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Nautilus Inc. (NYSE: NLS), a leader in innovative home fitness equipment, today unveiled new products, including the Bowflex Body™ nutrition line, Bowflex® SelectTech® 560 Dumbbells and a new line of Nautilus® cardio equipment. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to:
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Nautilus Inc. (NYSE: NLS), a leader in innovative home fitness equipment, today announced the availability of the new Bowflex MAX Trainer™. Designed to take the popular elliptical experience to a new level, the MAX Trainer combines the movement of a traditional elliptical with a stair stepper to create a one-of-a-kind cardio workout. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Not yet rated - This 5 step plyometric cardio circuit is great for burning a serious amount of calories and developing explosive muscles! Check out Steve's site for more workouts like this: - - Training Style: Pyometrics, also known as jump training or plyos Tools: Dumbbells or Barbell, pull up bar or pull down cable/band, and box or bench Training Tips: Plyometric training, primarily used for athletes not only improves strength, power and stamina, it burns a serious amount of calories too. Watch the training video to reference ideal pace and intensity so you get the most out of this workout. In this circuit, each plyometric movement is followed by a strength movement to help improve both conditioning and muscle tone all in one workout. Plyometric exercises should be explosive and powerful. Rest should be limited.
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This is the 3rd part on Cupcakes and Cardio\'s series on edible printing. In this video Jenn and Paul show you how to use the icing sheets they printed in the second video to make a fun butterfly cake with 3D butterflies on top.
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Not yet rated - DualFIT expert trainer Steve Pfiester performs a 4 step HIIT workout routine for beginners, but advanced HIITers can also learn from this, as it can be modified to match your physical ability! Steve and Bonnie Pfiester's sites:
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Not yet rated PRENATAL DANCE™ is the first prenatal dance workout of its kind created by professional dancer/instructor/choreographer Menina Fortunato. This comprehensive full body dance workout includes a complete warm-up with toning exercises and stretches focusing on arms, core, hips, butt and legs. The workout progresses into as a series of no impact sassy dance combinations, followed by a relaxing cool down that will help connect with the growing spirit inside the belly. PRENATAL DANCE™ will improve balance, flexibility, coordination, cardio and strength as well as increase confidence and promote relaxation that will better prepare each woman for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Menina is dedicated to show every mother-to-be how to embrace their curves, stay fit, and feel sexy through PRENATAL DANCE™.
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Red Hawk Elementary’s Red Hawk Movement, Erie, Colo. – Movement and exercise are more than activities at Red Hawk Elementary, they are foundational elements of the school culture. As a new public school in the St. Vrain Valley School District located outside of Denver, Red Hawk built physical activity into the plan from day one. Using a rotating daily “movement calendar,” students gain 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity on a daily basis, in addition to scheduled PE class and recess. These structured routines are taught by the professional PE staff outdoors or in the gym, and can be repeated in the classroom with student leaders taking charge. Strategically placed 20-minute blocks occur once in the morning to increase energy and attentiveness at the start of the day, and once in the afternoon immediately before math and science, the most challenging academic subjects. Favorite activities include the ‘Red Hawk Walk,’ in which students power-walk along designated routes throughout the building, as well as in-class cardio and dance breaks. Each Friday the week ends with “All-School Movement,” when all 460 students, faculty and staff head outside to participate in a coordinated fitness routine set to popular music. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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With the heat and summer sun comes the time that most men look forward to and most women dread – bathing suit season. There is no need to fret! Lady Foot Locker joins forces with Harley Pasternak, New Balance brand ambassador and co-host of ABC’s The Revolution, as he shares an exclusive (and accessible) workout session, just in time for summer. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Not yet rated - How to Warm Up and Cool Down | Pre Workout Exercises - In order to get the most out of your workouts and reduce the risk of injury it is essential to warm up before your workouts and cool down post workout. I see people at the gym get this one workout fundamental wrong all the time. Instead of doing some light cardio to get their blood flowing and their muscles warmed up they immediately begin stretching. You do not want to stretch cold muscles. A good analogy is a frozen candy bar - if you try to stretch it the bar just snaps, but take the same candy bar at or above room temperature and it becomes very pliable. The same holds true for your muscles. The optimal time to stretch is after your workout when your muscles are nice and warmed up not before our workout. If you aren't at the gym or all the cardio machines are being used all you need to do is jumping jacks and/or a little running in place to get your muscles warmed up and ready for your workout. Also resist the temptation to turn your warm up into a mini high intensity cardio session. You want a slow steady pace to your warm up and cool down routine. For more info drop by our YouTube channel or visit us on the web at and find us on Facebook at
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      Take your workouts from the gym to home, even with a little bit of space. That's why we love folding treadmills.
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Not yet rated - Amazon Best Buy (5 out of 5 stars, 22 reviews). Pilates Reformer Stamina Aero with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder allows you to reach your target heart rate without putting undue stress on your legs, hips or spine.
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Not yet rated Amazon Best Buy ( 4 out of 5 stars; 109 reviews) Best work outdvds is great program if you like your routines to be upbeat and fast. Best work out dvds uses Chalene’s unique style and flavor to guide you through each routine. Best work outdvds burn more than 9 times more fat than regular cardio exercise. Best work outdvds is great value for money from an expert trainer,
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