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Dave comes home from work and gets a nasty surprise.
Categories // Miscellaneous  Funny  Comedy 
Added: 5120 days ago by biggerbaby
Runtime: 1m45s | Views: 44362 | Comments: 7



Planet Battle: The battle returns to Hong Kong with its brutal No Rules mixed martial arts. June 4th at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong All you need to know @
Tags // sport  boxing  fight  mma  mixed  martial  art  sports  hong  kong  planet  battle  kickboxing  kick  boxing  box  kickbox  wan  chai 
Categories // Event and Party  Sport 
Added: 4736 days ago by soutv
Runtime: 4m32s | Views: 7167 | Comments: 1



Sensei Titus Jansen from the Netherlands explains here the background of his Koga Ryu Ninjutsu system. He uses a short description to the public that came to watch the demonstration in his Kage Ryu Dojo ninja school in the Netherlands. Sensei Titus Mathijn Jansen is one of the few Koga Ryu Ninja masters in Europe
Categories // Sport 
Added: 3661 days ago by Hojobudo
Runtime: 3m37s | Views: 4466 | Comments: 1



Master of the Chinese martial arts Douwe Geluk from Apeldoorn city in the Netherlands participated in the Flemish Open Martial Arts Championships in Aarschot City, Belgium. This event was organised by the Vlaamse Wu Shu Federatie, Jurgen van Horenbeek and Said Belabed. Master Douwe Geluk participated in the internal martial arts category and in this video you can see some of his Tai Chi Chuan skills he displayed at the contests.
Categories // Sport 
Added: 1160 days ago by kalian
Runtime: 1m17s | Views: 415 | Comments: 1



A Newspaper from the Netherlands wanted to make an article on Laoshi Douwe geluk a famous teacher within the Chinese martial arts like Tai chi Chuan and Kung Fu. Here was a Photo Shoot with a professional photographer in 2019.
Categories // Sport 
Added: 1062 days ago by kalian
Runtime: 1m59s | Views: 527 | Comments: 2



The Crane Fist Form of Ng Ying Kungfu aka Five Animal Kung Fu by grandmaster Patrick van Steen. Five Animal Kung Fu is a traditional southern Chinese form of Martial Arts. The style was brought out to the public by grandmaster Christopher Fournier. Dutch martial artist Patrick van Steen was a personal student of Christopher Fournier and earned the warrior name Long Juan Feng aka Long Feng. Shifu Patrick van Steen opened his martial arts school in the year 2016. In June 2020 Christopher Fournier awarded master Patrick van Steen the title Da Shi.
Tags // crane  fist  ng  ying  five  animal  kung  fu  kungfu  christopher  fournier  patrick  van  steen  mma  martial  arts  kwoon  karate  kick 
Categories // Sport 
Added: 485 days ago by 5_Animal_Kung_Fu
Runtime: 1m40s | Views: 486 | Comments: 0



Made to your greatest good results at Mixed Martial Arts is our MMA office in Clinton, Maryland. After you phase into our office, you’ll quickly realize that this is certainly no ordinary mixed martial arts academy, but is something genuinely exceptional.
Tags // lloyd  irvin 
Categories // Sport 
Added: 3362 days ago by LloydIrvin1
Runtime: 2m36s | Views: 1854 | Comments: 2



Great MMA fight from the most recent UFC event.
Tags // dan  henderson  rich  franklin  mma  ufc  93  fighting  pride  fc  kimbo  slice 
Categories // Sport 
Added: 4870 days ago by seagull21
Runtime: 3m21s | Views: 81550 | Comments: 2



When it comes to fitness there is no boring routine at Jab. They manage all aspects of their business like their workouts; fun, fast and interactive. That is why they chose Prosperity Research to pump up their internet presence and get them in touch with their client base. Prosperity Research will create a dynamic high energy internet campaign that will send a knock out punch to their competitors.
Categories // Sport 
Added: 4994 days ago by soutv
Runtime: 3m56s | Views: 7516 | Comments: 0



UFC 100 - Live Stream
Tags // ufc  100  mma  mixed  martial  arts  filipino  mma  vs  fighting  mma  videos  fighting  videos 
Categories // Sport 
Added: 4697 days ago by seagull21
Runtime: 3m3s | Views: 82258 | Comments: 1



Martial Arts of the Saquatch by shifu Douwe Geluk The Chinese martial arts are often based on animals, also mythical animals like the Dragon, the Phoenix or the Sasquatch. Douwe Geluk is an international famous martial arts teacher. He studied How Chuen Monkey Kung Fu from 1985 until 1993 under grandmaster Fred Decramer. It was not a normal Monkey Kungfu but the way of the Standing Tall Monkey or the Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Yeti. Douwe Geluk from Apeldoorn in the Netherlands has decided to record everything he still knew for the SRMAA Shintai ryu Martial Arts Association in West Virginia. Douwe Geluk has his own martial arts school called: Tai Chi Apeldoorn Bron van Geluk Fu Yuan. Douwe Geluk also holds a 4rd degree Black Belt in Ng Ying Kuen.
Categories // Sport 
Added: 1230 days ago by kalian
Runtime: 0m55s | Views: 418 | Comments: 0



Visit and for more world class training videos, articles, and interviews with the best trainers in the world!. Modified boxing striking for mma punch mitt workout routine.
Categories // Howto and DIY 
Added: 4925 days ago by robboxer
Runtime: 2m17s | Views: 12740 | Comments: 1
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