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“It’s the relentless attention to the “small beginnings” that will make all the difference.” Wesley Berry’s fresh flower business started in a small florist shop in Detroit some forty years ago, but he quickly propelled it to a $60 million-dollar international company with 30 franchises in five states and a customer base reaching 130 countries around the world. In his new bestselling book, Big Things Have Small Beginnings, Wes Berry inspires, empowers and equips the reader with the tools that they need to succeed in whatever they aspire, in both business and in life. For anyone planning to start a business, is deeply enmeshed in one, or is just wanting to kick-start their life, this is the guide to get it done. Available at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads or the author’s website: For a review copy or to interview the author, contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Book Marketing Non-Fiction/Self Help/Business
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The National Limousine Association (NLA) and When Georgia Smiled: The Robin McGraw Revelation Foundation (WGS) join forces on The Aspire Initiative, a domestic violence program, which aims to reduce the level of intimate relationship violence in the US and instill the importance of bystander responsibility. With an escalating number of passenger assaults alleged against ride-hailing app drivers, the NLA believes Aspire is vital to ending violence and sexual assault. Robin McGraw announced the partnership in a video message posted to her Foundation’s Facebook timeline on Friday, November 20th. The message was then shared by Robin’s husband and television personality Dr. Phil McGraw to his show’s Facebook page timeline on Monday, November 23rd. The Aspire Initiative is available free of charge and includes a potentially-lifesaving smartphone app, Aspire News, a smartphone app available as a free download on Google Play, as well as at, that allows the user to create a pre-written text or voice message to be sent to designated numbers (i.e., 911 or other chosen contacts) with just the tap of a button. The ignition of the app‘s “go button” also starts a recording to capture the details of the domestic violence encounter and/or other dangerous events taking place. Aspire News is designed to appear like any other smart phone app to the untrained eye, allowing it to be downloaded and used discreetly. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Colored Caps is the starting point for the campaign that sees the iconic Tuborg bottle as it’s never been seen before. The caps will come alive in 5 new colors, where each color is tied to a particular mood and set to be a trigger for having fun. Inviting people to Play, Feel, Dance and Share. The new campaign will see the colors used in numerous creative ways from unexpected events to artistic interventions in bars and supermarkets. The center of the launch of the new campaign is a film that aims to inspire people to live more colorful. A story that begins with the question “What happens when 3 friends tell their boss 
about last night”. In the story that has been dubbed “Last Night”, we follow the 3 friends through a thrilling and unexpected fun journey into the night, culminating in the ending scene on a beautiful beach the morning after. “Last Night” is a celebration of young people having fun together. Coming to live in an explosion of colors, fun and humor. The story demonstrates how Tuborg always aspire to bring colors of fun to people. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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A nice simple one with a message that we can all understand, appreciate and aspire to. It's been said so many times before in so many ways in song but we can always find the time to hear it again and again until one day when we all get it down right.
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Wer seinen Kompaktwagen demnächst auf fabrikneue Sommerreifen umrüstet, kann sich ruhigen Gewissens auch für eine etwas größere Dimension entscheiden. Das gilt jedenfalls für die elf handelsüblichen Sommerreifen der Größe 225/45 R 17, die die GTÜ Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung im Fahrbetrieb praktisch getestet hat. Diese Reifen sind ohne Ausnahme unterm Strich entweder empfehlenswert (7) oder sehr empfehlenswert (4). Dabei begutachteten die GTÜ-Experten gemeinsam mit den Testern des ACE Auto Club Europa die Reifeneigenschaften auf dem Gebiet Sicherheit etwa bei nasser und trockener Fahrbahn sowie in den Bereichen Umwelt und Wirtschaftlichkeit. Dabei überzeugten die Breitreifen fast durch die Bank mit hohen Sicherheitsreserven selbst auf nasser Straße. Bewertet wurden die Fabrikate in insgesamt zwölf einzelnen Kategorien. Aus der Prüfung von GTÜ und ACE ging der Conti SportContact 5 mit 143 von 190 erreichbaren Punkten als Testsieger hervor. Der Preis für einen Vierer-Satz dieser Reifen ist mit einem vom Bundesverband Reifenhandel ermittelten Durchschnittspreis von 556 Euro von allen getesteten Mitbewerbern allerdings auch am höchsten (siehe Ergebnistabelle). Vom Einkaufspreis her betrachtet am günstigsten ist der Apollo Aspire 4GXL (119 von 190 Punkten/empfehlenswert), bei dem der Reifensatz lediglich um die 400 Euro kostet.
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The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) (NYSE: EXBD), a leading research and advisory services company, today announced the publication of Executive Guidance 2011, the company’s year-end analysis of industry trends and corporate best practices designed to inform and support business planning. This year’s Executive Guidance focuses on “Intelligent Growth”—a long-term pattern of above-industry performance in both revenue growth and efficiency—and highlights four key management principles that are critical to achieving it. While most companies aspire to create this balance, currently less than 10 percent of global organizations are considered Intelligent Growth companies. To view Mulimedia News Release, go to
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This Veterans Day, dozens of senior veterans coast to coast are sharing life lessons learned in service through a project spearheaded by Watermark Retirement Communities, one of the nation’s leading operators of senior living communities. Watermark is giving senior veterans the opportunity to share with younger generations essential life lessons they learned – the hard way – so that others may learn from, and aspire to, their examples. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Bombs are more precious than children Hamas Children's Education (US Senate, Feb 8, 2007) Announcer: Hilary Clinton at a press conference with Palestinian Media Watch in the US Senate criticized Palestinian television and school books: Hilary Clinton: It must stop the propaganda to which Palestinian children are being exposed. Because it basically profoundly poisons the minds of these children. Announcer: Hamas uses its television station to indoctrinate Palestinian children to value violence, hatred and martyrdom. Subtitles: Violence Hatred Martyrdom Violence (Al Aqsa TV (Hamas) 2007) These are the acts of Martyrdom-Seekers Palestine one of its leaders is Ahmad Yassin (Hamas founder) Its children carry the knife. Its children carry machine guns. The land is filled with furious lions Hatred Announcer: Palestinian children are exposed on Hamas television to charming characters who poison them with hatred. Subtitles: [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) Feb 8, 2008] Why is your name Assud (lion) since you are a rabbit? A rabbit is (a term) for a bad person and a coward. And I, Assud, will finish off the Jews and eat them, Allah willing. [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) Feb 22, 2008] Did you see the West's attack against the Messenger (Muhammad)? We will all boycott Danish products We can fight them because they cursed Allah's Messenger. If they repeat it we will kill them, by Allah. I will bite them and eat them! Martyrdom Announcer: Children are encouraged to seek death as heroic martyrs for Allah. Subtitles: Machine-gun and Quran in our hands We've grown and so has the right in the eyes of the wronged We have come! We have come! The pure blood will produce honor and glory Indoctrination Announcer: Even in kindergarten children are indoctrinated to aspire to violence and martyrdom. Subtitles: [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) May 2007] Al-Jihad! Allah Akbar! Your role model? The Prophet (Muhammad). Your path? Jihad! Your aspiration? Death for Allah. Your movement? Hamas Your movement? Hamas Bombs are more precious than children Announcer: This music video simulates the reaction of a five year old girl to her mother's suicide terror attack. The young girl concludes: Bombs are more precious than children. Subtitles: [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) May Nov. 2007] Mommy, what are you carrying in your arms? Mother prepares bomb Mommy, what are you carrying in your arms instead of me? Mother hides bomb A toy or a present for me? Come back quickly, Mommy Girl sees news about her mother's bombing Instead of me you carried a bomb in your hands. Only now, I know what was more precious than us My love (for Muhammad) will not be (merely) words. I am following Mommy in her steps! Picks up explosives in mother's drawer My mother! My mother! Subjugation under Islam Announcer: Hamas teaches their children to see themselves as the ones who will subjugate the entire world under Islam. [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) May 11, 2007] Subtitles: We are setting with you the cornerstone For world leadership under Islamic leadership. We will win, Bush! We will win, Sharon! Ah, Sharon is dead. We will win, Olmert! We will win! We will win, Condoleezza! [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) Mar. 30, 2008] Bush: Who are you, what brings you here to my home? Child: My daddy, you killed him in the Iraq war. And mommy, you killed her with the criminal Zionists, in Lebanon. Bush, I must take my rights with the sword of Islam. Bush: I repent, just don't kill me. Where are my guards? Guards! Child: (Laughing) There are no guards, and your people surrendered, oh Bush. I'm coming with billions of children from Palestine, Iraq, children from Syria, Lebanon and Afghanistan. Bush: I will give you whatever you want. Come with me to the White House, you and your friends. Child: (Laughing) Bush, you are impure, and it won't help you to go to the White House. It turned into a big mosque for the Islamic nation and Muslims. I will kill you, Bush. It is your fate. I will kill you. (Stabbing Bush) I killed him. (US Senate, Feb 8, 2007 Clinton at press conference with Palestinian Media Watch) Hilary Clinton: It must stop the propagan
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Palestinian children aspire to death as Martyrs PA TV June 2002 Host: You described Shahada as something beautiful. Do you think it is beautiful? Walla age 11: Shahada (martyrdom) is a very, very beautiful thing. Everyone yearns for Shahada. What could be sweeter than going to paradise? Host: What is better, peace and full rights For the Palestinian people or Shahada? Walla: Shahada. I will achieve my rights after becoming a Shaid (martyr). Host: OK Yussra, would you agree with that? Yussra age 11: Of course Shahada is sweet. We don't want this world, we want the Afterlife. We benefit not from this life, but from the Afterlife. Host: Do you actually love death? Yussra: Death is not Shahada Host: No, I mean the absence after death Yussra: No child loves death. The children of Palestine adopted the concept that Shahada is very good. Every Palestinian child, say someone aged 12, says: O Lord, I would like to become a Shahid. Host: We've got a call, Sabrine from Ramallah. Sabrine: Ayyat Al-Akhras was 17 when she blew herself up. Host: Sabrine, are you for it or against it? Sabrine: Of course I support blowing up, it is our right. Host: Sabrine; now is it natural That Ayyat Al-Akhras blows herself up? Sabrine: Of course it's natural. (more)(
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