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my good friend "digital ash" messing around with the webcam! haha she must be thinking about something really DEEP (as usual) ;)
Tags // boredom 
Categories // Comedy  News and Politics 
Added: 4064 days ago by Ameliaisgod
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Chris Crocker - Mind In The Gutter Lyric :- Its Chris Crocker (itschriscrocker) Forgive Me Father, for I have sinned. Theres just something inside of me that I cant hold back any longer. Maybe the rumors are true. Maybe I am crazy. I got you thinking all them bad things. I got you reaching for them bodyparts. Im bout to make you do the walk of shame. You never thought you would (something) Time is ticking. Halters skipping. Ready to move. Feel like my logics lifting. Head is spinning out of control! You’ve got my body twitching. Thirst is quenching, ready to go. Crocker’s off his rocker baby this is my show. You got my mind in the gutter, when we touchin’ on each other. Rollin round undercovers, blowin’ kisses like were lovers. I like the way that you taste, when your all up in my face. Body’s touchin’. Minds corrupting. My mind is in the gutter. Chris Crocker’s on the loose are you scared yet? I heard the freaks come out at midnight. Ive got you working up an appetite. Now are you sure that you should take a bite? Once you do then you are mine. Tired of waiting blood is racing out of control. I feel like chasing you to date me is a race of its own. You are my property now baby now so comfort your bone. I’m the crock inside your rock baby I’m in control. You got my mind in the gutter, when we touchin’ on each other. Rollin round undercovers, blowin’ kisses like were lovers. I like the way that you taste, when your all up in my face. Body’s touchin’. Minds corrupting. My mind is in the gutter. I hear your body say it wants more. But your scared you’ll be addicted boy. Now make the move before you lose the choice. Ive got something that you might enjoy. You’ve got my mind in the gutter baby You’ve got me so damn twisted baby. Ive lost my (something) to another baby. Ive got my mind.. mind in the gutter
Tags // lyric  music  video  english  song  chris  crocker 
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Added: 4211 days ago by skycrew
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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH MUSICAL ARTIST(S). I OWN NOTHING. _______________________________________ Kanye West, Stronger _______________________________________ Click here to see the longer and unedited version: _______________________________________ Im just testing out some of the effects form a new program I got and see what I could do with it. I was thinking about filming but I didn't know what to film so I used one of my older videos. I took me like 5 hours to do this I think. Give me a comment and tell me what you think. _______________________________________ _______________________________________
Tags // kanye  west  stronger 
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Added: 4090 days ago by RustyHutto1
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In the morning I wake up without you my side and I`ve been just wake up in dream where you were holding me still tight In the evening I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'am watching movie that is coming but I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve missing out of something I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'am alone you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re not my side here in home and I missing and missing you so in the morning I could be, so damned glad and live, put the loundry dry in sun, and afternoon I \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'am dissapointed again somehow. In the morning I thought that maybe we should meet but then lost that thought escaping I feel you like a stone in me In the evening only the movie is rolling on but of the plot I dropped away thinking about us what went wrong here alone and I missing and missing you so early morning I could be, so damned sure I can, put the things allright again, when morning come I fail and miss it again. In the morning I know I must keep living on this thing inside me is a killing I have to try forget it all the end is come
Tags // arto  art0  thend 
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Added: 4315 days ago by art0
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A new series of videos from the pages of VidLit\\\\\\\'s upcoming book , What was I Thinking?!, that wittily examines that moment in a relationship when a woman realizes, This is NOT gonna work out!. True survival stories! What was YOUR moment? This episode:The Training Wheels Of Love, by Mimi Pond.
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Added: 4314 days ago by vidlit
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A new series of videos from the pages of VidLit\'s upcoming book,What was I Thinking?!,that wittily examines that moment in a relationship when a woman realizes,This is NOT gonna work out!.True survival stories! What was YOUR moment? This episode:Norm Crosby Syndrome,by Lynn Snowden Pickett.
Tags // vidlit  relationship  book  woman  love  syndrome 
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Added: 4314 days ago by vidlit
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Thinking of making a Doritos ad but you're no Spielberg? Well fear not
Categories // Funny  Comedy  Howto and DIY 
Added: 3654 days ago by christinacollins
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Not yet rated Alright, your children are thinking about attempting golf and also you are excited. You
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Added: 3537 days ago by frankwyatt77
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To order call toll free at 1-877-576-1112 Visit for more on the Biniki Butt Bra. WGN NEWS TESTIMONIAL OF THE BINIKI This lovely thing is a brand-new product from the US for improving the shape of your bottom without the need for surgery. You simply strap on the Biniki as shown and that gravity-affected bum of yours goes from a Kirstie Alley to a Kylie Minogue in no time flat. Undetectable under clothing - unless your clothing is transparent - the Biniki makes the answer to the question, Does my bum look big in this? become, Well, yes, it does, but in a good way. Now, if you're thinking this doesn't look very dignified, just remember that if dignity was an essential element of beauty, Anna Nicole Smith wouldn't have a career. But the best thing about the Biniki is it has its very own commercial full of little tricks to hold the viewers' attention - little tricks like being quite badly done and using very cheap actors. Now you can get a little help where you want it most with Biniki, the lift-and-support system for your backside. This comfortable and discreet intimate item works just like a bra, only it's for your derriere. With its sleek design, Biniki moves with your body, so there aren't any unsightly lines. And because you wear it under your clothes, no-one will know any better. Available in either black or white, Biniki provides you with gentle curves that those behind you will appreciate.
Tags // butt  bra  sex  sexy  ass  beyonce  jlo  buns  of  steel  tight  buns  firm  derriere  tits  gluteus  maximus  glutes 
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Added: 4372 days ago by ninjaking
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A busy crane takes some minutes of his time to show his remarkable dance moves on its peak hours. The crane operator jumped out of the machine thinking that it is malfunctioning. After that, the crane runaway. Are you too busy and want some time to relax? Watch more of these clips by checking this site and see more animation clips like this one. See you there!!!
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“One of my earliest boxing memories is sitting on the ring apron at the Repton Boxing Club watching my older brothers train. Sitting there, ringside with my Dad, I couldn't wait for it to be my turn. By the time I was old enough to start training I already knew how to hold my hands in the correct position and throw a number of combinations (my brothers had shown me how and I practiced at every opportunity!). I remember my first fight. I was 11 years old. Sitting in the dressing room, there were about 15 other young boxers getting ready too. Everyone was asking each other, who are you fighting, who are you fighting. There was this one big guy sitting in the corner wrapping his hands. Someone asked him, Hey, who are you fighting, Someone called A. Lee he said with a shrug. That's when I knew I was in for a rough night! As I stood in the corridor before my ring entrance, my stomach was in knots, to say I was nervous would've been an understatement! Walking to the ring, I looked across at my family, the whole clan had turned out to support me. I remember thinking to myself, I don't care how big this guy is I’m not losing this fight! Anyway, to cut a long story short, I won the fight and many more after that.” Visit Andy on Courtesy of
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Carol Baldwin-Moody of Wilmington Trust describes the challenges that are present in her line of work as senior vice president and chief risk officer. There is a strong legal backing to every major issue in today’s society. Baldwin-Moody has come across several scenarios that aren’t covered by the dated constitutional law in effect today. In past years, a risk officer was thought to be a management concept that would be useful, but not worth the investment. Lately, a risk officer career has become an indispensible resource in the corporate world. The law plays an important role in every aspect of our lives. Even something that seems simple, like the ability to send a text message and donate money to a charitable organization, requires contract law to come into play. If a career as a compliance officer is of interest to you, an online legal studies degree from Kaplan University could be the first step in working toward that goal.* A legal studies degree allows students the unique opportunity to grow into a field that is constantly changing and evolving. *Kaplan University's programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue employment in their field of study, or in related fields. However, the University does not guarantee that graduates will be placed in any particular job, eligible for job advancement opportunities, or employed at all. Additional training or certification may be required. “Social media, the first amendment, privacy; the law is so far behind in that trend. Blogs and all of that, that is a constant challenge for me today because everybody wants to talk the way they want to talk and in my job, I’m required to actually surveil peoples’ e-mails; I’m required by law. I look for certain words; well, that was ok when people used words. Now when they use ‘r u,’ I can’t surveil that. The privacy issue with kids and MySpace, that whole area of law, think about it; constitutional law was what we learned. There’s nothing in constitutional law that we learned 30 years ago, so if you’re into that, there’s going to be a lot of time. We need that because it’s evolutionary. Globalization—if you think about what happened in the financial markets, the meltdown, it’s because there’s so much connection and therefore there are a lot of things going on in that arena where every country’s financial rules, they’re looking at them and comparing them. That’s another area- comparative law. Comparative law when it comes to the environment and financial services; those are two big things. Health—the whole health debate; you may be thinking just about the politics but there’s a lot of law behind that. HIPA, all those rights, and think about the things they’re talking about from a political perspective—there’s a lot of law behind that. Those are just three areas that are not only specific in terms of thinking outside of the box, but they actually go back to a lot of the fundamentals that are part of the law. Those are just three; that social media one, I don’t even want to tackle that one; I’m assigning that to my kids. Just think about it—it’s out there before anything has been screened. You think about the things that go on—it’s called the social media. There used to be the 6 o’clock news; there’s the 24 hour news, there’s the instant news now. I think some of it’s great, I think some of the positive things about the technology, I just learned this, the fact that you could text five digits on your phone and the money was in Haiti instantly. But, a lot of people don’t realize how much legal work was behind the contractual agreement between the phone companies. There was a lot of legal work that was done in order for that to happen but yet young people, my daughter was one of them, it’s like, ‘ok mom,’ and then I start thinking; well I know what really happened. They had to get into a contract about that, but those are the kinds of things that at the end you see the result is phenomenal. Think about that 20 years ago—could not have happened.”
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Added: 3089 days ago by Kaplan_University
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