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Fancy hats, mint juleps and thoroughbred horses – the three main ingredients to one of the premier sporting events and celebrations in the country. As someone who always brings the fun wherever he goes, Captain Morgan is looking to shake up the festivities by making an unprecedented offer to enter a mule – yes, you read that right – in the elite horse race of the season. Captain Morgan’s newest friend, the Morgan Mule – who is 1 part horse, 1 part donkey and 2 parts Captain – has always wanted to prove his racing chops. The exclusive competition is typically limited to 20, three-year-old thoroughbred horses who qualify based on a tiered point system from a series of races. But as an advocate of fun for all, Captain Morgan is promising that if the Morgan Mule is allowed to compete, he will donate $1 million to charity. To view the multimedia release go to:
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A gripping and authentic thriller by an author with personal experience in Black Ops—Leo Maloney. New danger has been brought to the world of Zeta Division, and it’s up to ex-CIA agent Dan Morgan and his team to stop a criminal mastermind that would destabilize the world’s balance of powers. Find out more here- and here For Duty and Honor by Leo J Maloney Military thriller, spy thriller
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Millennials have replaced Boomers as America’s most populous and most influential generation, with more than 75.4 million in the US alone. Ranging from 21-34, some of our country’s most important technological, creative, and economic advancements can be directly attributed to this age group. Yet the very people who are changing the face of the nation are ineligible to hold the nation’s highest political office. Today, Captain Morgan announced a petition for Article II, Section I of the United States Constitution to be changed, which states that “neither shall any person be eligible to [the office of President] who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years.” True to its namesake’s pioneering and adventurous spirit, the Captain Morgan brand will unite everyone to bring a new voice to the election, in an attempt to pave a way for Under 35s to be President of the United States. More than half (52%) of 21-34 year olds say lowering the presidential age requirement would be beneficial for the country, and a clear majority of those polled – 56% - say they would be willing to act on this idea by supporting an amendment to lower the age requirement.* To view the multimedia release go to:
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In this gripping and authentic thriller by an author with personal experience in Black Ops, it’s up to ex CIA agent Dan Morgan and his team to stop a criminal mastermind who has launched a violent plot to destabilize the world’s balance of powers. Find out more at Thriller
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To mark the one-year anniversary of the most popular Tiny Desk Concert ever and the 10th anniversary of his debut album, Rappa Ternt Sanga, we hosted T-Pain at our Washington, D.C. headquarters. The inimitable Floridian performed a short set of classics, both his own and others', and brand new, never before heard song from his forthcoming album, Stoicville: The Phoenix. Follow @NPRandB and @NPRHipHop. Director: Mito Habe-Evans; Producer: Frannie Kelly; Videographers: Colin Marshall, Julia Reihs, Cameron Robert, Morgan Walker; Audio Engineers: Andy Huether, Josh Rogosin, Neil Tevault; Special Thanks: Chris Berry, Saidah Blount, Bobby Carter, Kate Drozynski, Kiana Fitzgerald, Savoy Jefferson, Cedric Shine, Justin Winn; Executive Producer: Anya Grundmann
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A woman in a warrior’s world Captain Morgan Boland is a sniper and bound for combat. Navy SEAL Jake Ramsey is not happy to be paired with her on a dangerous mission, especially since they share a heated past. Passion and heartache must be set aside if they are to stay alive because first you fight for your life, then you fight for your heart when you’re Down Range. Military romance
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when someone badly wants to listen to eminems new single, youd kill TO HEAR IT
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Following the tradition of British clerical detectives, Author Martha Ockley paints an authentic picture of English rural and church life through police inspector-turned-vicar Faith Morgan. When called to investigate the murder of a member of her congregation, Faith’s inquiries lead her to uncover a hotbed of tensions and romantic rivalries. Learn more about this book here, Mystery
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REPLICA is the breathtaking new Tor Teen science fiction novel from JENNA BLACK, author of the Faeriewalker series. With REPLICA, Black has created a striking new dystopian vision of the near future—and mixed in a page-turning murder mystery that will keep hearts pumping this summer! Learn more about this book and author Teen YA / Science Fiction
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Once a trained killer for the CIA, Dan Morgan has built a new life for himself. But when he receives a desperate plea from his former Black Ops partner , reportedly killed in a foreign battle zone , he flies to help. Now Morgan is running for his life, holding crucial evidence. With his contacts dead and family in danger, Morgan must take on a full scale conspiracy in the highest echelons of a vast global network that plays by its rules, when it suits them. Termination Orders by Leo J Maloney Thriller
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'My Brother Went to Prison' is a departure from upbeat track like the first single 'Let It Go' and shows the darker side of Morgan's storytelling. The video for 'My Brother Went to Prison' was conceptualized by Morgan and and his long-time friend, Remi Rybicki, who directed the video. This is a story tells of a man who is not living up to his potential...a wanderer.
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New York sex therapist, Dr. Morgan Snow struggles with the conflict of preserving her patient’s privacy and the dangerous, sometimes criminal things she hears. From the abused to the depraved, from couples grappling with sexual boredom to twisted sociopaths with dark fetishes. The Butterfield Institute is the sanctuary where Snow helps soothe and heal these battered souls. Learn more about this book here, and its author here, Romantic Suspense Thriller
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