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What can you do to understand your behavior, especially if it is unwanted or detrimental behavior? Behavior that is preventing you from having good relationships, success in business, or growing to be the best you can. Hi, Rudy Silva, Natural Nutrition, here to help you get a better understanding of why you behave in a certain manner.
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Building on the results of the largest behaviour change study on physical activity, Vitality and its global network of insurers have collectively committed to improving the health of millions over the next seven years. This is in line with the World Health Organizations’ Global Action Plan on Physical Activity, which aims to address the dramatic growth in lifestyle diseases, caused in part by a lack of exercise. Incentives and Physical Activity, conducted by leading independent research institute, RAND Europe, found an average 34% increase in activity levels of participants using Vitality Active Rewards with Apple Watch. The study examined the behaviours of over 400 000 people in the UK, US and South Africa. To view the multimedia release go to:
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In an effort to learn more about driver inattention, one of the biggest killers on WA roads, RAC created the world's first Attention Powered Car -- a car that goes when you're paying attention and slows when you're not. On the final leg of our road trip, we visited Narrogin in the Wheatbelt, which is also often dubbed by emergency services as the 'accident belt'. Here, single vehicle crashes with young drivers behind the wheel are particularly high, so we wanted to see if inattention was part of the problem. Our first driver, Shawn, took the Attention Powered Car and few mates around town. Not surprisingly, his mates proved to be a distraction, as well as thinking about his girlfriend and sadly, friends lost on the road. Next up was Speedway Driver Coby. She performed well on the open road, but had plenty inattention moments to match. Perhaps most telling though, was her insight into the minds of many drivers who even after being made aware of their limitations, aren't likely to change behaviour. Check out the video to see the Attention Powered Car on the road and how our drivers performed. Plus, follow the journey, watch all webisodes from our journey and keep up-to-date with what we have planned next by visiting
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Not yet rated Over the last 23 years, a range of road safety strategies have focused on changing community attitudes to drink driving in order to curb the road toll. Victoria has witnessed significant success in changing consumer attitudes and behaviour, with a majority of the community now believing that drink driving is socially unacceptable.
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     I've stopped binge eating but I now feel every emotion. How can I feel better now that my binge eating behaviour is changing for the better. This is a common occurrence when binge eaters or over eaters stop overeating all of a sudden they have a space where they would of binged to mask an emotion but now their desire to binge has gone but they are left with feeling the raw emotion and it can feel uncomfortable. Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie Williams talks about how you can handle emotions and grow from them to help you to feel better and leave unhelpful thoughts and feelings in the past along with the binge eating. Back to the top:
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All the big digital players are gathering in London 21-22 September to discuss, debate, share strategy, unveil their innovations, share their visions and experiences on consumer behaviour and answer your digital marketing questions. With ad:tech London 2011 now in its seventh year, 8,000+ industry professionals are set to attend the exhibition and strategic conference. Major players such as: Nike, Google, Facebook, Orange, YouTube, Forrester, ComScore, Ebay, Shazam, Amazon, Fiat and Forbes will discuss the successes and failures of their campaigns and give delegates a behind-the-scenes look at what's to come. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Despite their net-worth, a third (33%) of wealthy individuals in the UK wish they had more self-control over their financial behaviour, says the latest report in the Barclays Wealth Insights series. Interestingly, of all global respondents, a need for increased financial discipline is likely to be felt most by those at the wealthiest end of the scale (£10m+), where 45% of respondents wish they had more self-control. This is despite the report showing that those who want self-control are less likely to be satisfied with their financial situation. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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