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The Ad Council and the Natural Resources Defense Council today launched “Save The Food,” a major national public service campaign to combat food waste from its largest source—consumers, who collectively waste more food than grocery stores, restaurants or farms. The initiative hopes to encourage consumers to reduce the amount of food they trash in their homes, thereby saving the water, energy and money that are lost along with it. Watch the TV ad here. “As it turns out, we can’t blame the epidemic of food waste on our kids’ aversion to vegetables. We’re all culprits here, tossing out staggering amounts of food in kitchens nationwide,” said NRDC President Rhea Suh. “But with small steps, we can save large amounts of food —and along with it, money and precious natural resources. The more food we save, the more we can share with hungry Americans, the more we can reduce climate pollution, and the more water won’t go to waste.” In the U.S., 40 percent of all food goes uneaten each year, at a cost of $162 billion annually. Consumers are responsible for 40 percent of this waste—more than any other part of the supply chain. It’s a problem that costs the average family of four roughly $1,500 per year. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Not yet rated New rock song "We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve" is an emotional piece about domestic violence. Now that the Super Bowl is over, the NFL will have a chance to reflect on quite a year. Domestic violence was frequently at the forefront of the 2014-2015 season and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Sarantos is proud to release this latest rock song. Violence against women and children results from the use of force or threat to achieve and maintain control over others in intimate relationships, and from societal abuse of power and domination in the forms of sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, anti-Semitism, able-bodyism, ageism and other oppressions. The abuses of power in society foster battering by perpetuating conditions, which condone violence against women and children. “This a powerful rock song about domestic violence in our society today," says Sarantos. “It seems like this topic was in the news a lot in the last year between the NFL, Bill Cosby and so many other stories that made headlines. My heart goes out to the victims. I wrote this song to not only start a conversation on the matter but to hopefully help others find a solution. This is a hard rock song about a man who has made many mistakes in his life. He constantly takes emotional abuse from his partner. Somewhere along the way, he has lost his faith. Thru the words, the bruises and the blame though he stays right there... Why does he stay right there? I hope this song helps drive home the message throughout the world that domestic abuse is simply not ok.” 33% of any music-related sales profits from this song are going straight to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.
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Super savvy Psychic to the Stars un Duffs Hilary Duff, saying one Duff is enough. Duff turns her hockey puck buck in for better love luck. Sources say Psychic Christopher Golden is to blame for throwing the game.‎‎
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Robert Johnson Project From: 1996 Terry Garland - The One To Blame
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I was very close. His last World Mug punishment kick came within the Rose Bowl, and while he missed, Italy lost the title game to Brazil. Chile tied it as Fabian Estay\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s left-wing nook kick was headed incredibly by Ivan Zamorano and the ball touched the foot of teammate Pedro Reyes. Roberto Baggio stood at the punishment spot and, for an occasion, flashed back to Pasadena. ``We took hazards to win within the final minute afterwards being in danger to lose,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Baggio mentioned. ``I am very unhappy, as a result of the endeavour my teammates made. Vieri and Baggio had merely two defenders amidst them and the world wide web as Baggio took a lengthy pass from Paolo Maldini. ``I did not make an effort to prevent the ball with my hand,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Fuentes mentioned. Cameroon had taken a 1-0 direct within the 77th minutes when Pierre Njanka, forming merely his 3rd multinational appearance, prevented two defenders on a spectacular 40-yard rush. But still, Paraguayan referee Epifanio Gonzalez issued merely two yellowish cards, one to Pfeffer and the other to Cameroon\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Samuel Ipoua.. ``It was all no points before and it is all one point at present.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Njanka\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s objective was a one-man endeavour, identifying most of Cameroon\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s play. We deserved to win. We played as equates to.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' Chile was leading 2-1 thank you to 2 astonishing strikes by Marcelo Salas, afterwards Religious person Vieri had given Italy a tenth direct off Baggio\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s laterally pass. Italy took the direct on a counterattack. Starting merely far after the midfield row, Njanka sidestepped Wolfgang Feiersinger and after that Peter Schoettel before blasting his shot beyond diving Austrian goalkeeper Michael Konsel. The game was marred by arduous play, and the Austrians sounded particularly disillusioned beyond quite a few tackles by the Indomitable Lions. It fell to Salas, who turned to flare it home with his left foot. It also livened up a game which had featured slips, glides, rushes and great helps to protect on the rainy playing surface of the fresh Municipal Battleground, that was drenched by heavy rains some time before kickoff. Baggio saved the Italians in many instances in 1994, so he transfers minor blame or disgrace beyond the missed punishment kick within kinh mat the finals shootout. And he rescued his group from inside the enormous troubled against the Chileans. ``We envisioned the initial World Mug match to be hard.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' The veteran striker, remembered about the Italian lineup at age 31 afterwards playing just one game for the countrywide group in 36 months, smoothly sent the ball past goalkeeper Nelson Tapia afterwards Ronald Fuentes\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' right arm couldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t get out from the technique for Baggio\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s pass. The end result left all four groups tied in Team B.
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We Learn a Lot From Our Children The other thing I had was meditation as taught to me by my young son Andrew – wow, can’t we learn a lot from our children. Andrew taught me meditation, and I was meditating – endeavouring to get some sort of peace, some sort of clarity … that sort of thing and I knew it was good for relaxation, stress release, anxiousness and all that sort of thing. The Greatest Wake Up Call So I already knew all of that, so I did it. And you know what? I got the greatest wake up call that you could ever get. It was like a whack across the head … and this was it: “Hey, if you persist in being hateful, angry and vengeful … then you’re going to end up like that! Wow! In other word, if I talked to myself 65,000 times a day, then I am going to be another victim … and who has done it to me? Me … haven’t I. I’ve done it to myself. By Sandy MacGregor – See it on Video – 12 of 16 A Wake-Up Call - Talking to Yourself Negatively Next Video – 13 Asking the Wrong Question Can Lead to Guilt, Blame and Judgements
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This year, Americans are planning to give back 226 million unused vacation days causing nearly 50 million of us to become vacation deprived. And, while some cite financial worries as the main contributing factor for their “no vacation” philosophies, many Americans blame “lack of planning” as the reason they find it hard to get away. Regardless of the excuse, Monograms – the all-in-one packaged vacation travel company and member of the award-winning Globus family of brands – is helping travelers make going now not only possible, but also easy. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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I Blame the Insurance Companies and Their Agents for Not Thoroughly Explaining -- and Urging You to Buy -- the Most Important Insurance Protection Available in Texas (They Won’t Tell You, So We Will!)
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Rising food prices are causing poor children and families in developing countries to sink deeper into hunger and malnutrition, according to Children International, a leading U.S.-based humanitarian organization. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 925 million people around the world go hungry each day compared to 848 million in 2007. Experts blame the high cost of gasoline and diesel fuel as a main cause for the spike in food prices globally. As gas prices soared in 2010, food prices have risen with the same speed, leaving poor families helped by Children International with few options. Most poor parents work long hours for little pay and lack the money needed to purchase food and cook a nutritious meal. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Romance takes work.
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