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Tanrıya inanmıyorsunuz ve yalnız olduğunuzu mu düşünüyorsunuz ? Yanılıyorsunuz, yalnız değilsiniz, hem de hiç. Albert Einstein'den Stephen Hawking'e, Jack Nicholson'dan Angelina Jolie'ye, Bill Gates'den Warren Buffet'e, Mythbusters ikilisinden Jodie Foster'e, Bruce Willis'den Brad Pitt'e, Mark Twain'den Isaac Asimov'a, Carl Sagan'dan Sigmund Freud'e hepsi ateist olduklarınız biliyor musunuz ? Ve bunlar sadece birkaçı, dünyada hiristyanlardan sonraki en büyük topluluğun ateistler oluşturduğunu biliyor musunuz ?
Added: 2066 days ago by superbilimsel
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Clips from wing chun kung fu for the complete beginner series avilable now to download straight to your home computer ,
Categories // People and Blog  Sport  Howto and DIY 
Added: 5065 days ago by johnagar
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Robert Johnson Project From: West, Bruce & Laing - Scottish Rite Theatre 2009
Tags // west  bruce  and  laing  robert  johnson  crossroads 
Categories // Music 
Added: 3279 days ago by blueshalter
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Whole You, a Mitsui Chemicals Company dedicated to offering innovative healthcare solutions to help those with sensory and physical mobility challenges experience life more fully, launched its Whole Day campaign video today. The video follows acclaimed photographer Bruce Hall, who has been legally-blind since birth, as he captures a celebration of the senses and movement. “At Whole You we want nothing less than to change how people understand what it means to be healthy – we develop solutions that enable people to move, see, smell, taste and experience the world more fully than ever before,” said Hiromi Inagaki, chief innovation officer, Whole You. “The video with Bruce is an expression of this vision, a place where sensory or physical mobility challenges don’t hold us back, where we celebrate the senses and freedom of movement to have a deeper appreciation of a life lived beyond limitations.” To view the multimedia release go to:
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 2397 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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Trekking through the Himalaya (with a short stop at Mt. Everest’s base camp), sailing the Ganges River, crossing the North Pacific Ocean on a container ship, meditating with monks in a Tibetan monastery – these are not the typical activities you might expect during a family vacation with two young children. But the Kirkby family is on an extraordinary adventure halfway around the globe – and inviting everyone to come along. Travel Channel’s mesmerizing and cinematic new series, “Big Crazy Family Adventure,” premiering Sunday, June 21 with back-to-back episodes at 9:00 p.m. & 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, follows wilderness guide, writer and award-winning photographer Bruce Kirkby throughout this epic trip – from his home in Kimberley, British Columbia, to a remote monastery in the Himalaya – with his wife, Christine Pitkanen, and their two young boys: Bodi, 7 and Taj, 3. There’s just one catch: on their 13,000-mile adventure they won’t be taking ANY airplanes. To fully experience the life-changing and serendipitous moments that exploring the world provides, they’ll get to their final destination through surface travel only – canoe, container ship, ferry, high-speed train, river boat, tuk tuk, pony, their own eight feet and more. The series is comprised of nine, hour-long episodes. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
Categories // Travel and Holiday 
Added: 2630 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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Not yet rated The Warrior Within is a movie about Martial Arts, about their beauty and their lethal potential, their history and their present status.
Categories // Music  Family  Sport 
Added: 5285 days ago by braschi
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as 2 buddies work their way out of a trapped area a giant snake intervenes
Categories // Miscellaneous  Funny  Comedy 
Added: 3440 days ago by InfiniteVoiceovers87
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Linda Alston hasn't thought of sweet, blue-eyed Bruce Harmon since they graduated from college five years earlier. But when she runs into him at a reunion and he raises her temperature. With a knowing heat beginning its slow burn in the pit of her stomach, the possibility of playing one final game with her the man who once set her on fire, Linda finds that perhaps the ties that bind them are stronger and hotter than she ever realized.
Categories // Miscellaneous  Sexy  People and Blog 
Added: 5091 days ago by Echelon
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CyberScout’s 5th annual Privacy XChange Forum included an exciting roster of experts and industry leaders to discuss and shape the cybersecurity and privacy agenda for the coming year. CyberScout founder Adam Levin welcomed an all star line up of speakers, including former US Attorney Preet Bharara, counter-terrorism expert Malcolm Nance, and Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Bruce Schneier who put into sharp focus the need to make cybersecurity a front burner issue in the wake of the devastating Equifax breach and Russian hacking and interference in US elections. To view the multimedia release go to:
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 1704 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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From the author who penned The Wake of Forgiveness, ten remarkable, contemporary stories that tackle what it means to be a man. Learn more about this book here, and its author here, Fiction, Short Stories
Categories // Miscellaneous  Business 
Added: 3940 days ago by cosproductions
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Koga Ninja master, Sensei Titus Jansen from the Netherlands and the director of the Kage Ryu Dojo sportscenter in the city of Winschoten is demonstrating the famous Bruce lee weapon the Nunchaku. This is a demonstration video only and shows you how the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu system works with the Nunchaku. Martial Arts at its best with Sensei Titus Jansen
Tags // nunchaku  lin  kuei  jitsu  koga  ryu  ninjutsu  sensei  titus  jansen  kage  ryu  dojo  ninpo  ufc  mma  kickboxing  ha 
Categories // Sport 
Added: 3698 days ago by Hojobudo
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The Mantis form is also done in Five Animal Kung Fu or Ng Ying Kungfu. Awesome techniques and skills from this southern Kung Fu style by grandmaster Patrick van Steen from Holland. Grandmaster Christopher Fournier brought Ng Ying Kungfu to the public in 1993. Patrick van Steen from the Netherlands was a personal student of the Martial Arts under Christopher Fournier from the USA.
Tags // praying  mantis  kung  fu  bruce  lee  five  animal  kungfu  ng  ying  christopher  fournier  patrick  van  steen  martial  arts  mma  ufc 
Categories // Sport 
Added: 522 days ago by 5_Animal_Kung_Fu
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