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U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: USX) ("U.S. Xpress" or the "Company"), a leading, national trucking company, today announced the launch of “Full Ride,” a college scholarship program for drivers and their families that is the first of its kind in the trucking industry. The U.S. Xpress Full Ride scholarship program provides U.S. Xpress drivers the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree from an accredited school, Ashford University, at no cost in one of dozens of disciplines ranging from business and logistics to accounting or behavioral science. And, in a first for the trucking industry, children of U.S. Xpress truck drivers may earn their bachelor’s or master’s degrees from Ashford University as well, at no cost and courtesy of the company. Each driver may have a total of two family members enrolled in school at one time (either two dependents or the driver and one dependent). Dependents must be aged 17 to 26. The benefit will also be available to drivers working for Total Transportation of Mississippi, LLC, a subsidiary of U.S. Xpress Enterprises, Inc. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Cat® phones today announced the launch of its new flagship device, the Cat® S61, to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. It is the upgrade to the Cat S60 with enhanced FLIR® thermal imaging capability, built-in laser assisted distance measuring, and an indoor air quality sensor. The Cat S61 is the most advanced tool yet to help get the job done. The Cat S61 boasts an integrated FLIR thermal imaging camera with enhanced software for greater image contrast, expanded temperature range to 400 degrees Celsius, and an upgrade from VGA to High-Definition detail from the visible camera providing unmatched image optimization using FLIR’s MSX® technology. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Kohler raises the bar on toilet flushing platforms with the launch of its new Revolution 360 swirl flush technology. The brands extensive experience in the toilet industry supports its understanding that critical drivers of owner satisfaction are toilet cleanliness and flush performance – both addressed in the new platform. Revolution 360 is Kohler’s most complete flush ever developed and is powered by the brand’s widely popular AquaPiston canister technology which allows water to flow out of the tank at 360 degrees, increasing the power and effectiveness of the flush. Once out of the tank the water flows into the bowl from a single, powerful port and swirls throughout the bowl. Utilizing this swirling motion, Revolution 360 keeps the bowl cleaner, longer than a conventional flush. Kohler’s team of engineers engaged experiment and Computational Fluid Dynamics methods to study, improve and perfect even the smallest details to ensure complete rinsing of the entire bowl surface. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Hunova, the first robotic gym for the rehabilitation and functional motor sense evaluation of lower limbs and trunk, has been officially launched in Genoa, Italy. The first 30 robots will be available from June in Europe and the USA. The technology was developed and patented at the IIT laboratories and has been launched on the market thanks to a 10 million euro investment from entrepreneur Sergio Dompè. Hunova is a programmable robotic medical device that allows professionals in the geriatrics, neurology and sport rehabilitation field to cure and predict many neurological and orthopedic conditions. There are two main competitive advantages of this technology: Hunova is able to collect a significant amount of data on biomechanics, constantly monitoring the patient’s progress. Secondly, it provides direct support to the patient through a guiding robotic system, offering a wide range of rehabilitation protocols in the form of video games. It consists of two electromechanical platforms equipped with sensors, characterized by two degrees of freedom (feet and seat level). The device integrates the force sensors to adjust the interaction with the patient and a wireless sensor, which is placed on the patient’s trunk, allowing the physiotherapist to check the movement of the torso. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Not yet rated Backhoes are much smaller than excavators and are a standard tractor that supports an arm consisting of two segments, the dipper and the boom. The boom further supports the dipper, which holds the bucket. They have acquired the name backhoe by pulling dirt back towards itself. Unlike the excavator, the backhoe only has a rotation of 200 degrees radius to the right and left. Backhoes are very flexible pieces of equipment that use different attachments to perform various jobs, drilling deep holes, digging trenches of various sizes and carrying heavy tools. By utilizing different attachments such as a tilt rotator, auger, breaker and grapple the backhoe is able to dig deep or shallow. The backhoe is commonly used on farming and industrial sites averaging around 17,000 lbs. Backhoes are ideal for light to medium-duty work.
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A sexy teen novel debut Casey by Marx. A fresh story about Cody Reese, the skateboarding drug dealer who want it all. No time to grow up, but stay up, partying a night on the beaches of Santa Barbara, California AKA Paradise. 360 to Paradise has all the gritty action you can hope for. Let a skateboarding, drug dealing graffiti artist who reps for the Montecito Rats take you on a wild ride in one day of his life in Santa Barbara. Buy the acclaimed fiction novel here:
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If the world warms by two degrees, some of the changes to the biosphere are no longer gradual. Six Degrees Could Change the World Sunday, February 10 8 PM et/ 9 PM pt http:/
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Witness how drastically our world could change if the earth warms by just one degree. Six Degrees Could Change the World : SUN FEBRUARY 10 8P et/pt :
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The Three Degrees Towel Slap Me For Video Recording At Their Concert, Then Gave Me Into Trouble At The Gardyne Theatre,Dundee,Scotland.
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Half of the nation has been in a deep freeze with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees Fahrenheit and even more frigid when considering the wind chill. Schools are closing down and with a shortage of propane, rates are going sky high. Some are even going without food to heat their home. The thought of even going outside might be completely daunting. Here are some winter safety tips that will help you and your kids endure this winter.
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At Knauf Insulation we have a track record of rolling up our sleeves and helping local communities realise the benefits of insulation. The Birdsville project below is one of our proudest moments. In January this year, temperatures in Birdsville, one of Australia's hottest and most isolated towns, reached over 49 degrees. During winter however, the town can reach below 0 degrees at night. What better place to show Australia just how safe, easy and effective using the right kind of insulation can be? To follow are a couple of videos about the people, the place and the journey we went through to insulate the town.
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some of the heat could drive the people crazy in the sun
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