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Space Station Hoax -Spinning Machine Noise is Heard inside The Fake Spinning Dummy Space Station
Added: 897 days ago by ArcAngel4Myke
Runtime: 1m22s | Views: 468 | Comments: 2
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Space Station Hoax -Astronaut's Hair Stands Straight up Because of Fast Spinning Horizontal Dummy Space Station
Added: 899 days ago by ArcAngel4Myke
Runtime: 1m54s | Views: 504 | Comments: 1
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Child restraint manufacturers continue to roll out new booster seats that do a good job of improving the way an adult safety belt fits a typical booster-age child. This year, 19 of 31 new models evaluated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety earn the top rating of BEST BET, and one model is a GOOD BET. The Institute began rating boosters five years ago because research indicated that most seats weren’t doing a good job of fitting safety belts correctly and consistently on children in a variety of vehicles. Boosters earn a rating of BEST BET, GOOD BET, Check Fit or Not Recommended, based on a protocol that involves measuring how three-point lap and shoulder belts fit a child-size test dummy seated in the booster on a stationary test fixture under four conditions that span the range of safety belt configurations in passenger vehicles. The evaluations focus on safety belt fit and don’t involve crash tests.
Added: 3762 days ago by MultiVuVideos
Runtime: 1m52s | Views: 1561 | Comments: 3
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Obwohl Toyota bei seinem RAV4 des Modelljahrgangs 2013  zumindest in der USA-Version - in den Bereichen Lenksäule und Fußraum das neue Modell nachgebessert hat, ist es beim von dem anerkannten amerikanischen Insurace Insitute für Highway Safety (IIHS) durchgeführten Frontalcrasch mit kleiner Überlappung durchgefallen. Mit dem Crash, bei dem mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 40 Meilen (64,37 km/h) 25 Prozent der Front auf eine Barriere treffen, werden die Auswirkungen eines Unfalls simuliert, bei dem zwei Fahrzeuge mit ihren Frontecken zusammenstoßen beziehungsweise das Auto auf einen Baum prallt. Ein sehr realistischer Test, den das Institut erst seit vergangenem Jahr zu seinen vier anderen Crashformen – moderate Überlappung der Front, Seite, Überschlag und Heck – hinzugefügt hat und inzwischen mit der „moderaten Überlappung“ zusammen als wichtigsten Test ansieht. Der – wegen der Nachbesserungen des Herstellers – extra verschoben, verlief nun alles andere als erfolgreich. Laut IIHS wurde die Karosserie-Struktur schwer beschädigt und drang teilweise in den Fußraum, so dass auch der linke Fuß des Fahrers – wenn es kein Dummy gewesen wäre – verletzt worden wäre. Darüber hinaus zeigte sich der Frontal-Airbag als „nutzlos“, da die Lenksäule durch den Aufprall nach rechts gebogen wurde und der Kopf des Dummys kaum geschützt wurde. Und obendrein arbeitete der Sicherheitsgurt nicht korrekt, so das Kopf und Oberkörper auf das Armaturenbrett prallten. Auch wenn der RAV4bei den anderen vier Crashtest überall mit der Note „Gut“ abgeschnitten hatte, gab es nur ein Urteil: Schlecht.
Tags // toyota  crash  test  dummie 
Categories // Cars and Vehicles 
Added: 3868 days ago by unitedpictures
Runtime: 2m14s | Views: 915 | Comments: 1
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An app for hiding your private notes and photos on your phone! There are some things that you just want to keep private. While there are plenty of apps that let you store information on your phone, very few of them take their own steps to ensure the privacy of your information. Once a person gets past your lock screen, your life is wide open, including the private things you’ve saved for yourself. With this app, you can access your private notes and photos by drawing your secret signature on the screen. No password prompts or buttons that would give away the existence of your secret area. Even your most private information remains safely locked away from prying eyes. You can store passwords, banking information, ID numbers, intimate photos and more. Only you can access the hidden content by drawing your signature shape anywhere on the screen. Once unlocked, your notes are readily available to you. Anyone that doesn’t know your signature will simply see a list of “dummy” public notes with zero indication that a password is even required. There is no password prompt. Only you know that a special signature is needed.
Tags // secret 
Categories // Business  Science and Technology 
Added: 3996 days ago by paul_anderson
Runtime: 4m11s | Views: 1046 | Comments: 1
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FOLLOW!! @Miss_Erica FREE DOWNLOAD . Lyrics: Ya girl Done took of on em YeP! I done up & Done it . Start investigating I'm the worlds most wanted . But the world I don't want it No it can't do nothing 4 me . So im not eatin what they tryna feed me like'Yummy? ' Like Dummy, Life is more than stackin money . its not a contradiction Its a true statement Honey! Blind 2 the world -i'm Spirit led- Unlike these anorexic Christians I'm spirit Fed . So u can call me Sara Lee I'm in the Bakery . Breakin Bread I got my own Recipe . The Word of God cures sin - its a sad Disease . I can't be around it,excuse me, Bad Allergies . I'm all natural call me organic Lemme break it down so that you can understand it .Born again, New in my own skin, dipped in the blood Im a transfusion ::HOOK:: Make the funeral arrangements my flesh already dead Flesh already dead,Flesh already dead, how did i die It was suicide The Obituary said i killed my flesh & my pride
Tags // erica  diamonds  christian  rap 
Categories // Music 
Added: 4036 days ago by johngeltkn
Runtime: 2m58s | Views: 5197 | Comments: 2



The scene opens in a dark room. A human form constructed of 119 points of light moves through space as if it is riding in an invisible vehicle. Suddenly, a more vibrant, detailed human form, with bones, muscles and organs constructed from 2,000,000 points of light, comes in to view, traveling toward the first figure. The two forms collide. Viewed in slow motion, we see that there is no comparison between an ordinary crash test dummy and a Lexus crash test genius in the throes of an accident. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
Categories // News and Politics 
Added: 4552 days ago by MultiVuVideo
Runtime: 0m32s | Views: 8247 | Comments: 0
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