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Eight out of 10 people will be affected by back pain at some point during their lives, making it the No. 1 cause of disability worldwide and resulting in as much as $200 billion in lost wages and productivity. Many sufferers struggle for years to find relief, but treatment options often only provide short-term relief or, in the case of pain medication, carry serious side effects, including drowsiness, liver damage and potential for addiction. Now, thanks to Hocoma, a leader in the development of robotic and sensor-based medical devices for functional movement therapy, consumers have a new way to improve and sustain low back health in the comfort of their own home. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to
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Today, Joint Juice, Inc., a leading San Francisco-based nutrition company, and legendary quarterback Joe Montana announce their second year in partnership, with the introduction of Joe Montana’s Joint Health Training Camp. The goal of the training camp is to encourage Americans to focus on their joint health and gain general fitness so they can get back to doing what they love. Developed with the assistance of a professional trainer, Joe Montana’s Joint Health Training Camp combines a 30-day regimen of simple exercises with nutritional tips to inspire people to get on a path to healthier joints. Regular exercise is essential to maintaining healthy joints, and an exercise regimen of just 30 minutes several days a week helps strengthen the muscles around the joints to keep them functioning properly. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
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Not yet rated Do these exercises at your computer everyday to help prevent Neck pain, Upper back pain, Shoulder pain and RSI.
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Not yet rated - Rocky Presses - Shoulder Workouts - This is a great workout targeting your shoulders and incorporating your tricep muscles. Also know as a Bradford Press this exercise is one of several that target your shoulders. It's a good exercise for beginners because you are seated on the chair and have back support which helps you to maintian the correct posture and form throughout the exercise. As with all free weight exercises it's best to have a spotter to reduce the risk on injury especially as you move up in weight. If you are just starting out make sure you perform the exercise with the proper technique at a lower weight before you increase the weight. I can't stress enough the importance of proper technique with all weight training exercises including the Rocky Press. For more info drop by our YouTube channel or visit us on the web at and find us on Facebook at
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      - Stiff Leg Deadlifts | Leg Workouts - The is a super exercise for your hamstrings and lower back. As with all weight training exercise proper form/technique is essential for not only getting the most out of the exercise but also to avoid injury. As you lower the bar towards the floor make sure to keep your eyes/head up as this will facilitate keeping your back straight. And as shown in the video do not bend you knees - remember you are targeting your hamstrings and lower back. Because technique/form is so essential to the stiff leg deadlifts start off with a lower weight and concentrate on performing the exercise correctly. Do not sway as you lower the weight but try to keep slightly more than 50% of your weight on your heals. And as with all weight training exercises keep your movements slow and steady - again concentrate on form not reps. You will get more out of the exercise with proper form and fewer reps than more reps with incorrect form. After you have performed the stiff leg deadlift with the correct technique successfully you can increase the weight. Don't make too large a jump in weight but move the weight up slowly. You should not be in a rush to max out the weight. I'll say it again proper form with fewer reps will yield greater results that incorrect form and more reps. A word of caution - do not perform the stiff legged deadlift if you have lower back problems or are dealing with a lower back injury. And as with any weight training exercise if you begin to experience pain you should discontinue the exercise. For more info drop by our YouTube channel or visit us on the web at and find us on Facebook at
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      - Standing Barbell Curls - Biceps Workout - A fantastic exercise for isolating the biceps muscles. Everyone wants to show off their guns and the standing barbell curl is a great way to pump up your biceps. As with all exercises to get the maximum results you need to perform the exercise correctly. The single biggest mistake people make when performing the standing barbell curl is swinging the body back. This defeats the whole purpose of the exercise which is to isolate the biceps muscle. Your body should remain fixed and only the biceps muscles used to lift the weight. If you can't lift the weight without swinging your body back then you need to use less weight until you can effectively perform the exercise. Another mistake people make is not keeping your elbows tucked into your sides. You should not let your elbows leave your side. Again, we are going for the isolation of the biceps and you do not want to use any other muscles or movements to lift the weight. The third most common mistake when performing the standing barbell curl is to drop the weight too quickly. To maximize the effectiveness of the exercise you need to slowly lower the weight back to the starting position. If you can't lower the weight slowly you need to reduce the weight until you can. By isolating the biceps on the way up and on the way down you will get amazing results with the standing barbell curl. For more info drop by our YouTube channel or visit us on the web at and find us on Facebook at
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      - Wide Grip Lat Pull-Downs | Back Exercises - Wide grip pull-downs serve as an alternative to pull-ups and are useful for all weight-lifters - beginner to advanced. Being able to adjust the weight is very useful because the beginner can reduce the weight lifted - if their own weight is too heavy for them to lift when doing pull-ups and the advanced lifter can increase the weight beyond their own body weight. Most experts suggest that pull-ups are a superior exercise, so wide grip pull-downs should take back seat to pull-ups when possible. A problem with pull-downs in general is that some users can't isolate the lats and end up using their biceps to do a lot of the work. To isolate the lats, use a wide grip and when you're pulling down, focus on your lats pulling inwards as they go down. Imagine them pulling down in a semi-circle motion. The wider grip promotes the width of the upper portion of the lats. Never try to pull the bar down using your forearms. The forearms will simply be used to hold the bar. For more info drop by our YouTube channel or visit us in the web at and find us on Facebook at
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      - Lower Back Extensions | Back Exercises - When working on strengthening your core do not forget to add back exercises to your workouts. A lot of people only concentrate on the abdominal muscles and neglect the all important back muscles. To get a strong core you must workout both your abs and your back muscles. Back exercises like the lower back extension demonstrated in this video ideally should be done the same day you workout your ab muscles for optimum results. As you progress in your workouts you can increase the weight and/or the reps for a more challenging workout. For more information drop by our YouTube channel or visit us in the web at and find us on Facebook at
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