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Kenya’s Lake Naivasha Basin is the centrepiece of a unique development experiment. It serves a vast horticulture industry, market gardens, small farms, and a geothermal power plant. With the basin showing signs of stress, local, national and international stakeholders are working towards an integrated solution to manage its water, energy and land (WEL). The 2011/12 European Report on Development (ERD) has released a short film showcasing the importance of this ‘WEL-nexus’ approach to inclusive and sustainable growth. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Not yet rated® has long been an authority on lodging around the world, but savvy travelers know that there is more to finding the perfect place than just the hotel property alone. That’s why vacationers rely on the experts at to provide insider information on key trip-planning elements, such as food and activity trends, to make their journey a success. Today, the online booking expert has released the results of a global survey of 27,000 travelers that discovered some core facts about American food preferences internationally and domestically. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Making of SOMEWHERE Present SOMEWHERE A Film by Emmanuel MURAT Synopsis: Simon is a 30 years old man, and his everyday life ticks like a clock. Nonetheless, it seems that this routine? satisfies Simon. Then, one day, a man, older than Simon is going to mess up his routine. Whom he ? What does he want ? Is he going to take Simon off such a straight path ? Cast : Yvan ATTAL ???????????????..Simon Vernon DOBTCHEFF??????????.??The man in the subway Technical Features Written & Directed : Emmanuel Murat Production : Barbecue Films Executive Producers: Cyril Cohen / Didier Victor Cohen / Emmanuel Murat Original soundtrack : Benjamin Murat Director of Photography : Thomas Bataille Sound Designer: Olivier P?ria ( les Points Sonneurs ) Sound Mixer : ?ric Chevalier ( Studio Merjithur ) Editor : J?nnifer Aug? Set Decorator : Nicolas Sire Costume Coordinator : Carine Sarfati Scriptgirl : Lucie Truffaut 1er assistant director : Guillaume Maurice Technical Sound : DTS St?r?o Time : 13?19?? Format: 1/85 Support : 35 mm Pellicule : Kodak FESTIVALS SELECTIONS Official Selection 14th International Festival Tout Ecran of Gen?ve 2005 (Switzerland) Official Selection 14th Festival of Sarlat 2005 (France) PRICE Official Selection 22nd International Festival of Palavas-Les-Flots 2005 (France) Official Selection 11th New-York / Avignon International Film Festival (USA) Official Selection 22nd International Festival of T?h?ran 2005 (Iran) Official Selection 2nd International Festival of shorts films in Grande R?gion 2005 (France,Luxembourg,Belgium) Official Selection 54th International Festival of Mannheim-Heidelberg (Germany) 2005 Official Selection 22 nd Film Festival of Sainte Livrade (France) 2005 Official Selection 1 st Prague Short Film Festival (R?public Czech) 2005 Official Selection 13th Festival du Film Fantastique De G?rardmer (France) 2006 Official Selection 17th International Film Festival of Valenciennes (France) 2006 Official Selection 3rd Naoussa International Short Film and Video Festival (Grece) 2006 JURY SPECIAL PRICE Official Selection 5th Altkirch Film Festival (France) 2006 Official Selection 34th Internation Film Festival of Nations (Austria) 2006 Official Selection 32nd International Festival of Badalona (Spain) 2006 Official Selection 10 th Los Angeles International Short Film Festival (USA 2006) Official Selection Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival VII ?dition (Italie 2006) Official Selection 3rd European Festival of shoert films - Festival court m?trage de Rennes (France 2006) Official Selection 20th International Film Festival of Leeds (UK 2006) Official Selection 3rd Festival du court m?trage francophone de fiction de Bischheim (France 2006) Official Selection 12th International Film Festival of Roma / Medfilm Fest (Italie 2006) Official Selection Ecu Film Festival (Paris-France 2007)
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In 2010, at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum leading government officials, business and financial figures, experts and media heads from Russia and across the globe gather to identify and take action on measures to secure the recovery of the global economy while discussing new ideas and solutions to forge more sustainable growth. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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W Hotel and I.T. event eclipses Luxury Fashion Week! The ultra chic international hotel chain W and I.T. the exclusive Hong Kong fashion house teamed up for the event of the season. Hong Kong's young, gorgeous, super rich and hip crowd lined up for as much as 2 hours to get a glimpse inside. World famous beat boxer Killa Kela and M.C. Gold Mountain kept the champagne soak crowd jumping . SO-U.TV provided the exclusive video coverage of the event with Dplex group of Hong Kong. Happy 20th birthday I.T.
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VW Golf ist "World Car of the Year 2013  - und der Porsche Boxster und Cayman: ist „World Performance Car 2013" geworden.Die weltweit begehrten Auszeichnungen wurde im Rahmen der New Yorker Motor-Show von einer internationalen Fachjury  bestehend aus 66 Automobil-Journalisten aus 23 Ländern vergeben. In der Begründung der Jury heißt es: „Der Golf hat genau die richtige Größe - ist geräumig, praktisch und komfortabel. Er hat ein frisches fortschrittliches Design,eine neue Motorenpalette und eine beeindruckende Liste an Serien- und Sonder-Ausstattungen und Sicherheitssystemen. Wenn es ein Auto für jedermann gibt, dann ist es der Golf".
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Jill Robinson, internationally renowned champion of Asia's Moon Bears tells a tragic tale of pain and abuse. These bears are kept caged for most of their life in inhumane conditions only for the farming of their bile. Through love and education Animals Asia is making a difference by saving these bears one by one and educating the world on the pointlessness and cruelty of this activity. Changes in the attitude of government and cultural will bring change over time. But it is the action of the individual that will be most immediate.
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Money Management International (MMI), the largest nonprofit credit counseling agency in the nation, has just launched a free new online resource to teach kids about good money management: On the site, children can explore the world of the Money Bunnies and jump-start their learning about wise financial choices. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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The Professional Introduction to GDI.
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Le Dr Ismaïl Radwan, porte-parole du Hamas prône le meurtre de juifs pour hâter la Résurrection PATV (Fatah) 30 mars 2007 Lheure (de la Résurrection) n'adviendra pas tant que les musulmans n'auront pas combattu et tué les juifs, Alors le Rocher et l'arbre diront : Ô musulmans, serviteurs d'Allah, Il y a un juif derrière moi, tue-le ! Nous devons nous rappeler de notre nation arabe et musulmane, rappeler que la Palestine et la mosquée Al-Aqsa ne seront libérées ni par des sommets ni par des résolutions internationales, mais par les armes. Puisse Allah s'emparer des juifs et des Américains qui nous oppriment, et de leurs partisans ! (more)
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To order call toll free at 1-877-576-1112 Visit for more on the Biniki Butt Bra. Erica from Mania TV on a night on the town with the Butt bra Is Biniki? hard to put on? Not at all. Each Biniki comes with easy instruction on how to wear Biniki. Biniki is as easy to put on as a bra. See How to wear Biniki How do you adjust Biniki?? Just like a bra. It?s easy. Just put on and cinch up the adjustment straps. See How to Wear Biniki Where do I get Biniki? You can order on-line at or toll free at 1-877-576-1112 What is Biniki? Biniki is a derriere shaper, toner, lifter and support device for Mens and Womens butts. It is for people who would like a rearend-shaper type of lingerie for their buttocks. Want a rounder, bubble butt look in back without surgery or pads? Try Biniki, the internationally patented product designed to do the job. Although Biniki is designed to create buttock enhancement and make the backside look sexier and more round, it is not designed specifically to draw attention to the shapely derriere-it just can?t help but to do so. Support against the pull of gravity is always a plus. It is comfortable and provides an anti-gravity helper for the beautiful weight in back. It is also a comfortable feeling to look your best in back, of course! How does Biniki work? Biniki offers a custom fit by means of self adjustment and strategically placed leg loops. Since Biniki moves with you even with movement, Biniki stays in place. Biniki works because of a unique three ring system that adjusts to the wearer?s body, with the adjustable leg loops riding just under the buttocks, where the buttocks and thighs meet. See What Biniki Does How long will my Biniki last ? It depends on how you take care of your Biniki. It is recommended that you wash your Biniki by hand or have it dry cleaned for longer use. If you machine wash your Biniki even on the gentle cycle it will fade faster than hand washing and will not last as long. Can you see Biniki through clothing? t depends on the clothing. For instance, if you wear a black Biniki underneath a white dress or white pants then there is a chance that your Biniki will be seen. If you wear your Black Biniki with black pants or jeans then your Biniki will be much less noticeable.
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3rd Hong Kong International Pet & Aqua Accessory Expo will be held on 25-27 at Asia-Expo. Ambassador of Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR), Supermodel Rosemary, attends ribbon-cutting ceremony.
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