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This video is about the kamae (the stances) in the kuroi Ryu ninjutsu tradition that is represented by sensei Arie van den Akker a koga ryu ninja teacher. Sensei Arie van den Akker is the only ninja teacher who is teaching the genuine art of Koga Ninpo. Check this video about the stances taught and explained by Sensei Andreas leffler friend of Sensei Arie van den Akker
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Added: 4383 days ago by kalian
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Promotional video for the documentary DVD showcasing interviews, behind-the-scenes , etc from Gackt's filming of the Taiga Drama Fuurin Kazan
Tags // fuurin  kazan  gackt 
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Added: 5185 days ago by keesiao
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mugen is a 2D fighting game
Tags // ryu  vs  sabretooth 
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Added: 5428 days ago by Toro
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Sensei Arie van den Akker his students are demonstrating the ninjutsu climbing techniques and tactis. Kurokumo Bushido and Kuroi ryu ninjitsu by Sensei Arie van den Akker
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Added: 4502 days ago by kalian
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Sensei Titus Jansen from the Netherlands explains here the background of his Koga Ryu Ninjutsu system. He uses a short description to the public that came to watch the demonstration in his Kage Ryu Dojo ninja school in the Netherlands. Sensei Titus Mathijn Jansen is one of the few Koga Ryu Ninja masters in Europe
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Added: 3695 days ago by Hojobudo
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This exercise is a Kurokumo Bushido Academy exercise of the Kuroi Ryu Ninjutsu school which is for getting good balance and the practise of the hardest Kick and Backfistpunch to keep your balance. In this video Sensei Arie Van Den Akker founder of ZVCNoord and COmbat Sequens was learning this exercise for the first time. See how it is done!
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Added: 4395 days ago by kalian
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Martial Arts of the Saquatch by shifu Douwe Geluk The Chinese martial arts are often based on animals, also mythical animals like the Dragon, the Phoenix or the Sasquatch. Douwe Geluk is an international famous martial arts teacher. He studied How Chuen Monkey Kung Fu from 1985 until 1993 under grandmaster Fred Decramer. It was not a normal Monkey Kungfu but the way of the Standing Tall Monkey or the Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Yeti. Douwe Geluk from Apeldoorn in the Netherlands has decided to record everything he still knew for the SRMAA Shintai ryu Martial Arts Association in West Virginia. Douwe Geluk has his own martial arts school called: Tai Chi Apeldoorn Bron van Geluk Fu Yuan. Douwe Geluk also holds a 4rd degree Black Belt in Ng Ying Kuen.
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Added: 1264 days ago by kalian
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Old footage of Sensei Arie van den Akker from the Netherlands practising Kurokumo Shinobi Goshido in his younger days in Munich with us at the Dojo of Shidoshi Andreas Leffler 5th dan in Kuroi ryu Ninjitsu. The Technique practised is called Oe Li Tsai and it is more of a Ninja Drill from the old Kuroi ryu Ninjitsu system of Japan. 黒竜忍術 , Kuroi Ryu Ninjitsu or Koga Ryu Ninjitsu are connected arts. Sensei Arie van den Akker in his younger days as a white belt student of the Kuroi ryu Ninjitsu school. Kurokumo Bushido
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Added: 4395 days ago by kalian
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Ninjutsu 大会 Tai Kai in Munchen in the year 2004, The Kurokumo Bushido Academy in Munchen organised the Tai Kai training event in 2004 the 黒竜忍術 Black Dragon 忍術 Ninjutsu teachers came together for a meeting and a training in the art of Ninjutsu and many other martial art styles.The teachers who where there are: Sensei Andreas Leffer (Chief of the Kurokumo Bushido Academy) Sensei Michael Bentien (Fuma Ryu and Kuroi Ryu Ninjutsu master from Lubeck Germany) , Leo Lindeman (Pencak Silat master), Sascha Geibel (Taekwondo master from Germany), 先生 Sensei Thomas Potschie (武神館 Bujinkan shodan instructor from Germany) The Kurokumo Bushido Academy 黒竜忍術 The Kurokumo Bushido Academy is founded by 先生Sensei Andreas Leffler (Shidoshi of Kuroi Ryu Ninjitsu 5tth dergree black belt) and the academy has affiliate schools in Lubeck Germany under guidance of 先生 Sensei Micheal Bentien (from Lubeck) and in Groningen the Netherlands under 先生 Sensei Arie van den Akker (from Boornbergum). The Kurokumo Bushido Academy is teaching Kuroi Ryu Ninjutsu (Black Dragon Ninjutsu that is brought out to the public by famous well known master of ninjutsu 先生 Ashida Kim) The Kurokumo Bushido Academy is teaching high standard martial arts and is specialised in Ninjutsu Ninjitsu. This video shows the basic techniques from 黒竜忍術 Kuroi Ryu Ninjutsu as taught in the Kurokumo Bushido Academy's in the Netherlands and Germany. Try this techniques also and you will experience the fighting system of the Ninja.忍術
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Added: 4388 days ago by kalian
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Koga Ninja master Sensei Arie van den Akker from Boornbergum:: Become a Kicker!!! Use the kickbook!!! Kicking is very important in the Martial Arts scene, it does not matter what you practise it can be : Karate , Kungfu, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Genbukan, Kuroi Ryu Ninjutsu, Kurokumo Shinobi Goshido or any other martial art system or style. Different Kicks of the Kuroi Ryu Ninjutsu / Kurokumo Shinobi Goshido system are displayed and somed up in this book. Sensei Arie van den Akker from the Kuroi Ryu Ninjitsu school the Kanji for this school in Japanese is 黒竜忍術: , a Ninjutsu head instructor and leader / co founder of the Kurokumo Bushido Academy the Netherlands, is the author of a book about kicking in the martial arts, it is called: "Kuroi Ryu Ninjitsu Kicks"
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Added: 4344 days ago by kalian
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Sensei Titus Jansen martial arts video! In these days you hear many people state that the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu is dead. To be honest it is not a proven fact. the answer: Sensei Titus Mathijn Jansen from Aschendorf has his own Koga Ryu Ninjutsu martial arts school in Winschoten the Netherlands. His School is called, Kage Ryu Dojo what means: Shadow Dragon School. Sensei Titus Jansen is training in the martial arts since he was 5 years old. No he is spreading the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu system to the public. The Koga Ryu Ninjutsu is a bit different then the well known Bujinkan system om grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi.
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Koga Ninja master, Sensei Titus Jansen from the Netherlands and the director of the Kage Ryu Dojo sportscenter in the city of Winschoten is demonstrating the famous Bruce lee weapon the Nunchaku. This is a demonstration video only and shows you how the Koga Ryu Ninjutsu system works with the Nunchaku. Martial Arts at its best with Sensei Titus Jansen
Tags // nunchaku  lin  kuei  jitsu  koga  ryu  ninjutsu  sensei  titus  jansen  kage  ryu  dojo  ninpo  ufc  mma  kickboxing  ha 
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