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2017 Renault Zoe Renault has introduced a new Z.E. 40 battery for ZOE. At the same, ZOE owners can benefit from a range of new connected services and equipment upgrades. Order books for the new ZOE line-up are open. The new ZOEs fitted with the new Z.E. 40 battery are made at Renault's Flins plant in France and will be available for delivery before the end of 2016. Double the range for even longer journeys As the pioneer of all-electric mobility and Europe's number one seller of electric vehicles, Renault has stepped up its innovation programme and the deployment of its Zero Emissions strategy. Fitted with the new Z.E. 40 battery, the Renault ZOE now delivers a record NEDC driving range of 400km, which is twice the distance delivered by the model at the time of its original launch. The new Z.E. 40 battery has a real-world range of 300 kilometres in urban or suburban areas, for example. The range permitted today by the ZOE is the longest of any mainstream all-electric vehicle and motorists can take advantage of this step forward now. The ZOE is the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe and provides a real alternative to internal combustion-engine cars, since average daily commuting distances are well within the ZOE's capabilities. The new battery removes the final psychological barrier that stands in the way of buying an electric car since ZOE users can now travel further and enjoy a wider variety of driving situations without worry about charging. This makes weekend trips a real possibility. The Z.E. 40 battery's charging rate is similar to that of the standard battery, so 'topping up' doesn't take long at all. For example, just 30 minutes are required on average to charge the battery for an extra 80 kilometres of driving range when plugged into one of the many public charging points in operation in Europe. The ZOE continues to be equipped with the Quick Charge function to take full advantage of the maximum capacity of fast charging points located predominantly along motorway corridors. An innovation that doubles battery capacity with no increase in size The ZOE's new Z.E. 40 battery boasts 41kWh of useful energy, equivalent to almost double the storage capacity of the ZOE's standard battery (22kWh of useful energy). Developed in close partnership with LG Chem, the battery uses high-energy density lithium-ion technology. Renault and LG engineers have succeeded in increasing storage capacity without making the battery any bigger or a lot heavier. It was optimised by working on the chemistry of the cells in order to increase their energy density, rather than stacking additional battery modules, a commonly used technique. This major new technology has been developed while ensuring the battery's reliability or safety. The battery's large storage capacity ensures longer range for the ZOE thanks to the meticulous work that went into integrating the battery in the vehicle. The electronic management system of the battery optimises the ZOE's energy use on the move, while the new air circulation system maintains the temperature of the ZOE's battery at a constant level, making the car economical to run in very hot or very cold weather.
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Celebrated worldwide as one of today’s leaders in entertainment, Cirque du Soleil is giving corporate groups the opportunity to “peek behind the curtain” with SPARK, extraordinary experiences designed to educate, inspire and transform organizational teams. Harnessing the company’s best practices to create customized, “wow moment” training modules, the exclusive workshops are custom-built to enhance creativity, innovation and synergy among other desirable workplace qualities. For more information, please visit “Companies have been asking us for years how we manage to spark the creativity that you see onstage,” said James Guilford, SPARK program manager at Cirque du Soleil. “SPARK programs are our way to bring people into the Cirque world while also creating some of the most interactive and educational teambuilding experiences right onstage. It’s our hope that SPARK will ignite innovation, thoughtfulness and curiosity in everyone who participates.” To view the multimedia release go to:
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Educators engage with the most vulnerable populations and good intentions aren’t enough to drive decisions. Ethics goes beyond a simple right vs. wrong and there is a clear and compelling gap in educators’ professional continuum. Now, the research-based ProEthica™ program offers educators techniques and strategies for improving awareness of professional risks and vulnerabilities, and for the application of professional ethics in daily decision making. Developed by Educational Testing Service (ETS), the ProEthica online educator ethics training program is research-based and designed for teachers and educational leaders. Through a series of interactive modules that combine instruction and checks for understanding, the ProEthica program uses real-life scenario-based simulations and activities to help educators establish an understanding of ethical principles and decision making, and learn how to apply them in their daily practice. To view the multimedia release go to:
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In June 2015, Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HT-SAAE") states that HT-SAAE will still be optimistic towards on European PV market’s prospective. During Intersolar Europe 2015 this month, the company will bring its 2015 annual blockbuster product ----“Milky Way” N-type Pert bifacial dual glass module to Munich, and will make a promise to extend the power output guarantee to 30 years for European clients. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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CSEM announces the world’s first white solar modules. This innovative technology is particularly attractive to the building industry where solar elements can blend into a building’s skin and become virtually hidden energy sources. Applications in the consumer goods sector are also expected. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to:
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This is Toxic Rampage - the worlds first mechanized action adventure obstacle course. This modular obstacle course can be whatever you want it to be, 1 module...3 modules, 6 or more?! Take on the spinning platforms before tackling the radioactive ramp. The Crusher is up next followed by the Atom Splitter four way spinning cross. Scale the giant toxic slide before navigating through the reactor room to the finish line.
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In this video, Fluke expert Corey Glassman explains how to get your Wireless CNX system set up. If you haven't seen CNX in action, this is a great video demonstrating how the modules work together to provide remote, simultaneous and recordable readings. At the core of the Fluke CNX Wireless System is a CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V multimeter with a screen that displays its readings along with live readings from up to three other measurement modules. For more complex troubleshooting, users can view live measurements from up to 10 modules simultaneously on a computer equipped with the CNX PC Adapter. The modules, which include AC Voltage, AC Current Clamp, iFlex AC Current Clamp, and K-Type Temperature units, can take live measurements or log up to 65,000 sets of data. Logged data can be saved to a computer in .csv format.
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Not yet rated AvaLAN Wireless - A business organization dealing in all types of wireless networking products namely wireless extender, wireless dome housing, access point radio, camera housings, 900 mhz wireless, rf modules, wireless spectrum analyzers etc.
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Knoodle, the enterprise social learning company, today announces a newly expanded set of capabilities that give companies more ways than ever to deploy collaborative learning and continuous knowledge sharing programs leveraging the Google Apps ecosystem. Along with basic integrated user management and single sign-on through Google Apps, Knoodle provides additional built-in functionality for: 1. Importing presentations, images, audio and video from Google Docs and YouTube into Knoodle, providing direct access to content stored on Google and more seamless ways to build learning modules and courses on Knoodle. 2. Direct, one-click publishing of Knoodle presentations to Google Docs and YouTube, extending the reach to share Knoodle presentations privately throughout the organization or publicly across the world. 3. Access via the Chrome Web Store, providing additional reach and availability, as well as full native Chrome and Google Cloud Print support. 4. True end-to-end mobile learning capabilities with full functionality on Google Chromebooks and Android enabled devices. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Not yet rated The perfect prototype tool for building your wireless projects. Ideal for engineers, students, hobbyists. Link to the Microchip Module Page: Every engineering bench needs a pair.
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Not yet rated[EXTRACT] http://www.prestashopmanager.comMeet Store Manager for PrestaShop - your personal smart assistant in e-commerce! - save hours automating your routine work, - make all updates quickly and in the simplest way, - streamline your multi store management. Watch this video to see how easy it is to connect to your e-store with the most friendly Store Manager for PrestaShop Connection Wizard! Store Manager for PrestaShop Download for Free here:
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Not yet rated A unique solution to optimize everyday management of your back office, Store Manager for VirtueMart is an application that allows you to manage your store at ligntning speed. Store Manager for VirtueMart allows you to multiply your management performances by 100 times or more. This invaluable time gained on a daily basis can then be spent much more productively on developing your turnover!So, no time to waste...try it out right now on your own e-shop! Manage your store on the fly in no time at all!
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