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iKITMovie is a free trial animation software for creating Stop Motion Animation, 3D Animation, Claymation, Brickfilms, Computer Animations for your personal and professional needs.
Tags // 3d  stop  motion  animation  software 
Categories // Funny  Cartoon 
Added: 3666 days ago by johnmartyn
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BlackBerry --O2 BlackBerry -- An Office On The Move Thanks to BlackBerry from O2 your small business can match the efficiency and scale of much larger corporations owing to BlackBerry's vast functionality and O2's business packages. BlackBerry gives you the freedom to work anywhere, effectively growing your company without being tied to your physical office. BlackBerry software is perfectly pitched towards business use, incorporating all the tools that a small business needs to help it run and grow on the move, without the need to carry a laptop around to check your emails. BlackBerry together with O2 means you really can have your office on the move.
Tags // blackberry  o2  blackberry  an  office  on  the  move  o2 
Categories // Science and Technology 
Added: 2876 days ago by christinacollins
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Software just changed the way of our work. First, computer came and changes the technology. Then, Internet changed our way to look for anything and now, hundreds of software launched each day to make our work easier on computers. Number of IT companies from all over the world just keep on developing kind of software which human beings had dream last night and what he got next day. In latest software release news, the software already available on Internet and many of users already gone through all its working. Advanced technology and much explore of human brains made this thing look very easy. Software somehow makes our work much easier on our working machines. Internet becomes the source to get any software instant if available. Most of the software on the Internet available without any cost and some of them want you to pay before use. Among most of the categories, we mostly come up with two kinds, Commercial and Open Source software. Now, what these kind of software? Let me to explain about these software types:- Open Source Software:- Open Source software are those kind of software which requires no cost to use them and anyone seek any kind of improvement software need can improve it and again, launch with its improved version on Internet. Again, another user can add some extra features to that software and launch on the Internet. Programming code for open source software easily available on Internet. Commercial Software: - Open Source software can also be commercial software. Commercial software used as commercial purposes. Some of this software is available on the Internet for free, while some named software you can also get for free but on a trial period maximum of 30 days. After 30 days of use, you have to purchase the software license. Microsoft, Adobe etc all among these commercial software production companies. Some of the best commercial software made by these multinational companies are MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash player etc. Take Linux as most appropriate example. Linux was first launched in 1991 and now, a number of improved versions available on the Internet. Linux is completely open source operating system software. If you have some knowledge about software and want to add some extra features, you can easily do it. Most of the companies currently have Linux as there operating system rather than Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 because Linux is much easier to operate and occupied less space, light in use. Now, take a look on Adobe Photoshop. You want to make an image, website, background image with some special effects etc, you need to have knowledge about Adobe Photoshop and its various features. This commercial software somehow available without any cost on Internet but you just cannot go for all its features. You want to use all its features, go and purchase a license. But you do not need to pay for open source software.
Added: 2341 days ago by michealmellis
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Software Systems Design program at Centennial College has a unique focus on system design, a blend of technology and business subjects with industry placement, and provides specialization in Wireless Systems or Service Oriented Architecture.
Categories // Science and Technology 
Added: 2015 days ago by jasonw93
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Sourcebits offers software development & programming services in iPhone, Flex, Mac, Web 2.0, Ajax, Flash, RIA, PHP, Zend, ROR, HTML & CSS Technologies. You may enjoy reviewing our site at to see our portfolio. You'll see projects completed in AJAX, PHP, Ruby on Rails, CSS as well as Flash, Flex, iPhone and native Mac OS X applications.
Added: 3676 days ago by sourcebits
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Watch this instructional stop motion animation video to learn how to animate a brickfilms using stop motion animation techniques. This tutorial offers tips for beginners who want to create their own stop motion videos. Watch stop motion animation in action!
Tags // 3d  animation  stop  motion  software 
Categories // Cartoon 
Added: 3659 days ago by johnmartyn
Runtime: 4m21s | Views: 11945 | Comments: 2



This one is apparently a video with someone trying to sound Gackt-ish. I'm not sure if they are using any software.
Tags // gackt 
Categories // Music 
Added: 3871 days ago by keesiao
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Latop and Office software and one Computer input device are able to measure the angle in the space. Inventor is looking for one partner in hardware programming.
Categories // Science and Technology 
Added: 3868 days ago by KarlErhartitsch
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Nuage Networks™, an Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) venture focused on software defined networking (SDN) solutions, has today announced an open software-based solution to address the key datacenter network constraints that limit cloud services adoption. The Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) will allow healthcare, banking, utilities and other enterprise market segments, as well as webscale companies – large Internet-based companies – and telecom service providers, to scale their cloud offers and provide instant, secure connectivity to multiple customers. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
Categories // Business  Science and Technology 
Added: 2080 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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Click:  "Parallel Blossom" by Harlequins Enigma. Experimental Electronic music. Note: The video was also produced using cyberlink software & royality free clips & photos. 
Categories // Music 
Added: 1712 days ago by drdocus
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demo of some free drum software
Tags // drum  software 
Categories // Music 
Added: 2433 days ago by hifijohn
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Modern day beat makers such as Printz Board, musical director of the Black Eyed Peas, and Adam "Adrock" Horovitz of the Beastie Boys want to be able to make music wherever inspiration strikes them. That means having software on their computer that provides a studio-in-a-box, with everything they need to create and record and finish a new song. Propellerhead Software, an innovative Swedish company, has created such a product. It's called Reason. To view Multimedia News Release, go to
Categories // Music  Fashion and Lifestyle 
Added: 2994 days ago by MultiVuVideos
Runtime: 1m23s | Views: 7113 | Comments: 0



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