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Jean Cartwright Rhodes is struggling to come to grips with the death of her childhood best friend, Hope. Twenty-nine years later, Jean fights for her sanity as she confronts the dark web of intrigue set in motion by a split-second decision in the aftermath of the tragedy. Learn more here, Fiction, Thriller, Crime, Mystery
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Rage, terror, and redemption: these are the stones upon which F. Paul Wilson builds the concluding chapter of Repairman Jack: The Early Years, the prequel trilogy focusing on the formative years of Wilson's globally popular supernatural troubleshooter. The strands of Jack's life, established in the first two books, Cold City and Dark City, are now woven into a complete pattern in Fear City. Find out more at Fear City by F. Paul Wilson. Thriller
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Margaret Weis and co-author Robert Krammes bring the enthralling Dragon Brigade trilogy to a thrilling conclusion in The Seventh Sigil, a sweeping novel of worldwide war and personal redemption. Five hundred years ago, a clan of rebels was banished to the bottom of the enchanted world of Aeronne; ever since, these Bottom Dwellers have sought revenge, and now they are waging all-out war on the rest of humanity. Only the Dragon Brigade can prevent an endless dark age. Their epic battle will test the mettle of those thrown into the breach, and determine the fate of this magical world. Find out more at Fantasy
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While browsing in a rare book store in Arkham, Sean finds an occult book with an ad seeking an apprentice sorcerer, from a newspaper dated March 21, 1895. Even more intriguing, the ad specifically requests applicants reply by email. Sean’s always been interested in magic, particularly the Lovecraftian dark mythology. The advertiser, Reverend Redemption Orne, claims to be a master of the occult born more than 300 years ago. To prove his legitimacy, Orne gives Sean instructions to summon a harmless but useful familiar—but Sean’s ceremony takes a dark turn, and he instead accidentally beckons a bloodthirsty servant to the Cthulhu Mythos god Nyarlathotep. Now Sean must find and bind the servitor, before it grows too strong to contain. But strange things are already happening in the town of Arkham. Welcome to the darker side of New England in the first of a new series from Anne Pillsworth. Find out more at YA/Fantasy
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The Shawshank Redemption(1994)-23min
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The Shawshank Redemption(1994)-9min-clip01
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A Time of Change is a blend of mystery and romantic suspense. It’s also a story of redemption. Readers will meet Josephine Buck, an apprentice medicine woman, and her employees at a trading post. When The Outpost’s owner is killed, Jo and the owner’s son must find the murderer before they become the next victims. Find out more about the author here and more about the book here Romance/Mystery
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Available at Kindle Ebook CreateSpace Amazon A year after Ebenezer Scrooge encountered the ghost of his partner, Jacob Marley, as well as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, Scrooge relives the previous Christmas and is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley once more. Mediating , for his friend and partner by fulfilling his requests, Scrooge witnesses an altogether different story. This expansion on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol recounts how Marley unshackles his soul from previous deeds allowing , Scrooge to partake of redemption.Relive and recapture the essence of Christmas preciousness while exploring the wonders of life, living and death. This video was created by
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A roster of acclaimed chefs return for a second chance to become a member of the Iron Chef culinary society this fall, with the premiere of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption on Sunday, November 4th at 9pm ET/PT. The fifth installment of this top-rated competition series also adds a few newcomers to the mix, who have had their own experiences of not quite winning the crown. The competitors are given new opportunities to prove their skills are Iron Chef worthy, while revisiting some of the memorable moments that sent them home in the past. The culinary battle-royale, hosted by Alton Brown and shot in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, tests the kitchen chops, masterful skills and fortitude of these supreme experts, and culminates with the naming of the newest Iron Chef on Sunday, December 23rd at 9pm ET/PT. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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With the critical success and recognition of I Am Shelby Lynne, she was awarded the Best New Artist GRAMMY® in 2000 – after nearly 13 years in the business. Love, Shelby was released in 2001, followed by a pair of intimate, self-produced albums – Identity Crisis (2003) and Suit Yourself (2005). She made her acting debut in 2005, playing Johnny Cash's mother in the Fox Searchlight motion picture Walk the Line. Just a Little Lovin’, her critically acclaimed tribute to Dusty Springfield, was released in 2008. 
Never one to go with the crowd, Shelby continues to stand apart from the mainstream music world. She recently founded her own label, EVERSO RECORDS. Lynne’s Tears, Lies, And Alibis, EVERSO’s first release, debuted at No. 16 on Billboard’s Top Independent Albums chart in April of 2010. A Top 10 hit at Americana radio, it was hailed by Newsday as “her strongest album in a decade,” a sentiment echoed by numerous critics. She followed Tears, Lies, And Alibis with her first-ever holiday collection, Merry Christmas, released in the fall of 2010. Revelation Road – Shelby’s most personal record yet – will be released on October 18, 2011. She wrote, recorded and produced the album, which leads off with the title track and first single, “Revelation Road,” a stirring reflection on reckoning and redemption. Lynne will be touring North American this fall.
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Sergey and Marina Dyachenko mix dramatic scenes with romance, action and wit, in a style both direct and lyrical. Written with a sure artistic hand, The Scar is the story of a man driven by his own feverish demons to find redemption and the woman who just might save him. Learn more about this book here, and its authors here, Fantasy
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A brilliant tale of regret and redemption set in the wake of Hank Williams’ death by morphine overdose, Steve Earle brings an obscure piece of music history to life in this debut novel. Learn more about this book here, and its author here, Fiction
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