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Iceland, known for its welcoming spirit has today launched a unique internet service with a difference; Ask Guðmundur, the world’s first human search engine. The decidedly Icelandic and truly personable service will see special representatives from each of Iceland’s seven regions offer their insider knowledge to the world via Inspired By Iceland’s social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube). Each representative shares the name Guðmundur or Guðmunda, currently one of the most popular forenames in the country with over 4,000 men and women claiming it as their own. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to:
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These men are risk-takers and mould-breakers in the best tradition of James Squire. Meet them here, then head to for more...See full playlist on:‎‎‎
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In partnership with Men’s Health Network (MHN), Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN), ZERO – the End of Prostate Cancer and Joe Torre, four-time world champion baseball Hall-of-Famer and prostate cancer survivor, Genomic Health, Inc. (Nasdaq: GHDX) today launched Your Prostate Your Decision to educate prostate cancer patients and their loved ones that every man is different and every cancer is unique, and a genomic test can clarify the aggressiveness of one’s disease prior to invasive treatment. This first-of-its-kind national effort aims to address concerning results of a large national survey that found low general awareness about prostate cancer aggressiveness and treatment options, underscoring the need for better understanding of active surveillance as a treatment plan. “For a man with prostate cancer, a single decision can change his entire life,” said Mr. Torre, reflecting on his own experience with prostate cancer. “When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I faced a game-changing decision. While I chose surgery, a less aggressive approach called active surveillance might be the best choice.” To view the Multimedia News Release, go to:
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The topic of friends is in many times overlooked or underrated whether the talk is about having good friends or staying away from the bad ones. This video is filled with evidences from the Quran, Sunnah and real life examples of how friends influence you in this life, in the grave and in the afterlife. This topic should be learnt by every Muslim. May Allah bless you and gathering you on the day of judgment with Prophet Muhammad -salla Allahu alayhe wa sallam-.
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The Yankee Candle Company, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of premium scented candles, today announced the launch of two new fragrances and the return of three favorites in its popular limited edition Man Candles collection. Two new fragrances, MMM, Bacon! and Movie Night™, join Man Town™, First Down™ and Riding Mower™. The collection, launched last year to tremendous response, was created uniquely for men to be enjoyed in their “man town,” whether that is the den, the basement or even the garage. These limited edition fragrances will be available for purchase starting in May at more than 557 Yankee Candle retail stores, and select specialty retailers and gift shops. To celebrate the arrival of the collection, Yankee Candle is simultaneously launching a series of social media contests, offering consumers the chance to win samples of the Man Candles II collection. The brand is also encouraging fans to share their excitement on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #MMMBacon. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Captivity Teaser. Unleash the razor sharp adamantium claws, feral instincts, and mutant regeneration powers of the world's fiercest Super Hero - Wolverine. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - The Game OUT NOW.
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The battle between the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants rages on – and your choices will shape the fate of the world! Available today at retail stores nationwide, Marvel Entertainment, LLC and Activision Publishing, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: ATVI) X-Men™ Destiny places gamers into the role of a young mutant just discovering their newfound powers; where the choices they make and alliances they forge determine which side of the mutant cause will reign supreme. X-Men Destiny gives players three all-new mutants from which to pick, and an original story penned by acclaimed Marvel writer Mike Carey, delivering an action/RPG experience where players have ultimate customization of their mutant’s powers, development and “destiny.” To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Dua That Guaranteed You Forgiveness
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Throughout history, men have stepped up. Now, it's over to you gentlemen. Bird Up with us on Facebook
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Are you thankful for witnessing the month of Ramadan. Allah values thankfulness so much that he made Ramadan part of Islam.
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Are you thankful for witnessing the month of Ramadan. Allah values thankfulness so much that he made Ramadan part of Islam.
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Are you thankful for witnessing the month of Ramadan. Allah values thankfulness so much that he made Ramadan part of Islam.
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