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Boycott Mexican Tacos this Saturday MAY DAY !
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Added: 4898 days ago by NewWarriorMan
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Boycott Algeria - The Algerians Burn The holy Bible In Marikh Stadium In the Sudan 18th November 2009, Les Algériens Burn Bible Le sacré dans Marikh Stadium dans le Soudan 18th Novembre 2009, Die Algerier Burn The Holy Bible In Marikh Stadion im Sudan 18. November 2009, El Burn argelinos Biblia lo sagrado en Marikh estadio en el mes de noviembre Sudán 18th 2009, Cezayirliler Burn İncil'de Marikh yılında Stadyumu Sudan 18 Kasım 2009 yılında, Οι Αλγερινοί Burn η Αγία Γραφή Στην Marikh Στάδιο Στο Σουδάν, 18 Νοεμβρίου 2009, Il Burn algerini La sacra Bibbia In Marikh Stadium Nel 18 novembre Sudan 2009.
Added: 5056 days ago by Sheromola
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Scotland Getting Bullied By America Over The Lockerbie Bomber Release. America Can Stick Their Anti Scotland Views Up Their Fat Lardy Asses.
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Added: 5143 days ago by StevanHogg
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Le lapin du Hamas : Ne mangez pas des produits danois, mangez des Danois
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Added: 5180 days ago by scinova
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Bombs are more precious than children Hamas Children's Education (US Senate, Feb 8, 2007) Announcer: Hilary Clinton at a press conference with Palestinian Media Watch in the US Senate criticized Palestinian television and school books: Hilary Clinton: It must stop the propaganda to which Palestinian children are being exposed. Because it basically profoundly poisons the minds of these children. Announcer: Hamas uses its television station to indoctrinate Palestinian children to value violence, hatred and martyrdom. Subtitles: Violence Hatred Martyrdom Violence (Al Aqsa TV (Hamas) 2007) These are the acts of Martyrdom-Seekers Palestine one of its leaders is Ahmad Yassin (Hamas founder) Its children carry the knife. Its children carry machine guns. The land is filled with furious lions Hatred Announcer: Palestinian children are exposed on Hamas television to charming characters who poison them with hatred. Subtitles: [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) Feb 8, 2008] Why is your name Assud (lion) since you are a rabbit? A rabbit is (a term) for a bad person and a coward. And I, Assud, will finish off the Jews and eat them, Allah willing. [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) Feb 22, 2008] Did you see the West's attack against the Messenger (Muhammad)? We will all boycott Danish products We can fight them because they cursed Allah's Messenger. If they repeat it we will kill them, by Allah. I will bite them and eat them! Martyrdom Announcer: Children are encouraged to seek death as heroic martyrs for Allah. Subtitles: Machine-gun and Quran in our hands We've grown and so has the right in the eyes of the wronged We have come! We have come! The pure blood will produce honor and glory Indoctrination Announcer: Even in kindergarten children are indoctrinated to aspire to violence and martyrdom. Subtitles: [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) May 2007] Al-Jihad! Allah Akbar! Your role model? The Prophet (Muhammad). Your path? Jihad! Your aspiration? Death for Allah. Your movement? Hamas Your movement? Hamas Bombs are more precious than children Announcer: This music video simulates the reaction of a five year old girl to her mother's suicide terror attack. The young girl concludes: Bombs are more precious than children. Subtitles: [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) May Nov. 2007] Mommy, what are you carrying in your arms? Mother prepares bomb Mommy, what are you carrying in your arms instead of me? Mother hides bomb A toy or a present for me? Come back quickly, Mommy Girl sees news about her mother's bombing Instead of me you carried a bomb in your hands. Only now, I know what was more precious than us My love (for Muhammad) will not be (merely) words. I am following Mommy in her steps! Picks up explosives in mother's drawer My mother! My mother! Subjugation under Islam Announcer: Hamas teaches their children to see themselves as the ones who will subjugate the entire world under Islam. [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) May 11, 2007] Subtitles: We are setting with you the cornerstone For world leadership under Islamic leadership. We will win, Bush! We will win, Sharon! Ah, Sharon is dead. We will win, Olmert! We will win! We will win, Condoleezza! [Al Aqsa TV (hamas) Mar. 30, 2008] Bush: Who are you, what brings you here to my home? Child: My daddy, you killed him in the Iraq war. And mommy, you killed her with the criminal Zionists, in Lebanon. Bush, I must take my rights with the sword of Islam. Bush: I repent, just don't kill me. Where are my guards? Guards! Child: (Laughing) There are no guards, and your people surrendered, oh Bush. I'm coming with billions of children from Palestine, Iraq, children from Syria, Lebanon and Afghanistan. Bush: I will give you whatever you want. Come with me to the White House, you and your friends. Child: (Laughing) Bush, you are impure, and it won't help you to go to the White House. It turned into a big mosque for the Islamic nation and Muslims. I will kill you, Bush. It is your fate. I will kill you. (Stabbing Bush) I killed him. (US Senate, Feb 8, 2007 Clinton at press conference with Palestinian Media Watch) Hilary Clinton: It must stop the propagan
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Added: 5182 days ago by scinova
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