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A New Release For The Islamic Army One Of The Iraqi Resistance Fighting Groups It Shows A Number Of Sniping Operations Executed Against The American Occupation Forces In My Beloved Country during 2008
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A New Release For (The Islamic State Of Iraq)One Of The Iraqi Resistance Groups , This Release Contains A Number Of IED And Face To Face Attacks Against The US Occupation Forces In My Beloved Country Executed Between 2006-2008
Tags // iraq  baghdad 
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#1 Among those who documented the scholarly consensus that Allah is not confined in a place was the noble Imam ^Abdul-Qahir ibn Tahir al-Baghdadiyy – known as Abu Mansur al-Baghdadiyy who died in the hijri year 429 which means one thousand years ago. In his book ‘alFarqu bayna lFiraq’ –published by Darul-Ma^rifah, the Third Edition- on page 292 Imam Abu Mansur said what means: “..and the noble Islamic scholars unanimously agreed that no place confines Allah, nor is He subjected to time; Imam ^Aliyy (radiya-llâhu ^anhu) said: “Allah created the Throne as an indication of His power and not as a place for Himself”. Imam ^Aliyy also said: \\\"Allah existed eternally and there was no place, and He is now as He was, i.e., without a place.\\\" This is –the belief- that the Islamic scholars unanimously follow!! ALLAH EXISTS WITHOUT A PLACE
Tags // aicp  gilles  sadek  al  ahbach  habashi  habachi  tawassul  bidaa 
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The brother in the video is no more.A young Bengali fatal decision. A decision with the wisdom of Allah has caused his death in age of 22. He lived and he struggled to reach, to be a good Muslim. He had many talents and many weaknesses. Allah chose him to help Da'ee Ahmed Moait to design the website You can go to lets smile number three under the name of aliens opening from Allah. You will hear his life story and a message from the age of 20. Please listen and spread this news. Make dua for him so he may be granted jannat-ul-ferdous, amin. May Allah grant him acceptance and kabul of his work.To watch the complete video visit
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islamic swimsuit
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