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The legalization of marijuana in many states may be changing the way teens think about marijuana and other harmful substances like heroin. A new study commissioned by Rosecrance shows that the legalization of marijuana may encourage teenagers to experiment with the drug, along with other substances. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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Drugs are everywhere. The use of prescription painkillers has increased dramatically in recent years, and prescription drug abuse is now the nation’s fastest-growing drug problem. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 5 million Americans misuse painkillers each month. Opioid painkillers—a class of very powerful and potentially addicting pain relievers—are the most common source of drug overdose deaths, resulting in more unintentional deaths than cocaine and heroin combined. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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California News on Ibogaine Treatment 20 Feb, 2004 - BAY AREA (KRON 4) - Drug addiction has been the plague of modern America. But that could now change forever. What started as a rumor may now actually be an incredible breakthrough in the battle against addictions of all kinds. Features Dr. Deborah Mash who says she is going to submit to FDA her data gathered in her St. Kitts clinic. Some addicts may have a long history of ADHD btw. The history of ADHD is often said to start with George Still 1902. Actually it starts already 1798 with George Crichton:
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A short Clip from: BBC's Horizon Special Psychedelic Experience One would not expect Britain's traditionally conservative and oft-staid BBC to screen a 50 minute film on the new wave of psychedelic research in humans. Yet, astonishingly enough, such a state of affairs recently came to pass. Before it aired on February 27th, 1997, Psychedelic Science was heavily featured in the media, even getting elaborate treatment in the Radio Times, a mass publication as institutionalised as the BBC itself. The Times, the Guardian, and the Independent, Britain's three leading broadsheets, all carried major pieces announcing the film. Dr. Deborah Mash and her research with ibogaine was also treated in depth in the film. Mash explains how ibogaine can be used to break cocaine habits although, as with ayahuasca, we do not not learn much about the actual phenomenology induced by ibogaine - suffice it to say that patients experience transformative insights into themselves which can break their patterns of addiction. Some addicts may have a long history of ADHD btw The history of ADHD is not so new... and many addicts seems to have some of it...
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