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Sometimes, we all just need a little inspiration to stay on-track to eat healthy meals, especially when life gets busy. With the holidays around the corner, consumers are surrounded by more opportunities to eat decadent dinners and indulgent party appetizers. That’s why the Just BARE® chicken brand, known for raising goodness by providing good food for more people, launched its Living Lean & Clean campaign. To view the multimedia release go to:
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The official video for Carla Bianco's single "Lean Into You"
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Dedicated to anyone trying to get or stay lean. We feel you!So, here's a funny but true look at 'cutting carbs'...Get The Amazing Original Song on iTunes - the Original video - more Fun & Handpicked Deals & Coupons on everything bodybuilding and FitnessVISIT US - www.fitnessdealnews.comBECOME A FACEBOOK FAN -'Cutting Carbs' Starring‎‎
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Whether looking to get slimmer and leaner or healthier and stronger, it is now more rewarding than ever with ViSalus’ PROJECT 10 Challenge. Developed to recognize and motivate people to achieve their health goals, PROJECT 10™ will award $10,000 every week in 2014 to 10 people ($1,000 each) who lose 10 lbs. or add 10 lbs. of lean muscle during their Body by Vi Challenge™. Beginning today, people can visit to start their PROJECT 10 Challenge by choosing a category and uploading a video. Every Monday, ViSalus will reveal the 10 weekly winners, and for each 10 lbs. lost, the company will donate 30 Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake meals to a child in need through their PROJECT 10™ Kids program. Representing an entire month of nutritious breakfast, lunch or snack options, the donation puts an at-risk or overweight child on the path to a healthier life. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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Ice Cream Makers and Ice Cream Making Instructions, Ice cream is good for you. Its base ingredients are milk, which is loaded with healthy vitamins
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Nowadays, celebrities are just like super models. The celebrity dressing style, hairstyles and accessories are wildly copied. Celebrities are considered to be among the many trendsetters in the world of fashion. One area of shopping that celebrities tend to lean toward is electronics.
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Find out much more on the Freestyler Exercise Equipment - Click: The Freestyler Exercise Equipment was designed to be a true bodyshaper and fatburner at the same time. We used elastic tubes because they are much more similar to the muscle structure than any other equipment which makes the workout feel more natural and enables lean looking muscles. The Freestyler will help you shape a healthy and perfectly toned body with exercises that include slow controlled movements. You can burn maximum calories and at the same time tone your body. It is simple and safe to use, easy to follow, supported by our video virtual trainer that will lead you through the workouts. The workouts are adapted to different fitness goals and for different workout preferences. Connect with us online! Youtube: Follow us on Twitter: Add us on Facebook: Visit our shop:
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The Freestyler Exercise Equipment was designed to be a true bodyshaper and fatburner at the same time. We used elastic tubes because they are much more similar to the muscle structure than any other equipment which makes the workout feel more natural and enables lean looking muscles. The Freestyler will help you shape a healthy and perfectly toned body with exercises that include slow controlled movements. There are many different attractive body types, but many women want to achieve the curvy look that is so fashionable and appealing these days. Such a look requires the right group of exercises, and the Freestyler Exercise Equipment is designed so that women can work their way to a curvy body with a little bit of hard work and effort. The Freestyler is compact, effective and affordable, and it offers everything a person needs to achieve the curvy look. Connect with us online! Youtube: Follow us on Twitter: Add us on Facebook: Visit our shop:
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Not yet rated Healthy fast food using dairy free sauce also curry,chilli and gravy and other sauces to create different dishes everyday to look forward to. Making friends with vegetables will be your greatest ally against disease and helping keeping you slim. Debbie also talks about how you can get raw food into your diet and enjoy it even in the winter. You can see even if you are very lazy (as Debbie admits she is ) there is no excuse to not eat healthy . Adding sprouted seeds to foods after cooking ensures you don\\\'t destroy the enzymes and feed your cells too. This will help with reducing cravings as pointed out autopsies in America ( and other westernised nations) show we are overfed by actually suffering signs of malnutrition. When you live on a diet of highly processed foods the body will send out hunger signals (for many reasons) one of them being an hour or so after eating it realizes there is missing nutrients in this meal, go and get me some please. We interpret this as being hungry and go and eat the first thing we come across and the whole cycle continues. There is a link above to Debbie Williams hypnosis and NLP recording Lean for Life download this and ditch the dairy can help you to break the addiction that many junk foods as well as so called marketed health foods ie \\\'milk and dairy foods have on you. You wouldn\\\'t get down on your hands and knees in a field and suckle of a cow would you? Why not include rat milk or horse milk? One of the reasons we get addicted to dairy is that it contains caso-morphine to ensure the baby has a big desire to drink lots of it. By the time we are 4 years or age most of us lose the ability to fully digest the sugar in milk (lactose) as this is the time we should be fully weaned of our mother\\\'s milk . Drinking milk in adulthood can lead to all sorts of problems one of the best resources for more info is Robert Cohen\\\'s website or my ditch the dairy recording.
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Not yet rated Binge eating; If you have binge eating disorder then recovery planning can help you to eat normally again. You can overcome your binge eating disorder by focusing on having a plan to eat as a normal healthy happy person does. With a plan to eat healthily and with good support you can recover from binge eating disorder. Hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Debbie Williams from Birmingham UK completely recovered from her binge eating problems and has produced many free videos to help you to overcome binge eating too. Birmingham hypnotherapist Debbie uses NLP and Hypnosis in her self help recordings to help change your mindset and make the journey to recovery from binge eating much easier for you so that you can be lean for life and free of your binge eating disorder.
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AllWhites® Egg Whites proudly announces sponsored triathlete Laura Bennett will be heading to the Summer Olympic 2012 Games in London. On Friday, May 11 at the International Triathlon Union event in San Diego, Bennett claimed the third and final spot on Team USA for women’s triathlon – her second Olympic appearance since 2008. Her strong finish is a reflection of how Bennett trains, which includes a focus on nutrition and eating the right sources of lean protein. “When I’m training for a race, recovery is an extremely important part of my process,” said Bennett. “Lean protein sources like AllWhites help my body recover and build lean muscle – ensuring I’ll perform at the highest level.” To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Not yet rated - Weighted Bench Dips | Tricep Muscle Exercise - If you're looking for a great exercise for your triceps you need to add weighted bench dips to your routine. The bench height should allow for full range of motion. If a spotter is not available, place weight on lap sitting on floor or edge of bench. Try not to lean forward. That way your triceps do all the work and not your pecs. Also, keep your legs straight, but don't lock your knees. It is best to attempt this exercise without any weights at first in order to get used to the movements required for good form. If that variation also becomes easy, then you can have a spotter place plates on top of your lap. Make sure that in this case the spotter ensures that the weights stay there throughout the exercise. For more info drop by our YouTube channel or visit us in the web at and find us on Facebook at
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