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Dieser junge Herr hat wohl noch nicht all zu viele Wheelies selbst gefahren. wie man sieht, ist er mit dieser Aufgabe teilweise wohl doch noch etwas ├╝berfordert. Gute Besserung.
Tags // wheelie  motorrad  unfall 
Categories // Comedy 
Added: 3595 days ago by Teddydiewurst
Runtime: 2m2s | Views: 5886 | Comments: 1
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Mister K.I.D. Lyrics: High Noon HOOK: Just when you thought it was safe to play outside, here comes the new kid on his big red bike poppin wheelies ackin all silly, billy, i think this kid's lookin for a fight (wild wild west)and the noon is high Verse1: Please for the sake of safety remember the alias I am the epitomy of what you think that crazy is while you're the equivalent of pussy a mercedes gets 20 on it, call me on it, on this table(place your bets) I am not an arguer so you should probably save your breath you are gonna need it when you're runnin like a lazy pet see, i told you that next time you'll listen but there's not a next imagine that no one takes the minutes to find out that i am a cool cat (i second that opinion)hey,jay(what)(shut up your ass) they will never get it so i force it like abortion on a poor kid who's family just knows they can't afford it to live in this society with rovers and porches their pinto's on 10s, wheels hot as 10 torches to some it's a sin, to some it's life choices truth is(dum dum) keep your minds open (open up wide) and listen to the veteran life is shorter than my attention when I'm in netherlands blowing hella dough on hella weed and hella hashish man i feel like this is a holloween party for candy man (i see dead people) I see, i see dead people it's always a big honor when i talk to real people instead of haters, fakers, occassional pansy ass today marks a brand new era, my people raise up your glass in the air(air) taste it like the bread at mass I'm a lighter give a fuck who is a match they on fire as soon as i get a chance firefighters are like...'nope, i ain't touchin that' i approach ever future like, what's a past? if you ain't learn from your mistakes? (here's a common task) take a rake scrape it across your face and you'll know what it's like for hell's gates to slam on your ass Hook)/
Categories // Music 
Added: 4753 days ago by m2team
Runtime: 5m34s | Views: 11289 | Comments: 1



Riding in bloomington with Cix, Paul, Guru, Tyson, Dizzle, Ryan S, And myself
Categories // Cars and Vehicles 
Added: 5139 days ago by larrystl
Runtime: 4m20s | Views: 11879 | Comments: 2



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