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Esurance caused a bit of a scene. The home and auto insurer staged a fender bender to encourage safe driving, an important message to address the recent series of car accidents caused by people playing mobile games while driving. The scene on Chicago’s popular Magnificent Mile featured a car’s run-in with a hot dog cart, all caused by a fictional distracted driver and Esurance mobile game-inspired creature that causes fender benders, the Fenderbendix. As visitors walked past the jarring scene, they discovered that nobody was hurt. And they learned an important message about safe driving, smart people #DontCatchAndDrive. “We’re always looking for unexpected, relatable ways to connect with people. Staging this scene allowed us to capture people’s attention and send an important message about safe driving,” said Alan Gellman, chief marketing officer at Esurance. “We understand the appeal of exciting modern technology like augmented reality gaming, but we want people to be smart about how they use it.” To view the multimedia release go to:
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Added: 2285 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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What do I know about Pokemon? ..... About as much as I know about anything else that I write .... Self taught lessons in song writing A: Don't write anything about your life that pertains to no one else but yourself ... They only want to know about you after you're dead and famous ... so write songs about other people who you know nothing about who are already dead and famous so that you don't feel inclined to kill yourself in the hopes of making it big in the afterlife ... B: Never write about anything that you actually know about because then people who do not know a thing about the subject matter will want to debate your point of view endlessly whereas those who are wiser than yourself will soon discover that there really isn't too much that you actually do know about and thus ... so end's your "How to do and live your life" song writing career ... C: If someone ever approaches me to ask "Hey Steve .... Do you really know all about Pokemon, bro?" ... I then reply back with "Oh yeah man ... That's why I wrote the song ... Every time I see that someone is playing POKEMON ... I know then that it's time for me to GO !!!!" Lyrics There's a new dance that's going around. Everyone's starting to talk. There's no doubt about it, you can scream and shout it. It's the hottest rock on the block. You can do it anywhere, over here, over there cuz "because" everyone is hopping to the Pokemon Rock. Shake your head and spin it around. Add a little BE to your BOP. You don't need to worry if you're in no hurry. You can try again and start from the top. You can do it anywhere, over here, over there cuz everyone is hopping t the Pokemon Rock. Wave your hands and fling them around. Take a little spin and then stop. You don't need to snooze on if you've got no shoes on, you can bare your feet and dance in one sock. You can do it anywhere, over here, over there cuz everyone is hopping to the Pokemon Rock.
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Added: 2310 days ago by Herfortz
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Want to know more information about Pokemon Vortex, check it out here : http://pokemonvortex-v3.comHang-on all the Pokemon Vortex Fans, this is going to be the one stop video fro you to explain how to play the exciting game. Pokémon Vortex, formerly Pokemon Crater and sometimes subtitled because Battle Arena, was an unofficial online Pokemon game that's played with merely a mouse. Your website is made by webmaster Aaron in 1999 and applauded many updates over time, reaching version 7 formerly ending on December 1, 2007. The web page was begin again as Pokemon Vortex in '09.Conflicting regular Pokemon Legendary Pokemon cannot you should be randomly encountered in the wild at any time after buying all Gym Badges as well as defeating all Elites. There are certain unlock requirements that really must be met before such Pokemon will show up.We are trying to give information about Pokemon Vortex and all versions of this game. Hope you'll enjoy playing Pokemon Vortex Game.
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Added: 3022 days ago by johngeltkn
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Are you the fan of Pokemon MMORPG? Check our source - Gamer fans of massive multiplayer online role playing games have reason to be excited at the moment. If you are waiting for POKEMON MMORPG game, this is the best place you've landed. Never before has there been so many great games out and so many interesting prospects in the making. POKEMON MMORPG is competing with Games like GTA, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed. World of Warcraft led the rise of MMORPGs and is still going almost as strong as ever, but there are many new titles on the way who could challenge that throne. Developers are experimenting and tweaking their formulas. Pokemon MMORPG is one of the most awaited MMORPGS.
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Added: 3022 days ago by johngeltkn
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Luigi gets really sick, and Mario has to take care of Luigi, but Luigi goes too far and Mario has to put an end to it! -Can we get 50 likes?- Gaming: Vlog: Girlfriend: Co-Op Channels: Inspiration: Other Channels:
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Added: 3639 days ago by johngeltkn
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Not yet rated[EXTRACT] Go Hookup Online -
Tags // rage  comics  troll  face  rage  comic  real  life  rage  guy  i  lied  trolling  pokemon  pistolshrimps  me  gusta 
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Added: 3926 days ago by johngeltkn
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Pokemon Theme
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Added: 4189 days ago by lilica20
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made by me. except for the clips in side this video. hahahahaha. Just a mash up.......with my own creepy touch of course ^_^. comment and rate.......I NEEDZ UR RATINGZ!!!!!! oh and comment too
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Added: 4922 days ago by gogglesmcgee67
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If you have seen the movie then you are in for an Oscar winning nerd performance!
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Added: 5208 days ago by mcmentalninja
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Best Robot Chicken Ever So Funny
Categories // Funny  Cartoon  Science and Technology 
Added: 5627 days ago by E.T.
Runtime: 0m50s | Views: 21992 | Comments: 4



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