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Subscribe My Channel : Benefits of Lemon for Reducing Belly Fat Drinking lemon provides a plethora of benefits. This includes losing stomach fat. A recent study shows that people who drink lemon juice before bedtime reduce their body fat mass. It also improves their lipid profile. To make this bedtime drink taste more effective and better, you can combine lemon with a pitcher of water and other fresh fruits. Also, a little amount of honey can make a huge difference. Benefits of Cucumber for Reducing Belly Fat For a healthy and flavorful bedtime drink, a bottle of fresh cucumber juice is perfect. If the blend is too strong, add enough amount of water. You can also squeeze some lemons and grate ginger to make this drink tastier.
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In honor of National Jelly Bean Day on April 22, Jelly Belly Candy Company spotlights some of its most fascinating pieces of trivia from the last four decades. Guests at the Jelly Belly Visitor Centers in Calif. and Wis. learn fun facts like these during their tours. Now, Jelly Belly fans don’t need to visit in order to enjoy the trivia and learn something new about Jelly Belly jelly beans®. Jelly Belly pulls aside the curtain to unveil facts and figures any candy lover will enjoy with a new trivia video and infographics. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Originally, this recording was never meant to be presented as a actual song but just with me goofing around with my music gear and my guitar "The DOG" just after I picked him up from the music pound. It started soon after my new friend at the time who hooked me up with the gear that I now use, must have thought that I was telling dog tales when I told him that punks used to brag that they would know someone who could blow me away with their guitar skills and I have never seen the day to which that has happened. I don't possess any particular guitar skills but when I put the Dog on my lap, he doesn't act like a traditional lapdog and he doesn't take kindly to strangers. Especially to cats who try to invade and rule the house. Well, a few days later he brought a 16 year old cat going by the name of Brandon...or Brendon along with some other cats to watch the event as B Boy was supposed to blow me away with his PRODIGY SKILLS. It was amazing to watch the boy perform Beethoven stuff and the kind of stuff you see on Youtube. After he played his act with my Dog, he then handed the Dog over to me..."Hey hey..chuckle chuckle" ...I don't walk the Dog...He walk's me...I just tickle his neck and belly and then he'll pull off his Dog tricks to which I have no control over. I explained to my friend later that there's more to playing the guitar than just sitting a dog on your lap to perform tricks. You've gotta have some music to back you up to see how your dog keeps up with the beat and so I made this song up to show him how that's done. I made this one up real fast and tried singing for the first time and arranging vocal parts and just talked about whatever came to mind and just let the Dog do whatever he wanted to do. This is about as raw as it get's. The whole song took me about a week to do.
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Aircelle (Safran)’s highly innovative method to display logos, advertising or other messaging with thin electro-luminescent markings on airliners and business jets has been unveiled during its first flight aboard an Airbus A380. In an evaluation performed June 8 during the nighttime hours, the A380 testbed aircraft’s no. 1 outboard engine nacelle was outfitted with an Aircelle electro-luminescent display configured as an illuminated Airbus logo. Thanks to this flight, Aircelle was able to demonstrate the marking’s brightness, clarity and readability – confirming its outstanding visibility at various lighting conditions and distances. With the thickness of a decal, the “Illuminate the Sky by Aircelle” patented solution can be easily modified and reprogrammed, allowing for a variety of images or messages to be displayed and changed. It is capable of showing a full range of graphics, patterns and animations, with placement almost anywhere on an aircraft – from the fuselage and under-fuselage belly to the engine nacelles and tail. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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Robert Johnson Project From: 2001 Big Belly's Bluesband - Take One
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Are you the who is looking for the new arrivals in body jewelry like to get most fashioned. Suck out the best which is most unique for you. Body jewelry for all locations, from lip rings and tragus piercings to belly rings and nose rings, which you are looking for. For unique high quality jewelry visit us at
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     CoolSculpting is a revolutionary non surgical alternative to liposuction that specifically targets those stubborn, long term bulges around your midriff. It is the ideal way to significantly reduce 'Baby Belly', 'love handles' and 'Bra Bulge', often with as little as one treatment. Watch the video now to see how it's done 
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Not yet rated PRENATAL DANCE™ is the first prenatal dance workout of its kind created by professional dancer/instructor/choreographer Menina Fortunato. This comprehensive full body dance workout includes a complete warm-up with toning exercises and stretches focusing on arms, core, hips, butt and legs. The workout progresses into as a series of no impact sassy dance combinations, followed by a relaxing cool down that will help connect with the growing spirit inside the belly. PRENATAL DANCE™ will improve balance, flexibility, coordination, cardio and strength as well as increase confidence and promote relaxation that will better prepare each woman for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Menina is dedicated to show every mother-to-be how to embrace their curves, stay fit, and feel sexy through PRENATAL DANCE™.
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“Oh My God, I would have never thought being with another woman could be arousing in any way! But Damn, this story is the most erotic thing I have ever read!” rolling over onto her belly …”go to for more
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Hi everyone. Are you tired of paying $60-$100 for a private belly dance class with a teacher? I want to give any student who signs up with me a free 20 mintutes consultation and the first lesson is for free. Join me for just $10 one on one with me a teacher that wants you to succeed. Website Email: Doesn't matter where you are from or what your skill level is. If you want to learn I am ready to teach you anything you want to learn about oriental dance.
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Not yet rated Watch my 90 day body transformation where I lose my fat belly and gain a six pack and get ripped.
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Not yet rated It's no longer a mystery, learn how to lose belly fat the way models do best!
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