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Penny has returned. She is now back from her holiday vacation in London. It’s really good to have Penny back at the studio. Today’s episode, Professor HANS and Penny talk about the difference between the men in London and the men in the US and their attitude towards women in night clubs and bars. Men in US possess strong self-confidence and they are really cocky. They are so upfront. They run in places and just come up to you especially in night clubs and bars. On the contrary, the British men are quite reserved. They rarely come up to girls and when they do it’s kind of lame and hesitant. But, in fairness, there are a lot of good British gentlemen out there.
Tags // self-confidence 
Categories // Sexy 
Added: 3570 days ago by Aphrodisformen
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Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc., is encouraging breakfast lovers everywhere to switch to lean and delicious turkey and start the day right by entering its Breakfast Hall of Lame contest for a chance to win a trip to the Biggest Loser® Resort, recipient of Spa Magazine’s 2011 Readers Choice Silver Sage award and Spas of America’s top ranking 2011 spa. The Biggest Loser airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Like this video? Download this program to watch all your favorite TV Shows and Movies for FREE right on your PC, anytime, anywhere! Click for more information. Peter Griffin plays call of duty modern warfare 2 (MW2) online with Quagmir and totally sux! HAHA
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what do dumdums usually do before they leave the house to go to club?
Tags // lol  lame  bored  clubbing  vlog 
Categories // People and Blog 
Added: 5178 days ago by haruht
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Cheap aftershave, lame chat-up lines and obnoxiousness just don't impress Zara Phillips... or her horse !
Tags // landrover  horse  zara  sneeze  british  eventing 
Added: 5256 days ago by mcmentalninja
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This is a song written by Kayla Riley and she wrote it about Michael Smiley and the lyrics are below: Walking around school all sad and glum Because last night you didn\'t get some All you do is sit around and pout Because your boyfriend never puts out Little virgin man No woman can stand Forever alone You\'ll never get boned Little virgin man No woman can stand You might as well be gay That\'s all I can say Now your by yourself once again All the years you\'ll be alone; lets count by ten Your only lover is your hand Sitting down or you can stand Little virgin man All short and stout You\'ll get laid, yeah that\'s a doubt Little virgin man No woman in sight You might as well put on some really tight tights Looking around all lame and gay To get a woman you\'ll have to pray Always in your loose sweat pants I know why... It\'s easier to use your hand Little virgin man The time will pass When you will finally get some ass Not from a woman, not from a man Only from yourself; you\'re your biggest fan Little virgin man You\'re filled with strife Well welcome to Michael Smiley\'s life!
Tags // little  virgin  man  written  by  kayla  riley  about  michael  smileys  life 
Categories // Music  Funny  Comedy 
Added: 5282 days ago by MichaelSmiley
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