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Golf Lessons Irvine Call (949) 554-9926 - Are you looking for golf lessons in Irvine (or the nearby area) or just golfing tips in general? Ryan Trengrove (Class A PGA member), owner of a state-of-the-art indoor golf training facility called Golf Swing Prescription (Laguna Hills, CA), shows you how conquer one of the most common problems in Golf - keeping your lower body stable while swinging the golf club! Ryan states that if you can get your lower body to be more stable, you will have a lot more fun when you are playing golf. Ryan shows you a video of one of Golf’s great player’s, Davis Love III, to display great lower body stability. Ryan points out how Davis’s lower body not only stays in the “same sit” and “same flex” as Davis goes up to the top of his golf swing, but, also when he goes back down to hit the golf ball. Ryan also points out the importance of NOT having your lower body “sway”, but to have it “swivel” instead. The goal is to keep the lower body in its flex, so that you can have it sit, and keep the hip in the same spot. If you are able to do this, as you come from the top of your swing down to the ball, you should make solid contact. In order to assist you in achieving better lower body stability, Ryan shows you a golf drill called the “Feet Together Drill”. This drill has the golfer setup to hit the golf ball with their feet together, which will prevent the golfer from going “side to side” during the swing. The idea behind the drill is to have the golfer hit a number of shots with their feet together so that they can get the “feeling” of not “going side to side” and being stable. Once you get use to the feeling, then you can widen your golf stance, trying to maintain the same “stable feeling” felt during the drill, with your base “swiveling” and not “swaying”. Ryan goes on to show you one more drill to help you that he got from Golf Professional, Nick Faldo called the “Right Foot Forward – Left Leg Back Drill” (just switch if you are left handed). The goal of this drill is to help you focus on keeping the flex in your right knee. You get in your normal golf stance, but, just move your left leg back a couple of feet, and then hit the ball. So what this drill does is to focus you on keeping the proper flex in your right knee. What Ryan wants you to do is to work on the combination of the “Feet Together Drill” and the “Right Foot Forward –Left Leg Back Drill” so that when you get up to your golf ball you focus on staying centered – no “side to side” and keeping your right knee flexed. Ryan points out that if you can do this, that you should make better contact with the ball! Ryan performs over 1,500 golf lessons per year, when compared to the average club pro that only conducts approximately 300. Ryan is extremely popular for a reason; his indoor
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As the largest minority group in the United States comprising 16.4% of the population, the Latino community is having an increasingly significant influence on a broad range of economic, cultural and political issues and, most recently, has become a key focus of attention for the national media and political leaders related to the presidential election and the Latino vote's potential to sway its outcome. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Not yet rated - Stiff Leg Deadlifts | Leg Workouts - The is a super exercise for your hamstrings and lower back. As with all weight training exercise proper form/technique is essential for not only getting the most out of the exercise but also to avoid injury. As you lower the bar towards the floor make sure to keep your eyes/head up as this will facilitate keeping your back straight. And as shown in the video do not bend you knees - remember you are targeting your hamstrings and lower back. Because technique/form is so essential to the stiff leg deadlifts start off with a lower weight and concentrate on performing the exercise correctly. Do not sway as you lower the weight but try to keep slightly more than 50% of your weight on your heals. And as with all weight training exercises keep your movements slow and steady - again concentrate on form not reps. You will get more out of the exercise with proper form and fewer reps than more reps with incorrect form. After you have performed the stiff leg deadlift with the correct technique successfully you can increase the weight. Don't make too large a jump in weight but move the weight up slowly. You should not be in a rush to max out the weight. I'll say it again proper form with fewer reps will yield greater results that incorrect form and more reps. A word of caution - do not perform the stiff legged deadlift if you have lower back problems or are dealing with a lower back injury. And as with any weight training exercise if you begin to experience pain you should discontinue the exercise. For more info drop by our YouTube channel or visit us on the web at and find us on Facebook at
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     [EXTRACT] B.F.F. \
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Not yet rated Remix of In Da Club (50 Cent). Why wait until your birthday for an excuse to celebrate life? Make your birthday everyday - and play this song while you do it.
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