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Forget CVs, Grant’s is looking to test the mettle of their candidates on location at some of the world’s most exciting cities, armed with a suitcase of Grant’s whisky. Applications are now open for the interview of a lifetime – a 10-day world tour - launched by Grant’s Whisky as part of its search for a new Global Brand Ambassador for 2018. In a job interview like no other, three final candidates will each travel to a trio of countries, ranging from Colombia to Poland, India and South Africa equipped with a suitcase full of Grant’s to share with the friends they’re yet to meet. Their journey will echo the legendary trip taken in 1909 by Charles Grant Gordon, the son in law of the founder of Grant’s Whisky, William Grant. Charles set sail with a suitcase of Grant’s and an ambition to introduce it to the world. 110 years later, Grant’s chosen Global Brand Ambassador will follow in his footsteps throughout 2018. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Most Americans appear hopeful and optimistic about aging according to a new, national study from Parker, one of America’s leading aging services organizations that this year celebrates its 110th anniversary. Key findings from Parker’s “Aging in America Survey”—which examines the nation’s changing attitudes and opinions around growing older in the U.S.—include: • A vast majority of Americans (71%) do not fear or worry about aging very much or at all. • More than half of those surveyed (62%) believe that 80 is not too old to serve in government, run a marathon, be CEO of a Fortune 500 company, teach a class, or practice yoga. • Those surveyed were evenly split (49% each) in describing the experience of growing older in America today with positive words (e.g., “hopeful,” “relevant,” “vibrant”) vs. negative words (e.g., “scary,” “depressing,” “lonely”). • Nearly two-thirds (59%) of Americans feel that not enough technology innovation focuses on the lifestyles of older people. • While 38% of Americans feel the most positive thing about getting older is gaining more experience and wisdom, only 1% believes it is acquiring greater wealth and material goods. To view the multimedia release go to:
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St. Catherine Hospital from Croatia has been named as one of the finalists, and Ruban d’Honneur recipients, in the 2016/17 European Business Awards sponsored by RSM. It is one of only 110 finalists announced after over 33,000 businesses were engaged in the competition, and was chosen by a panel of independent judges because it displayed the core values of innovation, ethics and success. The company will now undertake an in depth face-to-face interview, and will find out if it is a winner of one of the 11 categories at a Gala Final on May 4 in Dubrovnik. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Ibotta, the mobile shopping app whose users have earned more than $110 million in rewards on in-store purchases, today launched a brand-new way for consumers to discover great brands and earn rewards on mobile, in-app purchases. Through partnerships with mobile commerce leaders such as Boxed, Groupon,, and Jet, Ibotta will offer rewards to shoppers for ordering goods and services directly from their smartphones and tablets. As part of this app-to-app marketplace, Ibotta, which already features an array of offers from leading brands and retailers for rewards on groceries, clothing, electronics, and other in-store items, will now feature a Mobile Apps category. Launch partners include leading mobile innovators Boxed,, DoorDash, Drizly, Groupon,, Jet, and Spring. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Whether for the rising culinary explorer or the advanced cook needing an extra hand in the kitchen, three new small appliances from KitchenAid are sure to make welcome gifts this holiday season. They include a Multi-Cooker with Stir Tower attachment, Siphon Coffee Brewer, and Spiralizer Attachment for the KitchenAid stand mixer. Further information about the products detailed below can be found at Home cooks likely to multi-task in the kitchen during the holidays should consider one of the latest countertop cooking appliances from KitchenAid: a four quart Multi-Cooker with stir tower, providing 10 cooking functions, step-by-step cooking modes and a stirring accessory that allows for assisted cooking at precise temperatures. The Multi-Cooker’s pre-programmed settings take the guesswork out of preparing such essentials as rice, risotto, soup and yogurt. Each setting provides cooks with next step instructions to help deliver perfect results. Additional cooking modes include simmering, sautéing, searing, steaming and two slow cook options, all of which can be programmed for up to 12 hours of cooking, plus a Keep Warm function that can be programmed for up to 24 hours. The Multi-Cooker automatically sets the temperature for each setting, while the brand’s Even-Heat™ technology allows for precise temperature regulation between 110° - 450° F to prevent under or over cooking. To view the multimedia release go to:
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On December 4, 2013 a new Pulkovo Terminal 1 has started operating. Its total area exceeds 110,000 sq. m and it has a maximum capacity of 17 million passengers per year. In the new terminal there are 88 check-in counters, 110 passport control booths, and 7 baggage belts, one of which can alternatively handle the luggage of passengers arriving by domestic or international flights. The terminal is equipped with jetways, 45 elevators, and 17 escalators. In compliance with the requirements of a barrier-free environment the terminal facilities are fully accessible for the people with disabilities. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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The Call of Duty™ Endowment today announced $1,110,000 in grants to launch its new ‘chapterization’ model, a funding strategy whereby grants will be provided to organizations that have the ability to scale their operations by opening new, regional offices—or chapters—that offer employment services to veterans. The Call of Duty Endowment’s announcement comes on the heels of new veterans’ unemployment numbers released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which found that the unemployment rate for the youngest veterans (aged 18-24) remained over 5 percent higher than for their nonveteran counterparts (20.4 percent and 15 percent, respectively). While the annual report demonstrates a positive trend nationally for the overall veteran unemployment rate, there is much work to be done, especially for our nation’s youngest veterans. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Do you have debts that you want to get rid of? Are you thinking about debt management credit counseling? If so, then stop, step back and think. It pays to consider debt management but you must be well - informed so that you can do it wisely. Do not get easily enticed with credit counselors saying that they are a non – profit company and that they will not charge you a penny when in fact, they will be asking you for some sort of registration fee later on which is about 9% up to 17% of your outstanding debt. Come to think of it! You pay them “cash” so they get profit from you but still they are saying that they are a non – profit organization. Why is this so? Simple – They just want to avoid the payment of taxes. But whether or not they are non – profit companies, the real question is, do they really help eliminate debts??? More often than not, they don’t work so why bother? Don’t just waste all your hard earned money paying for something that will not make all your debts and worries bearable. Instead, consider Plan B. Plan B is a debt elimination program which makes a great alternative to credit counseling simply because it works! It works by helping you reduce your credit card debts by as much as 80% while protecting your assets, income, and savings from being taken away from you because of your debts. More importantly, Plan B also protects against credit card lawsuits, stops annoying collection calls and keeps all your debts at bay until you can already afford to repay them. All these are 110% Guaranteed for a very affordable cost so why won’t you give it a try?
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What started as an invention to control humidity in a New York printing plant in 1902 has forever changed the way people around the world live, work and play. July 17th marks the 110th anniversary of the invention of modern air conditioning by Dr. Willis H. Carrier, inventor and founder of Carrier, the world’s leader in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions and a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX) On July 17, 1902, Carrier, a young research engineer just a year out of Cornell University, finalized the design to stabilize the humidity in the air so the dimensions of the paper at the Sackett & Wilhelms Lithography and Printing Company in Brooklyn, N.Y., would remain constant throughout the printing process. Since then this innovation has been applied to everything from malls to manufacturing facilities, buses to businesses and houses to hospitals – all looking to establish a comfortable environment. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Celebrities from music, film, television, and sports are lending their star power to bring greater attention to the annual March for Babies, the March of Dimes premier fundraising event that takes place in 900 communities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico this coming weekend. March for Babies supports cutting-edge research and community-based programs that help moms have full-term, healthy babies. March for Babies has been held annually since 1970, and the event has raised a combined total of $2 billion to help all babies get a healthy start in life. The goal for this year's event is to raise more than $110 million. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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SolarReserve, a U.S. developer of large-scale solar power projects, today announced completion of the 540-foot solar power tower for its 110 megawatt (MW) Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Plant located near Tonopah, Nev. Utilizing the most advanced solar thermal technology worldwide, the Crescent Dunes Plant will be the nation’s first commercial-scale solar power facility with fully integrated energy storage and the largest power plant of its kind in the world. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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The Advertising Council, in partnership with the world’s largest autism science and advocacy organization Autism Speaks, announced today the launch of innovative public service advertisements (PSAs) featuring renowned fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, and NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray and his niece who has autism. The PSAs are designed to help raise awareness about autism and to encourage the public to learn the early warning signs of a disorder that now affects one in every 110 American children. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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