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Tags // girls  with  guns 
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 437 days ago by killerwomanandkiller
Runtime: 4m33s | Views: 3 | Comments: 0
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Event dated 1986... R.i.p. members and heroes of shuttle!
Added: 823 days ago by Hulkenbestvideos
Runtime: 6m8s | Views: 526 | Comments: 2



Categories // Music  Pets and Animals  Family 
Added: 1294 days ago by Hulkenbestvideos
Runtime: 0m43s | Views: 605 | Comments: 2



It’s the eve of the twenty-second century: a world where the dearly departed send postcards back from Heaven and evangelicals make scientific breakthroughs by speaking in tongues; where genetically engineered vampires solve problems intractable to baseline humans and soldiers come with zombie switches that shut off self-awareness during combat. And it’s all under surveillance by an alien presence that refuses to show itself. Daniel Bruks is trapped on a ship bound for the center of the solar system. To his left is a grief-stricken soldier, obsessed by whispered messages from a dead son. To his right is a pilot who hasn’t yet found the man she’s sworn to kill on sight. A vampire and its entourage of zombie bodyguards lurk in the shadows behind. And dead ahead, a handful of rapture-stricken monks takes them all to a meeting with something they will only call “The Angels of the Asteroids.” Their pilgrimage brings Dan Bruks, the fossil man, face-to-face with the biggest evolutionary breakpoint since the origin of thought itself. Find out more at Scifi
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 1425 days ago by cosproductions
Runtime: 0m51s | Views: 376 | Comments: 0
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Medically retired FBI agent William Harrison struggles against his own sense of uselessness along with lies, deceit, and sinister assassins to discover the truth about a decades-old government cover up of alien contact code-named, the Saint Mary Project. Truth Insurrected: The Saint Mary Project by Daniel P. Douglas. Find out more at scifi thriller
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 1439 days ago by cosproductions
Runtime: 1m7s | Views: 366 | Comments: 0
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A Group Of Forfarians Travel Into Outerspace To Meet New Alien Life On The Starship Enterprise. Well In Their Minds Anyway Lol
Categories // Music  Funny  Comedy 
Added: 1551 days ago by StevanHogg
Runtime: 2m46s | Views: 924 | Comments: 2



Click: Animated alien characters coming to earth to rescue young man who was willfully pushed off cliff after discovering and being outspoken about his country's leaders selfishness and greed. These aliens are showing that all those that were warned and did not heed warnings are now paying the price being worked and taxed to poverty while the fat cats are laughing all the way to the bank.
Tags // daddy  roots  warning 
Categories // Music 
Added: 1579 days ago by drdocus
Runtime: 3m44s | Views: 384 | Comments: 0
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official music video
Tags // the  wilde  urban  alien  nation  beats  hip  hop  the  bay 
Categories // Music  Miscellaneous  Street 
Added: 1723 days ago by rivevideo
Runtime: 4m23s | Views: 1353 | Comments: 2
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This Orb Alien Being Was Caught On Our Closed Circuit Cameras We have been filming these UFO's in the sky. We believe one of them came down to take a closer look. People know them as Light Orbs, or UFO Orbs. These UFOS are not like any other. Actually you can barely call them UFO's because they are not crafts they are actual beings traveling in a light shimmering orb sphere. They can come out of it at will and that is what we caught on this video.
Tags // ufo  real  alien  caught  film  orb  light  being  video  orbs 
Added: 1735 days ago by taton
Runtime: 4m49s | Views: 487 | Comments: 0
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UFO Indiana to Offer New Revelations About Extra Terrestrial Life Like UFOs UFOs are becoming a reality in Indiana, We have seen and cought UFO Orb Tentacle Light Beings on film on numerous occasions. UFO Indiana is here to learn about, study and inform the public about the happenings with these tentacle orb beings.
Tags // alien  tentacle  real  tentacles  ufo  orb  indiana 
Added: 1739 days ago by taton
Runtime: 6m3s | Views: 399 | Comments: 0
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Trailer for Alien: Deep Space Encounter
Added: 1755 days ago by acosky
Runtime: 1m9s | Views: 1201 | Comments: 1



My favorite monsters
Tags // acosky  top  10  giant  monsters  tremors  jaws  king  kong  the  host  gamera  reptilian  giant  mantis  the  mist  stay  puft  alien 
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 1822 days ago by acosky
Runtime: 6m40s | Views: 3464 | Comments: 0



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