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Hold your nose. This story stinks…literally! New York is used to its fair share of interesting smells, but for the first time ever, the city had the odorous honor of hosting the Annual Odor-Eaters National Rotten Sneaker Contest, a competition that tests just how offensive sneakers can get. Ready to be judged were seven finalists, ages five to fourteen, from across the nation. They gathered at Ripley's Believe It or Not! in Times Square today wearing the decrepit and redolent rubber-soles that won them regional recognition. Only one competitor's sneakers were declared the stinkiest, and they belonged to 12 year old Jordan Armstrong from White Sands Missile Range, Las Cruces, NM. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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Thank you for viewing my video presentation . Please also visit my site and feel free to contact me with any enquiries. As you navigate around the outside of the page, you will find some mini shots, a downloadable Z-Card and a contact form. This can be used to contact me directly with any offers for modelling jobs or TV, film and extra work. modelling portfolio has been produced by Metro Photography in London. I recently undertook a shoot involving work with top makeup artists, photographers and stylists. I believe that this experience has equipped me with the skills necessary to undertake more challenging modelling assignments, I hope that you enjoy my work and my portfolio.‎‎
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It’s that time of year when holidays parties are abound and everything revolves around festive parties, cocktails and delicious indulgent treats. The season can represent a time for serious temptation to overeat, indulge and forgo the gym. Whether you are throwing a holiday party or attending one, watching your waistline doesn’t have to be torture. Nationally recognized health and nutrition expert, and former editor of Shape magazine Sharon Liao provides tips on healthy entertaining, which has become more trendy and fashionable than ever before. Contrary to what many Americans believe, it’s not hard to find a cornucopia of nutritious foods that can feast the eyes and lighten up the calorie packed plates at your own party.
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Available on iTunes and Spotify! by: Sepideh Vaziri & Damian ArdestaniMusic by: Henrik Lindström, Jeff Roman, Therese Helgesson & Damian ArdestaniVideo By: Bes RakthaiCONTACT: SepofficialTwitter: Sepofficial‎‎
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Ethanol production doesn't raise food prices. While commodity prices came down last year, food prices kept going up. Ethanol is helping to feed and fuel America. With Ethanol as America's Growth Energy, we all win. To learn more about what you can do to help America's homegrown energy source visit
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Not yet rated At IKEA we believe it\'s time to shake things up a bit: to make room for what really matters and take some time to enjoy what\'s so great about living. In fact, it\'s time we put living right at the top of our lists. So leave that email unanswered and take a couple of minutes to hear what young Teddy has to say. We think he speaks for all of us.
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This Orb Alien Being Was Caught On Our Closed Circuit Cameras We have been filming these UFO's in the sky. We believe one of them came down to take a closer look. People know them as Light Orbs, or UFO Orbs. These UFOS are not like any other. Actually you can barely call them UFO's because they are not crafts they are actual beings traveling in a light shimmering orb sphere. They can come out of it at will and that is what we caught on this video.
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Rwanda is celebrating and believe me they have a lot to celebrate after 20 years of peace! Exact numbers killed are of course difficult to verify but it likely well over a million people, which for a country as tiny as Rwanda is about 1 in 5. We do know that at least 500,000 people were killed in a mere 100 days after the assassination of Juvénal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira on April 6 through mid-July in 1994. It\\\'s also quite difficult to guess the exact start date of the genocide because the definition of genocide wasn\\\'t even recognized internationally until 1948. I would personally put the start of their troubles at 1933 when the then ruling Belgians organized a census and mandated that everyone be issued an identity card classifying them as either Tutsi, Hutu, or Twa. This, then started the tensions that led to an eventual genocide. Many people are familiar with Rwanda both because of it\\\'s unusual name and the association with the famous fact based movie \\\
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when people get serious about the world ending it may seem like a retarded joke to those who dont believe it at all.
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Robert Johnson Project From: VA - Pactando Con El Diablo - Homenaje A Robert Johnson (2011)
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Robert Johnson Project From: 2011 Frankie Chavez - Family Tree
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