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Shintai Ryu Ninjutsu is the art of the Ninja. It came out as a martial art for the public in 1993. In this video Soke Joshua Carr. is demonstrating some Shintai Ryy Ninjitsu tactics.
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WTF or WHAT THE FLUSH! The makers of the Stealth® ultra-high efficiency toilet and Bravo’s “Flipping Out” Star Jenni Pulos want to see more people saving both water and precious dollars when they flush. On average, 27 percent of water consumption in the home comes from flushing it right down the toilet, which is completely avoidable – that’s not even mentioning the water lost by old or deteriorated flappers that leak. Niagara Conservation Corp. created the Stealth Toilet which uses less than one gallon of water per flush (0.8 gallons per flush to be exact) relative to the average toilet that uses 3.5 to 5 gallons per flush. “As a California resident, I feel the gravity and importance of water conservation. That’s why I’m asking America to stop this invisible drain on our planet,” said Pulos. “With the Stealth Toilet we can do our part to save water and money with every flush. So join the cause for water conservation and say it with me – #WhatTheFlush!" To view the multimedia release go to:
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THE PIRANHA is a stealth submarine built in Panama for the US navy by eccentric genius Francisco Bastidas. The CIA suspects trouble and asks the Stark & O’Brien security agency for help. Stark and O’Brien learn that Bastidas has plans that could destroy both The Piranha and the Panama Canal. Learn about the book and this author here, Thriller
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Added: 4104 days ago by cosproductions
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