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Trust Guard security scanning is the most effective way to keep hackers out and boost sales. And did we mention it’s super easy? We scan for over 70 thousand vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to steal from your website. We find security holes, so you can close them before hackers can get in. Once your site is secure, it gets a badass Trust Guard trust seal. Place it above the fold and on your checkout, and watch your sales take off.
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Added: 1394 days ago by gmsarticles
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Last week, Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities had indiscrete photos stolen and distributed across the Internet. It’s speculated that their accounts were accessed by a “brute force” attack—which can only be successful if their passwords were weak. Weak passwords are a risk for businesses, too. Verizon found that 76% of all network intrusions exploit weak or stolen passwords. To protect critical data, every employee at every business must use strong passwords (which have no fewer than 12 characters). But with an average of 14.3 apps per business, users are likely to take shortcuts by creating passwords that are easy to memorize – and easy to crack. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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Kid goes to school at the Game, a mall converted into a school run by corporate sponsors who exploit the students for market research. Intrigued by a rebellious prank, Kid follows clues to uncover the identity of the group behind it: the Unidentified. Now Kid is changing the Game. Forever. Learn more about this book: YA
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Added: 3046 days ago by cosproductions
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The Rise and Fall of Their American Dream revolves around Carlos, Vijay and Mike; three fearless strangers whose relentless pursuit of the fabled 'American Dream' intersects. Their fateful meeting forever alters the course of many desperate lives. Carlos, illegally migrates from Mexico and is forced to toil for pennies as a mechanic. Vijay is lured from India with the promise of riches by a greedy, conniving Indian motel owner who then enslaves him. Mike, who is indebted to his mob boss uncle, befriends the two immigrants. Their combined courage, ambition, and friendship lead them to the top of a criminal empire. One horrific misstep causes their monumental rise and entire lawless exploit to come to a crashing halt, forcing these three young men to define their loyalties.
Tags // trailer  crime  american  dream  rise  and  fall  the  rise  and  fall  of  their  american  dream  mobster  mob  war  mafia 
Added: 3344 days ago by hbg17105
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Title says it all. You will see that he uses Dash, then turns into bear form, exploits the speed increase, then turns back into cat form when dash runs out, and dies.
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Hong Kong Heroes, our tribute to the great spirits of Hong Kong brings you the second in a series of champions. This week we will introduce you to Jocelyn Chow and Vance Lin. They shared with us the ups and downs of their Gobi Desert crossing race. Listen their tales of challenges and triumph at
Categories // Sport 
Added: 3887 days ago by soutv
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