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Inspired by kids and their unfiltered honesty, the iconic Jell-O brand is introducing a new product line to the family: Jell-O Simply Good. Jell-O Simply Good pudding mixes are made with real ingredients like banana, cocoa and vanilla bean and the gelatin mixes are flavored with real fruit juices. Jell-O Simply Good contains no artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives. “Jell-O Simply Good was inspired by real kids who surprised us with their honest, unprompted feedback about artificial ingredients,” said Nicole Kulwicki, Head of Marketing for Jell-O. “Our goal with the new line is to provide a choice for parents and kids who are looking for products with simpler ingredients. What we’re most excited about is that we’re still delivering the delicious and fun, colorful flavors that have made Jell-O a part of families’ memories for generations.” To view the multimedia release go to:
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Look's like I got my 1000 Subs 1 and I've had this one standing by just for the occasion. I want to thank you all, especially to those who have taken the time to check out my channel description that read's "My name is STEVE"...cap-lock on that one... "and I am a musician from Windsor Ontario" and to all those who have noticed that all of my songs are written by Stephen Hereford....That's me...Steve...Stephen...My friends call me Steve. My dept collectors call me Stephen. Herfortz was a username that I quickly came up with when I first enrolled to this site and back then I was thinking "Username...username.... Herefred?... Herefarts?.... Stevefarts?.... Stevefortz?... Herefortz?... Therefortz?.... Herfortz...Why not?" So by now you should all know who I am.....which could be useful to me in the event that I should ever forget my own name.
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This song is for NATALIA ATKINSON !!!! LYRICS: This is my girl. Her name is Jill. I'm gonna walk her up that hill to make love underneath the banana tree. The ba na na na na nana tree. Making love underneath the banana tree. The ba na na na na nana tree. Cuz I love her and she loves me. Oh how happy we will be making love underneath the banana tree. The ba na na na na nana tree. Making love underneath the banana tree. The ba na na na na nana tree. I'll kiss her once. I'll kiss her twice. I'll kiss her again cuz kissing is so nice Making love underneath the banana tree The ba na na na na nana tree. Making love underneath the banana tree. The ba na na na na nana tree. Banana tree. Banana Tree. Banana Tree. Making love under the Banana tree. Banana tree. The ba na na na na na na na na na na na na na Nana tree. I'll give her my heart and seal it with a kiss. Then make her mine cuz my kisses never miss. Making love underneath the banana tree The ba na na na na nana tree. Making love underneath the banana tree. The ba na na na na nana tree. Banana tree. Banana Tree. Banana Tree. Making love under the Banana tree. Banana tree. The ba na na na na na na na na na na na na na Nana tree.
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WONKA, maker of the world’s most imaginative sweets, is proud to announce its latest innovation: WONKA™ Peel-a-Pop™ frozen treats. The dessert pops look like and peel like bananas, but in true WONKA form, the peels are deliciously edible. Now available in freezer aisles nationwide, the dessert pops are available in two scrummdiddlyumptious flavors, Vanilla Banana and Vanilla Grape. To celebrate the launch of Peel-a-Pop frozen treats, the WONKA brand is transporting its whimsical inspiration to the heart of New York City with a Winter WONKA™-land pop-up. At the three-day event, dessert dreamers will get a playful glimpse into the mind of Willy Wonka as they enjoy complimentary Peel-a-Pop frozen treats in a frozen funderland complete with Oompa Loompas. The pop-up will be open to the public from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM EST on May 15th, 16th and 17th located at 22 Little West 12th Street between 9th Avenue and Washington Street. To view the multimedia news release, go to:
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PremiumPowerSports. Com is a leading provider of online boating supplies and marine accessories. We specialize in water sports such as towable, water ski and wakeboards. All products on our website were added and checked to ensure that the information is easy to understand and is complete.
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Can you say banana-
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      the Social Network for Freelancers. is aimed at providing professionals with the easiest way to get in touch with capable freelancers all over the world. As opposed to many social networks, does not focus on personal branding, but only on results. How do we make it happen? Projects are made of real people. The projects you have contributed to probably included more than one person. The good news is: when adding projects to your portfolio, you will be able to add a list of your coworkers. The better news is: adding them will trigger a verification system allowing them to rate your work, confirm that yes, you are a real person and yes, so are they. The long term effect? A network exclusively made of real people!
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The banana is transported by plane, eggs by refrigerated trucks and yogurt can be found in open fridges, so to speak – the bottom line: In order to maintain a certain standard in a supermarket you are forced to use a lot of energy. An increasing number of supermarket owners have recognized responsibility and have started saving energy. For example, the Swiss cooperative Coop has set itself the goal of having all of their supermarkets being carbon-neutral by the year 2023.
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A sexy babe walking along the alley when she accidentally stepped on the banana peel. The sexy babe wanted to crush the peel when suddenly she found a wonderful acquaintance in it. More of new acquaintances you can find in Go out and meet them one by one.
Tags // banana  peel,  peel  me  off,  sexy  babe  along  the  alley, 
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Banana, coconuts, and deep thoughts.
Tags // coconuts  produce 
Categories // Comedy 
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The life of a Fairtrade banana, as you can see in this, is spent cruising about in a convertible and hanging in exotic climes, in many ways an enviable life, but things have really improved for our top bananas, it used to be tough as hell !
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Clip from : Arrested Development - S1 E 02 - Top Banana
Tags // ad  arresteddevelopment  funny  dove 
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