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Petmate, the worldwide leader of solutions and excellence in the pet industry providing trusted, quality products to enhance the lives of pets and their families, is launching a revolutionary new anxiety relief system for dogs. The Calmz Anxiety Relief System is now available at pet specialty and online retailers nationwide in time for the summer season of fireworks, thunderstorms and travel. For more information, visit Nearly 75 million dogs owned by American families suffer from anxiety at some point in their lives, particularly as a result of thunderstorms, fireworks, encounters with strangers, travel and loud noises. About 24 million of them chronically suffer from these debilitating issues. Now Petmate introduces a new way to help relieve that anxiety. To view the multimedia release go to:
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The creature known as Frankenstein, created by a madman of the same name, lives on, re-imagined throughout time. Follow these four stories, each in a different time, a different place. Mary Shelley's League of Supernatural Hunters: Origins of Adam Mary Shelley learns of supernatural creatures and real meaning of the word monster as she encounters a man unlike any other. A creature not born of woman, but created from the body of a circus strongman killed while trying to save a lion tamer. She must decide who to trust, the vampire, the witch, the mad scientist or the creature. Either way, Mary's seen enough to know she will need an army to fight those things not easily killed. Frankenstein's Companion 19th century England, friendless and alone in the world, Adam Frankenstein, the creation of a mad scientist and his witch lover, becomes an assassin for hire. When a powerful mage hires him to find his kidnapped daughter and kill the man who took her, Adam strikes a bargain of his own. The mage has an immortal dog and Adam will do anything to own it. The Therapist and the Dead Brooklyn, New York in the 1980's was a place where monsters could blend in. Life has been long and cruel, so Adam keeps his appointment with Dr. Stein, the most expensive and sought after psychologist in the city, to talk of immortality and murder. Adam Frankenstein, U.S. Marshal Adam joins the 21st Century, and takes up residence in Houston, Texas. While waiting for his next mission from the League of Supernatural Hunters, he becomes Adam Frank, U.S. Marshal. His new partner is Marshal Rebecca Hughes, a by-the-book woman with a non-nonsense approach to life, with no idea who he really is, but that’s all about to change. When he wakes up dead and learns someone has stolen his dog, Texas may not be big enough to hold his wrath. Find out more at or on Twitter at @SheilaEnglish67 Thriller/Suspense/Horror/Time Travel
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For decades, the Star Wars universe has been the home of epic encounters just as children’s rooms. Children’s rooms just need plenty of daylight during the day and dark environments at bedtime to ensure a good night’s sleep. Continuing their successful design collaboration, Disney and the VELUX Group meet the demands of modern children’s rooms with their “Star Wars & VELUX Galactic Night Collection”. The new blind collection introduces a series of four total blackout blinds featuring popular Star Wars characters and adds home interior to the world’s most successful entertainment concepts. The dual function of playroom and bedroom calls for high-benefit products when decorating modern children’s rooms and the collection is designed to fulfil these multiple needs, the dreams of playful children, for creativity and rest. To view the multimedia release go to:
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The Klong Guru Tour takes approximately four hours and commences along the Chao Phraya River, before branching off into the heart of the city's fascinating klong labyrinth. Designed to Showcase the city's hidden cultural gems, the excursion reveals unique glimpses of timeless local life and traditional wooden canal homes that just out over the water. the journey includes encounters with the floating plants farm, exploration of glittering temples that were created in the Ayutthaya era ,and the opportunity to participate in the Thai custom of feeding fish for luck.
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Escape to the coast of Ireland in Carla Neggers’ July eNovella, Rock Point, free until August 31. After an unspeakable loss, Finian Bracken is out of seminary and leaving his homeland for coastal Maine when he encounters smugglers using his family’s whiskey distillery for their illicit activities. Learn more about this book here, Suspense Romance
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Ashley Madison is the online personals & dating destination for casual encounters, married dating, discreet encounters and extramarital affairs.
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20 springs. 20 years of concerts, contests, unforgettable encounters with musicians from all around the world, creative synergies, excitement, ecstatic audiences, ambience and bon-tone. Jazz, blues, pop & classic, all in one event. The 2013 Edition is a milestone for one of the most prolific music festivals in Europe, that brings together every year over 300 musicians from 45 countries around the world!
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At the end of June 2012 I learned through an Akashic Reading that my soul is from another star. My research led me to the 2012 Scenario website. I started tuning in to radio shows on InLight Radio including Let\'s Talk 2012 & Beyond which I find inspiring. In mid August after hearing listeners talk about their personal galactic encounters I had a close personal encounter with a ship that was so real it was undeniable. I was beamed onto a ship to communicate with my galactic family. There were no words communicated to me but a tremendous feeling of love. Where I had initially felt fear, it melted and was replaced with love and gratitude. Two days later my twin flame and I began seeing ships in the night sky. We could confirm that these were not stars or satellites because they pulsated light when we asked them questions and acknowledged them. They actually moved around in many directions, freezing when airplanes would come close to them. There have been many exciting encounters throughout the month of September and now October (time of video posting) which have been shared with Koreans and other foreigners. See my article on
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When Julie Jacobs inherits a key to a safety deposit box in Siena, Italy, she is told it will lead her to an old family treasure. Soon she is launched on a perilous journey into the history of her ancestors. Julie encounters descendants from Shakespeare’s unforgettable blood feud, and soon realizes that the old curse is still at work, and that she is the next target. The only one who can save Julie from her fate is Romeo… but where is he? Learn more about this Book and Author: Fiction
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Surrounded by an army of tireless, little yellow minions Gru, vanquishes all who stand in his way. That is until the day he encounters the immense will of three little orphaned girls who see something in him that no one else has ever seen: a potential Dad.
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