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Results 1-6 of 6 for ' tyre ' (0 seconds) - Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart provides wheel alignment service for all types of cars and suvs. We ensure a proper front wheel & rear wheel alignment along with wheel balancing and puncture repair. Wheel Alignment is a crucial part of the vehicle maintenance. Get the best price wheels whether you are a local from Melbourne, Bayswater, Ringwood or anywhere In Australia.
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The tyre placard provides crucial information for the safety and performance of your vehicle. Look for the tyre placard on the driver’s door pillar, in the glove box or under the front bonnet. Vehicle manufacturers are required by law to provide this information. If you follow it this will prolong the life of your tyres and also prevent other related issues such as wheel alignment problems. The three key pieces of information the tyre placard provides are: tyre size for your vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer, maximum vehicle load and optimum tyre pressure. Remember that tyre pressure is best measured when tyres are cold and you need to ensure the gauge you use is accurate. If you have trouble finding the tyre placard in your car, bring it in to a Tyrepower store and one of our friendly team will assist you. You can check it here
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Tyre care can be incorporated into other regular activities such as cleaning your car and filling it with petrol. That way it doesn’t feel like an extra task. You’ll maintain the quality of tyres and extend their life. The two key areas to attend to regularly are cleaning and tyre pressure. Washing your tyres with soapy water and a soft brush or sponge will keep tyres looking good. It also helps prevent cracks and other damage to the sidewall rubber. Do this whenever you wash your car. It is ideal to check tyre pressure when the tyres are cold. Do this at least once a month but more often if possible. Use a trusted gauge. The recommended tyre pressure for your tyres can be found on the tyres themselves or on the tyre placard, usually located on the body of the car, inside the driver’s door. If you’re unsure about checking tyre pressure, have a professional do it for you and show you how. Driving a car with tyres deflated or over inflated can cause long term damage to wheel alignment. For more detail you can check to our website
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Do you know the three most important tips when it comes to caring for your tyres? For more detail you can check it to our website Learning and implementing general tyre maintenance will help extend the life of tyres. Driving style is a key component. A conservative driving style will ensure even tread wear and prolong tyre life. Tread wear is an issue that not all drivers are aware of. Follow these simple tips so you can check the tread wear on your tyres and replace them before they become dangerous to drive on. Once a tyre has less than 1.6 mm of tread wear it is no longer roadworthy and must be replaced. This video shows you how to measure tread wear and what signs to look out for. Parking is also a key element of tyre care. High impact contact with kerbs and other barriers or structures may damage your tyres. If in doubt about any aspects of tyre care, tread wear or when to replace tyres, contact your nearest Tyrepower store for expert and friendly advice.
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Das neue TV-Magazin 'Dunlop Inside Racing' bietet brandaktuelle Einblicke in eine ganze Palette von Motorsport-Rennserien und liefert dazu detailierte Informationen, exklusives Material sowie Promi- und Lifestyle-Features.
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Shannon brings another sexy Weather Angel how-to this week. If you ever wondered just how to change that flat, Shannon flexes her muscles and gets a bit dirty.
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