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Dr. Maurice Rawlings, MD, a heart surgeon, has written a number of books on the near-death experience and clearly shows from his own practice and the experiences of his patients, that not everyone goes to the light when they die, where there is total love. He has written of many patients being resuscitated on the operating table and speaking about being in hell, where there was a real devil and demons, and where the inhabitants were tormented with fire. Dr. Rawlings writes that these people are a lot more reluctant to talk about it than those who went to the good place.
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bible prophecy
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Joshua Jordan reports to the Round Table from prison confirming the Iranians have weapons of mass destruction. Those who have read Left Behind and are eager for more highly charged fiction based on biblical prophesies will embrace Thunder of Heaven for the same reasons that turned Left Behind into the world’s most celebrated publishing phenomenons of the last two decades. Learn more about this book here, and its author here, Like us on FaceBook here, Prophecy, Christian
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What is behind all the eggs and bunnies? What is Easter all about? Here is the real story. Watch the animated version on how Jesus sacrificed himself for our sins (we promise you no gore and blood like The Passion of Christ).www.SO-U.TV wishes you a happy Easter!
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Are you looking for the REAL Secret to Money, Power, Health, Love and Success? Get more information and read my full review of The Secret Bible at
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good video
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Bestselling author V Gilbert Beers presents a Bible packed with over 100 exciting, interactive stories and pictures. As you read together, preschoolers discover that the Bible has a lot to say about little lives. Find out more at Christian/children
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It is time for a new New Testament. In February of 2012, a council of scholars and spiritual leaders, convened by religious scholar Hal Taussig, came together to discuss, debate, and reconsider which books belong in the New Testament. They talked about dozens of newly found texts, their lessons, and how they inform the previously bound books. Reading the existing New Testament alongside these new texts—The Gospel of Luke with The Gospel of Mary, Paul’s letters with The Letter of Peter to Philip, The Revelation to John with The Secret Revelation to John—offers the exciting possibility of understanding both—the new and the old—better. What were early Christians’ concerns? What was daily practice? What was a woman’s place? How was Jesus remembered and his message promoted? In this imaginative reframing, Taussig presents explanatory introductions and additional historical background alongside the traditional New Testament books and ten newly included scriptures, all bringing us closer to a full appreciation of these documents and their impact on spiritual life. Learn more at Religion
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A Haunting Journey to Destiny- A Fictional Look at the Early Life of King David One of the most prominent names in the Bible is that of King David, who is a significant spiritual figure in the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The story of “David and Goliath” has become one of the most recognizable tropes in our culture. The Leper Messiah, by Robert M. Levinson, takes a dark, often mystical walk through the life of this iconic figure. Levinson’s book explores the forces, both human and magical, that molded a shepherd boy into a king destined to unite the tribes of Israel. This is not a religious book. It’s a work of historical fiction that reimagines the life of King David on multiple levels. Media contact: Scott Lorenz Westwind Book Marketing 734-667-2090 Historical Fiction/Religion
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prophecy update
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The life of Jesus Christ, and the purpose of Him Life.
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The life of Jesus Christ, and the purpose of Him Life.
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