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Results 1-12 of 14 for ' increasesales ' (0 seconds) If your website visitors have a question or concern while browsing your site, have you made it easy for them to get in touch with you? More and more companies are offering online live chat customer support so website visitors won’t click away frustrated without buying. One of the top products out there, in our opinion, for communicating online in real-time with customers is Rhino Support’s live chat system. Here’s the lowdown on some of the features we love the best.
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Not yet rated Valentine’s Day netted more than $19 billion in sales last year, with a significant portion of that figure coming from ecommerce. Even if your ecommerce biz doesn’t cater to the traditional chocolates-and-flowers market, there are still creative ways to tap into the Valentine’s market. Here are five tips for how to make the most out of Valentine’s Day.
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Not yet rated If you’re a business owner trying to find ways to increase conversions or security or both on your site, you may have found there’s a lot of buzz about how trust seals can help your site. It’s pretty much a given that to have at least a shot at winning the ecommerce game, your site needs a trust seal. But choosing a trust seal that’s both right for you and from a company that can back up its claims takes a little research.
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Not yet rated Customer-centric is a key phrase that you’ve probably seen around (yawn, I know.). Customer-centric is one of those things that sounds a lot more complex than it actually is. To simplify, customer-centricity comes down to is this: Put your customer first when doing anything business related and you’ll make more money. It’s easy for merchants to get caught up in their image and forget about the most important people in business: The customer. This is an important concept when it comes to website design.
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Not yet rated It’s not just the times that change, it’s the customer, too. If you’re using only old marketing tactics from 2000, or even 2012, you’re on the wrong track. Customers are evolving, and so are their needs. Fail to meet their needs, fail to get their cash. We’ve collected relevant articles, statistics and survey results that clearly illustrate what customers want, and how you can give them what they want, quickly and easily.
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Not yet rated Quick tips on making online shopping a breeze for your customers. Your customers are more likely to purchase from your site if you make sure your website is quick, safe and easy to use. Follow these tips to keep your customers happy.
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Not yet rated One of the key elements to simple online shopping is making sure that your company’s website is compatible with mobile devices. In this video you will learn the importance of keeping your mobile site simple for your customers. So, what exactly does this mean? And, why should you care? Here are some quick tips on how to make your website a breeze for your mobile customers.
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Not yet rated Everyone wants to get the most sales from the visitors that frequent their websites. One of the most important things that you can do to potentially increase your conversion rate is to provide visitors with a clear, concise, intriguing and believable value proposition. If visitors can’t see the value of your product or service, they won’t buy from you – no matter how beautifully designed your website may be. Optimizing value propositions is a continual process that involves identifying, expressing, and testing/measuring. But getting it right could mean the difference between making the sale or not.
Added: 1728 days ago by gmsarticles
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Not yet rated Hopping from store to store and from website to website to compare prices is so prevalent it’s practically an American sport. In survey after survey, consumers report that they shop online looking for the best price. So why would a price match guarantee win customers? We’ve got three great answers to that question.
Added: 1775 days ago by gmsarticles
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Not yet rated The biggest problem entrepreneurs (and seasoned professionals) have when it comes to succeeding in e-commerce is making the buying experience enjoyable and easy. Here are some tips to making your site so intuitive that visitors will almost have to buy from you. These are some simple, but seldom used techniques to make it easy for people to buy from you. Try them and watch your conversion rate increase!
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Not yet rated A landing page is the place where you send traffic and its main purpose is to get visitors to take some kind of action. It can be a sales page, or an email opt-in page, for example. You can use content, video, or Fiverr infographics. The landing page has to rank well with search engines so you can get more visitors to your site. Here are the 9 most common mistakes we see with landing pages.
Added: 1939 days ago by gmsarticles
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Not yet rated If potential customers land on your site and don’t like what they see, are confused or don’t have their attention immediately grabbed, they’ll click off your site in about 15 seconds. Seriously, they’ll leave your site more quickly than you can read this paragraph. So how to make a good first impression that will keep them long enough to check out what you’re offering? In this video are five quick and easy steps to help you improve your ecommerce website.
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