of the Indian Tradition, Heritage, Culture, Spirituality and Religion with the least possible expenditure of time, effort and money. The Kumbha (Kumbh) Mela is not just a Religious/Spiritual event and there is a popular misconception that it is all about naked Indian Sadhus (Ascetics), snake charmers and cheap magicians The Kumbha (Kumbh) Mela is a conglomeration of religion, trade and amusement. The ground is dotted with makeshift shrines, temples, thatched Mantapams, and Ashramas of innumerable sects, saints, the lay folks, etc. In the evenings and early mornings one may hear the sound of Bhajans, Kirtans, the telling of Kathas, chanting of hymns, jingling of bells, and blowing of conchs and observe the scenes of millions of people taking a dip in the holy rivers with offerings of flowers, lamps, Etc. watch the colourful ceremonial processions of various Akhadas and Sampradayas. The most distinctive and attractive feature of the Kumbha Mela is the ceremonial bathing of Nagas Sadhus who are traditionally given priority in the bath for being the initiator of this festival. The joy of being a part of this conglomeration is truly unique and there are no words to explain the experience
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Palestinian children aspire to death as Martyrs PA TV June 2002 Host: You described Shahada as something beautiful. Do you think it is beautiful? Walla age 11: Shahada (martyrdom) is a very, very beautiful thing. Everyone yearns for Shahada. What could be sweeter than going to paradise? Host: What is better, peace and full rights For the Palestinian people or Shahada? Walla: Shahada. I will achieve my rights after becoming a Shaid (martyr). Host: OK Yussra, would you agree with that? Yussra age 11: Of course Shahada is sweet. We don't want this world, we want the Afterlife. We benefit not from this life, but from the Afterlife. Host: Do you actually love death? Yussra: Death is not Shahada Host: No, I mean the absence after death Yussra: No child loves death. The children of Palestine adopted the concept that Shahada is very good. Every Palestinian child, say someone aged 12, says: O Lord, I would like to become a Shahid. Host: We've got a call, Sabrine from Ramallah. Sabrine: Ayyat Al-Akhras was 17 when she blew herself up. Host: Sabrine, are you for it or against it? Sabrine: Of course I support blowing up, it is our right. Host: Sabrine; now is it natural That Ayyat Al-Akhras blows herself up? Sabrine: Of course it's natural. (more)(
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Added: 4890 days ago by scinova
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