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Employee benefit plan regulations pose unique, high risk questions for Plan Sponsors and effect the future well-being of all plan participants. EisnerAmper meets the demands of Plan Sponsors by providing audit, tax and advisory services to assist them with their fiduciary responsibilities in this often complex and technical area. Why EisnerAmper? • Partners and Directors who devote 100% of their time to employee benefit plans • AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center member firm • Experience with over 400 annual benefit plan audits • 2 reviews by the Department of Labor with no comments! • Industry dedication and passion While we know how essential it is for our professionals to be knowledgeable in the benefit plan industry, we believe it's also as important to share that information with our clients. Below are links to two of EisnerAmper’s benefit plan libraries. To view the multimedia release go to:
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In this new video from EisnerAmper, one of the nation's leading providers of employee benefit plan audits, Denise Finney provides easy to implement tips on how the plan administrator, the plan auditor and the third party administrator (the "Employee Benefit Plan Team") can work together to obtain plan audit information it needs to remain on schedule to issue plan financial statements and meet the Form 5500 filing deadline. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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Companies in every part of the nation sponsor tax-qualified benefit plans to attract and retain high quality employees. The plans are designed to offer employees tax relief as they build up their retirement through 401k plans or to buy medical and dental type benefits. However, according to EisnerAmper's Pension Services Group, tax relief that benefits both the employer and the plan participants is at risk of being lost if plan sponsors fail to follow basic qualification requirements by maintaining effective internal control structures over their plans. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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Not-for-profit pension provider NEST (National Employment Savings Trust) is urging consumers to keep their passions alive into later life as one of their New Year resolutions. Its research suggests that over 65s often have better social lives than any other age group except the under 25s. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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QROPS - Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes were introduced in 2006 as part of a major overhaul of Britain\'s pension framework, aimed at simplifying pension transfers to another country. New legislation was passed by the UK tax authority, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), in order to comply with an EU directive that pensions be free to move across Europe\'s borders. This ruling means that individuals, wishing to retire to countries such as France, Spain and Portugal can effectively take their UK pension funds with them: Who can apply for a QROPS? A QROPS is specifically designed to allow anyone, not intending to retire in the UK, to transfer existing and frozen UK pension plans into a more appropriate retirement vehicle. Individuals who are, or have been members of a UK registered pension fund and are currently living outside of the UK, or intending to leave the UK on a permanent basis, can consider transferring their retirement fund into a QROPS: Transfers to QROPS The UK Government allows transfers to QROPS to be made free of UK tax. Their aim is to simplify the affairs of individuals leaving the UK on a permanent basis and to encourage them to continue saving in order to provide an income when they retire. There is no official limit to the amount of funds that may be transferred to a QROPS: QROPS - HMRC Rules What makes a scheme a QROPS? In order to transfer your UK pension into a QROPS, it is necessary for the overseas pension scheme to be accepted by HMRC. The criteria outlined by HMRC for an overseas scheme to qualify as a QROPS include: - The pension scheme must be established outside of the UK - It must be recognised for tax purposes in the country where it is located - It must be regulated in the country in which it is established Age that benefits can be taken from a QROPS The QROPS regime mirrors that of a regulated pension scheme in the UK. Benefits, including lump sum payments, from the transferred funds may not be distributed earlier than the normal retirement age of 55, if an individual has been a non-UK resident for less than five complete tax years: QROPS Reporting requirements HMRC should be notified if a payment is made within the first five tax years of a member becoming non-UK tax resident. Any benefits paid before five complete tax years of non-UK residency and not in accordance with UK Pension rules will be deemed an unauthorised payment. The scheme manager does not have to notify HMRC if the payment is made 10 or more years after the day of the transfer that created the QROPS fund for the \'relevant member\', provided that the person is non UK resident for the duration of this period. This 10 year \'bracket\' for reporting payments took effect as of 6 April 2012. QROPS List When transferring your UK pension to a scheme overseas, it is important to check that the scheme meets the conditions to be a qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme (QROPS). Not all transfers to overseas or offshore schemes are QROPS transfers; it is therefore essential to verify that the scheme receiving your UK benefits is on the QROPS list published by HMRC, otherwise a transfer will be treated as a transfer to a non-qualifying overseas scheme and substantial penalties may be applied by HMRC at the time of transfer: How do I know if it is a legitimate QROPS scheme? QROPS approved plans that agree to have their details published are listed on the HMRC website. A UK Pension administrator will confirm a QROPS listing before agreeing to a transfer. If not listed, the administrator will contact HMRC
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Sammy the frog explains QROPS pension transfers for British expats so that they no longer have to pay tax upon death of 55% and avoid UK income taxes of 50%. Making light of a serious issue. This funny looking frog explains the gist of a pension transfer for British expatriates living abroad.
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During the third quarter, we were again able to capture the benefits of AEGON’s strategic priorities, resulting in solid earnings growth, improved profitability of sales, lower expenses and a continued strong capital position. Our franchise remains healthy, as evidenced by the particularly high level of At-Retirement and pension sales. At the same time, we are making essential investments to reshape our businesses in both our established and developing markets to respond effectively to the changing conditions and new realities. Although there are signs of gradually improving market conditions, there remains considerable uncertainty in the general economic environment. Consequently, we believe it is prudent and necessary to maintain a sufficient financial buffer while at the same time adhering to our strict risk and pricing discipline. The steps we are taking across our organization to get closer to our end customers, combined with the strength of our current position, give us full confidence in the prospects for our business going forward. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Not yet rated Retire Right offer independent specialist retirement advice. Helping you get the most income from your pension with the best annuity rates.
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Scottish Widows - Pension Report. Ian Naismith, Head of Pensions Development at Scottish Widows talks us through the the current problem with pensions in 2010. Scottish Widows conducted a study where members of the public are asked how they are saving for the future and wether they are worried. The Scottish Widows report showed a worrying 41% of people are saving less whilst 21% save nothing.
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