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Spirituality video
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Added: 3939 days ago by issown
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Nonfiction – This is a true account – a memoir – of a single mother losing everything, including her 2 children, Jayden and Annie, to a wretched alcohol and drug addiction; and ultimately losing herself. Yet through the storm, she finds the strength to overcome this addiction, as a result gaining more than ever before. “Freedom has never been sweeter.” Though her story starts out in despair, it ends on a positive note, providing hope to all those that read it. Learn more about this book here, Inspirational Christian memoir about overcoming personal obstacles (drugs and alcohol).
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 3273 days ago by cosproductions
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A compassionate and stirring call to move beyond religion for the guidance to sustain and improve human life on individual, community, and global levels, including a guided meditation practice for cultivating key human values. Learn more about this book here, and its author here, Non-Fiction, Religion
Categories // Miscellaneous  Family 
Added: 4084 days ago by cosproductions
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Visit for videos on Martial Arts philosophy and spirituality. Information on Qi-Gong, Energy Work, Zen and Taoism. A kung-fu parody. High kicking, hard chopping action. The evil Pleus aborts the Zhang-Yi clan in his lust for the power of the Yani. Watch as Sayume Mirubuto brings peace to the clan once again
Categories // Comedy 
Added: 5411 days ago by ninjaking
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John Hagee
Added: 980 days ago by DivineRevelations
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Christian Persecution in Asia
Added: 980 days ago by DivineRevelations
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Fourth single of Mister E album by Breck Stewart, music by Fafnirrockson, mastering by 604-ToKaY. Directed and edited by Breck Stewart with first AD and DP Steve Turmel, Second AD Stephan Tremblay and featuring Mario Beauchesne as Vixo, Bruno St-Jacques as Vecto, Bony D. as Para and Mathieu Primeau as Donji, produced by MoonDaze Productions. The term Mister E is a reference to the drug MDMA commonly known as Ecstasy which is very popular in clubs. All the songs on Mister E are about the danger of Ecstasy and how it can have a devastating effect on the human brain.
Categories // Music  Sexy  Event and Party 
Added: 4133 days ago by breckstewart
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A Compilation of Amazing Stories from different Christians. #1 Kamal, a Muslim fighting Jihad against America is Changed by Jesus Christ. #2 The Salvation of Guy Iannello, from Drug dealer to Christ. #3 Jeff Harshbarger, from satanism to salvation. #4 The Reality of Hell. #5 The man from George Street. #6 Escaping Demonic Oppression, by Shawn Williams. #7 A man who survived a plane crash, severely burnt, goes to heaven and sees Jesus Christ. Mickey Robinson. #8 Arctic Fire, how A northern arctic village was transformed by a visitation by Jesus. #9 The Revival Video, the state of the Christian Church. #10 The Passion of the Christ Video
Tags // heaven  hell  god  bible  jesus  faith  spirituality 
Categories // Miscellaneous  Family  People and Blog 
Added: 919 days ago by DivineRevelations
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Kalpavasi experience The kalpavãsi experiences are the most unique that a human can undergo in this mortal world. A kapavãsi basically transcends the linear space-time barrier by submitting himself / herself to a day in the Brahmaloka, Which is equivalent to 4.32 billion earth days. We invite you find out how this magic (time-travel) unfolds We are the pioneers of an ongoing research on the Kumbha (Kumbh) Mela and other Indian Traditional Knowledge Systems from the last 10 years and the packages presented through this Kalpavãsi program have been designed with complete assimilation and understanding of both the sensitivities of the participating religious organization and the sensibilities of the modern traveller We present to you the best possible experiences of the Kumbha (Kumbh) Mela in an effort to introduce you to the essence of the Indian Tradition, Heritage, Culture, Spirituality and Religion with the least possible expenditure of time, effort and money. The Kumbha (Kumbh) Mela is not just a Religious/Spiritual event and there is a popular misconception that it is all about naked Indian Sadhus (Ascetics), snake charmers and cheap magicians The Kumbha (Kumbh) Mela is a conglomeration of religion, trade and amusement. The ground is dotted with makeshift shrines, temples, thatched Mantapams, and Ashramas of innumerable sects, saints, the lay folks, etc. In the evenings and early mornings one may hear the sound of Bhajans, Kirtans, the telling of Kathas, chanting of hymns, jingling of bells, and blowing of conchs and observe the scenes of millions of people taking a dip in the holy rivers with offerings of flowers, lamps, Etc. watch the colourful ceremonial processions of various Akhadas and Sampradayas. The most distinctive and attractive feature of the Kumbha Mela is the ceremonial bathing of Nagas Sadhus who are traditionally given priority in the bath for being the initiator of this festival. The joy of being a part of this conglomeration is truly unique and there are no words to explain the experience
Categories // Travel and Holiday 
Added: 4870 days ago by sree222222
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For more astrology videos visit The story of an Astrologer lost within his own dream. Upon meditation he finds himself locked within a spellbinding trance. Overtaking his body and whisking him off to the Astral world. Confining him to his own dream world. Only to cross paths with archetypes of his own unconscious. Archetypes representing the symbols of Astrology. Defining his own identity as Apollo - The sun. Apollo's mission is outlined to free himself from the Astral world. Mimicking the events of his life preceding. The Astral world mirrors the theme of the Kung Fu film watched the night before. Upon his journeys, Apollo meets Jupiter - His saviour and teacher. Jupiter unlocks Apollo's potential guiding him to self realization. Unravelling his powers as a Martial Arts Master. Giving Apollo the strength and keys to survival in the Astral World. Jupiter reveals Apollo path is to bring harmony to the opposition with the malefics and benefics archetypes. As failure to his mission means being lost in the Astral world - forever confined in a state of insanity. Dubbed voices reminiscencent of 70's style Asian B movies. A unique mixture of comedy, kung fu action and parody. One of the first and few theatrical movies focusing on Astrology
Categories // Comedy 
Added: 5410 days ago by ninjaking
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Visit for more New Age Videos, Articles and Discussion on Meditation, Yoga, Astrology, Accupuncture, Qi-Gong. Sound is a powerful, primitive force. For Centuries, healers have intuitively used the therepeautic powers of sound. In the native traditions of ancient cultures, examples of sound and vibration--as elemental in creation and to wholeness--abound. Many tools have been used since the beginning of time to create music, and to aid healing: planetary gongs and Tibetan bowls, didgeridoos, rattles and drums. Today, a growing number of modern practitioners are rediscovering sound as a tool for healing and realignment. More modern sound therapy tools are--tuning forks, chimes, resonator plates, sound discs, and sound tables. All play an important role in healing. Sound is that which is produced when some object is vibrating in a random or periodic repeated motion.
Added: 5386 days ago by ninjaking
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Visit for more New Age Videos, Articles and Discussion on Meditation, Yoga, Astrology, Accupuncture, Qi-Gong. Hindu art, unlike Buddhist art, shows the human figure curved, voluptuous and filled with potential motion. Parvati below is shaped and dressed (only in jewelry to emphasize her sexuality and a crown) like the Yakshi. Ganesha, the elephant-headed god in the center, is corpulent, the result of \\good living.\\ Vishnu on the right is portrayed with a fit, but soft body, and with four arms to show his many powers. The Indian artist had an entirely different starting point. He considered that the perfect human animal was an inadequate symbol for the beauty of the divine nature which comprehended all human qualities and transcended them all. It was only by meditating on the Ultimate Perfection that the artist�s mind could perceive some glimmer of the beauty of the Godhead. Mere bodily strength and mundane perfections of form are never glorified in Indian art. Indian art is essentially idealistic, mystic, symbolic, and transcendental. The artist is both priest and poet. In this respect Indian art is closely allied to the Gothic art of Europe � indeed, Gothic art is only the Eastern consciousness manifesting itself in a Western environment. But while the Christian art of the Middle Ages is always emotional, rendering literally the pain of the mortification of the flesh, the bodily sufferings of the Man of Sorrows, Indian art appeals more to the imagination and strives to realize the spirituality and abstraction of a supra-terrestrial sphere.
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Added: 5351 days ago by ninjaking
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