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A trove of forgotten letters reveals a love that is defied a world war. In 1924 Robert accompanies his missionary parents to Japan. Robert and his parents are forced to leave Japan but Roberts stays in contact with Makiko by writing letters. With the outbreak of war all correspondence ends. Robert fears the worst for his friends. Find out more here- Historical
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On Wednesday, April 6, Viva® Brand teamed up with Hollywood actress and home/ DIY expert, Monica Potter, to host a dramatic clean-up benefitting Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Ventura. The event, held at Avenue Thrift & Vintage Store in Ventura, CA, demonstrated how Viva® Towels can transform used, forgotten items with just a thorough cleaning. Donated household items ranging from kitchen appliances to outdoor patio furniture were expertly cleaned with the unique textures of Viva® Towels and then donated to 22 deserving families across the Ventura community. The effort jumpstarts a national push to “Unleash Clean” across the country. Potter served as the Captain of the Viva® Clean Squad, motivating over 40 volunteers to “Unleash Clean” by scrubbing, polishing and shining up donated items from the kitchen, bathroom, living room and patio, showcasing the strength and durability of the towels. Viva® offers a choice of two types of everyday towels that work like cloth to stand up to any cleaning job in your home. Viva® Vantage® has a scrubby texture, great for shining stainless steel appliances and scrubbing grime off stovetops or patio furniture, while Viva® Towels have a signature soft and smooth texture for cleaning surfaces like countertops and coffee tables. To ensure a green event and minimize waste, Viva® Towels partnered with the City of Ventura to use natural household and eco-friendly cleaners so the towels could be composted afterwards. To view the multimedia release go to:
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music video Never Be The Same Ida Divine Best Music Video R&B London United Kingdom When you hear the name Ida Divine, think bold, classy, powerful. A singer with vocals so fierce, that when she sings its like a light shining in the cracks and crevices of soul to a place where pain seeps, often forgotten but always felt like the prick of a needle, feeling gone as soon as it comes. Follow Ida Divine Here! Instagram: Facebook:
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This Veterans Day Americans around the world will honor their fellow citizens who have served their country. The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) offers ten ways you can show your appreciation this November 11th. ABMC, an agency of the U.S. federal government, manages America’s overseas, military cemeteries from World War I and World War II. Some of the best ways to honor our fallen is by learning about the men and women who gave their lives in these conflicts. More than 200,000 Americans are buried or memorialized overseas. They were brothers, fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, wives, and friends who left the United States to defend freedom abroad. In a matter of minutes, you can honor these men and women on Veterans Day. To view the multimedia release go to:
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For lovers of Dragons, art and story. On the trail of dragons forgotten, an intrepid illustrator and reporter journeys from Europe through the Middle East and finally to Saigon in search of the dark caverns and mountaintop perches where the elusive winged serpents dwell. With the gift of seeing the invisible, our explorer friend records each encounter in a journal of gorgeous, fully painted artwork, capturing every majestic and fearsome visual detail of the scaly behemoths, and accompanies his findings with snippets of local lore as evidence that these hidden beasts continue to shape the world in ways we may never expect! Find out more here- Use #Lost Dragons on Twitter for a chance to win the book! Brought to you by Dynamite Entertainment! Video by Arsenic et Boule de Gomme. Book by Elian Black'Mor, Carine-M, Jezequel. Fantasy/Comics/Graphic novel
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Caught in an inter-dimensional battle for Earth, a young dragon priestess leaves her life, loves, and magic; to restore the original plan for Earth and save those she has never met. The key to her success is to save a dying horse that once belonged to a wizard and learn his secret of dragonhorse. Learn more about this book series here, Fantasy
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The loss of American life during World War I and World War II affected people in every corner of the United States, and forever changed the future of these families that suffered losses. In honor of Veterans Day, the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) is launching a new, online video series: “Never Forgotten.” With more than 220,000 American men and women buried or memorialized at ABMC’s overseas cemeteries around the world, the ABMC works every day of the year to honor the sacrifices of these individuals. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Eminem is one of the most talented rap artists that has graced the surface of this earth. That being said he has beaten women, used his position to negatively influence kids, and started his career dissing the likes of ICP, Vanilla Ice, and several other well known artists at the time. Throughout his career he used diss tracks masterfully to gain attention and fame. Consider this track a wake up call to the millions of rap fans who want to hear a worthy opponent for once. We decided if we are going to diss someone it needed to be the one worth dissing and for the right reasons. Before posting comments we challenge listeners to listen to this track on an actual system. (Not computer, not phone) If you would like to hear EM respond simply facebook your friends this video and help us reach 2 million views and you will hear a series of battles that will not soon be forgotten. Thank you for your support! Want to hear a lyrical song now? Listen to
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Go to for new releases, videos, and more... This barely made it as we had completely forgotten about it. We dug it up from an old Windows XP box running Ableton and Reason through Rewire (a painfully slow process). We then dusted it off, and did the needful. Enjoy!
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Not yet rated Bob Proctor – one of the key figures in “The Secret”- believes that the Law of Attraction is incomplete, and for the first time reveals the 11 Forgotten Laws that will finally uncover the Law’s true potential.
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The photographic series “Forgotten” by celebrated photographer Donald Leon Farrow is presented in eight installments. These works capture a solitude in situations involving structures and nature that generally go unnoticed or unremembered. An unshared story lies behind the situation of each image. Some perspectives almost appear abstract, whereas others suggest a history. Many are unsettling.
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Christmas is a very busy time of year for Santa Claus! He has to get the sleigh ready, feed his reindeers, check his list to be sure he hasn't forgotten any good girls and boys… and make sure that the toys the elves have purchased are not only fun, but also safe! This is the goal of the European Toy Safety Campaign that the European Commission has launched this month; it intends to show how to get the safest toys, and how to use them safely! To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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