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The Lin Wu Chronicles: Senior Year follows the life of Lin Wu, an Asian American senior, with all the usual hopes and dreams of making into a prestigous university someday. But it won’t be easy, especially with all of these ghosts, monsters and villains standing in her way. Learn more about this book and author Fiction/General/Mystery/Suspense
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Added: 3976 days ago by cosproductions
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FUSE's new sin­gle'Ignite The Fuse are rais­ing the bench­mark for vi­o­lin acts. Their ground­break­ing video di­rect­ed and cre­at­ed by Har­ry Pot­ter's head of SFX is a first for vi­o­lin groups. Fuse are electric violinists Linzi Stoppard with Ben Lee.
Tags // electric  violinist  linzi  stoppard  fuse  ben  lee 
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Many people wonder what type of kata's are taught in the Ashida Kim system of Koga Ryu Ninjutsu, mr Sensei Titus Jansen a full representative of the Black Dragon Fighting Society is performing the 6 main kata\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s of the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu system.
Tags // sensei  titus  jansen  kata  kata  koga  ryu  ninjutsu  ninjitsu  ninpo  lin  kuei  jitsu  kungfu  shaolin  mma  mixed  martial  arts 
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Added: 4289 days ago by Hojobudo
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Sensei Titus Jansen is a grandmaster of the Koga RYu Ninjutsu system. He is an martial arts expert from the Netherlands and has opened his own Gym: Kage Ryu Dojo Winschoten. (Kage Ryu means Shadow Dragon). He is a master and in this movie you see different pictures and photo's from Sensei Titus Jansen in the Netherlands
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Added: 4289 days ago by Hojobudo
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The nine leveles of power is a mystical energetioc exercise that speaks to imagination many tines. Famous Koga Ryu Ninjutsu master Sensei Titus Mathijn Jansen from the Netherlands is demonstrating here the nine levels of power. This totally following the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu system. Sensei Titus Jansen is also the founder of Lin Kuei Jitsu and he runs a martial arts academy in the Netherlands that is named: Kage Ryu Dojo
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Added: 4302 days ago by Hojobudo
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Lin Kuei Jitsu is a martial art that has modern as classical concepts in it. This martial arts style was founded by Sensei Titus Mathijn Jansen a Koga Ryu Ninja and master in the art of Koga Ryu Ninjutsu. Sensei Titus Jansen is also very famous because of his martial arts background and his experience. He runs a bigg martial arts school in the Netherlands under the name Kage Ryu Dojo. Lin Kuei Jitsu is his own martial art and in this video he is showing some Lin Kuei Jitsu selfdefense techniques to the public. Lin Kuei Jitsu als has some elements of Koga Ryu Ninjutsu in it.
Tags // lin  kuei  jitsu  koga  ryu  ninjutsu  ashida  kim  sensei  titus  jansen  own  martial  art  ufc  ultimate  kickboxing  kage  ryu  dojo 
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Koga Ninja master, Sensei Titus Jansen from the Netherlands and the director of the Kage Ryu Dojo sportscenter in the city of Winschoten is demonstrating the famous Bruce lee weapon the Nunchaku. This is a demonstration video only and shows you how the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu system works with the Nunchaku. Martial Arts at its best with Sensei Titus Jansen
Tags // nunchaku  lin  kuei  jitsu  koga  ryu  ninjutsu  sensei  titus  jansen  kage  ryu  dojo  ninpo  ufc  mma  kickboxing  ha 
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Celebrity technology and design expert Janna Robinson and ESPN’s Stuart Scott teamed up with LG to launch the “Sport of Techorating,” a head-to-head championship competition between two dad bloggers. Robinson coached Michael Sheehan of as he squared off against Jim Lin of in a techorating battle, with Scott providing color commentary on the home design battle. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Added: 4332 days ago by MultiVuVideo
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Melexis extends its family of smart LIN slave IC's with a new Generation of reconfigurable LIN switch slave. MLX80104 can be used to interface with any door, roof, seat, steering wheel, dashboard, HVAC, light control or similar switch module as well as for other application require an easy access via LIN. The integration of LIN physical layer, voltage regulator and integrated application IO’s results in a reduction in component cost. The integration of LIN controller and approved LIN driver make switch modules speak LIN in no time. To view Multimedia News Release, go
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Added: 4877 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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Not yet rated Real love and fate collide in this story about Amy, a small town girl, who falls in love with Dan a mysterious drifter who brings with him a family curse and the unimaginable horror that follows. Bender, who shares the curse with Dan, brings hell to town as Dan and Amy's love is put to the test. Sam the local Sheriff, Amy's father John and his friend and local rabble rouser Crazy Louis join forces with Thibodeaux, an excop from Bender's past who has witnessed his lust for blood firsthand and who's been hot on his heels for years. Together, they head for the ultimate showdown with Bender and into the evil web of terror that he's twisted. Dark Moon Rising is an experience in love and horror that will keep the viewer guessing right up until the final frame.
Tags // dark  moon  rising  movie  max  ryan  maria  conchita  alonso  chris  mulkey  divecchio  ginny  weirick  sid  haig  billy  drago  lin  shay 
Categories // Family 
Added: 5256 days ago by DarkMoonRisingMovie
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Hong Kong Heroes, our tribute to the great spirits of Hong Kong brings you the second in a series of champions. This week we will introduce you to Jocelyn Chow and Vance Lin. They shared with us the ups and downs of their Gobi Desert crossing race. Listen their tales of challenges and triumph at
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Added: 5747 days ago by soutv
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