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An Amazing testimony of a visitation by Jesus Christ, seeing Heaven and Hell.
Categories // People and Blog 
Added: 1859 days ago by DivineRevelations
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The National Limousine Association (NLA) and When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation (WGS) join forces on The Aspire Initiative, a domestic violence program, which aims to reduce the level of intimate relationship violence in the US and instill the importance of bystander responsibility. With an escalating number of passenger assaults alleged against ride-hailing app drivers, the NLA believes Aspire is vital to ending violence and sexual assault. Robin McGraw announced the partnership in a video message posted to her Foundation’s Facebook timeline on Friday, November 20th. The message was then shared by Robin’s husband and television personality Dr. Phil McGraw to his show’s Facebook page timeline on Monday, November 23rd. The Aspire Initiative is available free of charge and includes a potentially-lifesaving smartphone app, Aspire News, a smartphone app available as a free download on Google Play, as well as at, that allows the user to create a pre-written text or voice message to be sent to designated numbers (i.e., 911 or other chosen contacts) with just the tap of a button. The ignition of the app‘s “go button” also starts a recording to capture the details of the domestic violence encounter and/or other dangerous events taking place. Aspire News is designed to appear like any other smart phone app to the untrained eye, allowing it to be downloaded and used discreetly. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Added: 2631 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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bible prophecy
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 2969 days ago by issown
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homemade bible video
Tags // bible  church  666  antichrist 
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 3193 days ago by issown
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homemade bible video
Tags // bible  christian  jesus  revelation 
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 3194 days ago by issown
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Tags // bible  jesus  christian  good  music  video 
Categories // Miscellaneous  Family 
Added: 3504 days ago by issown
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Tags // bible  jesus  christian  good  music  video  revelation 
Categories // Miscellaneous  Family 
Added: 3508 days ago by issown
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silent hill revelation voiceover
Tags // silent  hill  revelation  vincent  heather  sean  bean 
Categories // Miscellaneous  Funny  Comedy 
Added: 3589 days ago by InfiniteVoiceovers87
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It is time for a new New Testament. In February of 2012, a council of scholars and spiritual leaders, convened by religious scholar Hal Taussig, came together to discuss, debate, and reconsider which books belong in the New Testament. They talked about dozens of newly found texts, their lessons, and how they inform the previously bound books. Reading the existing New Testament alongside these new texts—The Gospel of Luke with The Gospel of Mary, Paul’s letters with The Letter of Peter to Philip, The Revelation to John with The Secret Revelation to John—offers the exciting possibility of understanding both—the new and the old—better. What were early Christians’ concerns? What was daily practice? What was a woman’s place? How was Jesus remembered and his message promoted? In this imaginative reframing, Taussig presents explanatory introductions and additional historical background alongside the traditional New Testament books and ten newly included scriptures, all bringing us closer to a full appreciation of these documents and their impact on spiritual life. Learn more at Religion
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 3625 days ago by cosproductions
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Silent Hill Revelation 3D si basa sulla omonima celebre serie di videogiochi survival horror e conservando fedelmente tutte le ambientazioni ed i personaggi del videogioco a cui si ispira, li traduce in un film coinvolgente con un ritmo impetuoso. Il regista e sceneggiatore Micheal J. Basset ha costruito una storia che accompagnerà lo spettatore negli angoli più inquietanti della mente, dove la paura si manifesta sotto forma di creature orribili e al tempo stesso affascinanti. Adrenaliniche scene dense di suspance, dove reale e surreale si fondono fino a diventare un unico viaggio, condurranno l’audience verso la città fantasma di Silent Hill.
Categories // Games 
Added: 3762 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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Bianca Fiore, writer for a New York art magazine, meets archaeologist Giovanni di Serlo in Venice. Before long they embark on a quest to see the object of Bianca’s obsession, the ancient Greek Krater of Vix in Burgundy. There, Bianca makes an astonishing revelation, connecting the Krater to the legends of King Arthur. Literary Fiction, Romance
Tags // obsession  quest  saga  historical  ideas  ritual  book  video 
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 3889 days ago by cosproductions
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With the critical success and recognition of I Am Shelby Lynne, she was awarded the Best New Artist GRAMMY® in 2000 – after nearly 13 years in the business. Love, Shelby was released in 2001, followed by a pair of intimate, self-produced albums – Identity Crisis (2003) and Suit Yourself (2005). She made her acting debut in 2005, playing Johnny Cash's mother in the Fox Searchlight motion picture Walk the Line. Just a Little Lovin’, her critically acclaimed tribute to Dusty Springfield, was released in 2008. 
Never one to go with the crowd, Shelby continues to stand apart from the mainstream music world. She recently founded her own label, EVERSO RECORDS. Lynne’s Tears, Lies, And Alibis, EVERSO’s first release, debuted at No. 16 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart in April of 2010. A Top 10 hit at Americana radio, it was hailed by Newsday as “her strongest album in a decade,” a sentiment echoed by numerous critics. She followed Tears, Lies, And Alibis with her first-ever holiday collection, Merry Christmas, released in the fall of 2010. Revelation Road – Shelby’s most personal record yet – will be released on October 18, 2011. She wrote, recorded and produced the album, which leads off with the title track and first single, “Revelation Road,” a stirring reflection on reckoning and redemption. Lynne will be touring North American this fall.
Tags // shelby  lynne  music  video  country  christian 
Categories // Music 
Added: 3920 days ago by rivevideo
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