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Jill Robinson, internationally renowned champion of Asia's Moon Bears tells a tragic tale of pain and abuse. These bears are kept caged for most of their life in inhumane conditions only for the farming of their bile. Through love and education Animals Asia is making a difference by saving these bears one by one and educating the world on the pointlessness and cruelty of this activity. Changes in the attitude of government and cultural will bring change over time. But it is the action of the individual that will be most immediate.
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A Glow Glow Macro Interactive Media Arts Exhibition takes it to the streets. Movie superstar Andy Lau opened the exhibit. Hong Kong LED artist, Teddy Lo premiered PHAEODARIA and United Visual Artists from the U.K. launched their awarding winning VOLUME for the first time in Asia. Thousands turned out to watch this amazing multimedia art spectacle of sound, light and motion on the Avenue of Stars. More information can be found at and be sure to check out www.SO-U.TV to see more.
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The Rhythm Foundation is a non-profit organization celebrating its 19th season of presenting outstanding international artists in South Florida. They are the foremost presenter of world music in South Florida - presenting more than 250 concerts, events and festivals by established and innovative artists from around the world. Special focus is given to those cultures connecting to South Florida audiences - music from Brazil, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Europe. They present an average of 15 concerts and festivals each year at various venues in South Florida. Courtesy of Rhythm Foundation on
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Ocean Park took www.SO-U.TV on a guided tour of their amazing new exhibit Animal Month in High Definition. It is first ever stingray encounter in Hong Kong, and largest collection of exotic frogs in Southeast Asia, debut of world record holding sand sculptors and their larger than life sand sculptures and a brand new show Sea Dreams!
Tags // ocean  park  hong  kong  zoo  animals  hong  kong  stingray  fish  frog  sand  sculpture  tour  exhibition 
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Our Asia 2 Extreme team went to Lantau Island of Hong Kong to witness the 3rd King of the Hills high altitude marathon, the longest running in Asia on January 6 2008.More than 200 urban warriors braved the heat, high hills and smog to compete for the title.Check out the whole race at our site.Stay tuned to SO-U.TV for the next race on January 27 2008 and get regular updates at
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Catched this on November 30.
Tags // moa  fireworks  philippines 
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Clubman comes to Hong Kong -Mini Cooper has chosen Hong Kong as the first place in the world to launch their new model Clubman. Music, celebrities, models and mini fans flooded Stanley Plaza for a full on party. Flamenco dancers, beat boxers, sword fights and a surreal carnival atmosphere took over the night. But nothing could steal the show from the unveiling of the new Clubman. Draped with beautiful women the cars were unveiled to a cheering audience while champagne flowed freely. Taiwanese boy band Lollipop provided another level of excitement as young girl fans screamed from outside the walls.
Tags // bmw  mini  cooper  clubman  hong  kong  artist  models  new  design  asia  artist  famous  cooper  s  party  images  brand  brand  new  dail 
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Want to try it!
Tags // unicycle  mall  of  asia 
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I was able to catch the saturday fireworks exhibit in my first visit to the Mall of Asia. So childlike, but I was shouting in joy :p Needless to say, I love the eve of new year because of fireworks display!
Tags // fireworks  mallofasia 
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Added: 5403 days ago by witsandnuts
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We created this beautiful video to show off the loveley JinR and the amazing space she has created. Visit the GREEN T. HOUSE - a haven for artists, food lovers, tea drinkers and creative spirits. A unique and tranquil environment on the coast of Hong Kong. Thank you from
Added: 5414 days ago by soutv
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Where are the dogs?
Tags // dogs  animals  pets  japanese  asia  funny 
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