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1946 ultra rare $100,000 error cent. Improper alloy mix video and rare off metal strikes. These type of Errors are Extreemly Rare especially when they are old like this one... 1946 wheat cent. Major sites are showcasing 4 and auctions sites are hardly showing any for sale. A $100,000.00 dollar value. A collectores dream come True. I love Treasure Hunting for Rare Lincoln Cents.. God Bless America!!!
Tags // rare  penny  millionaire 
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 568 days ago by johngeltkn
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Not yet rated LifeVac is a patented life-saving device that is proven to be the most effective way to help a child or adult during a choking emergency. Place LifeVac over the mouth and nose to create a seal. The one-way valve prevents air from pushing food or objects downward when pressed. Then simply pull to create a one-way suction to remove the lodged food or object in seconds. LifeVac gives you peace of mind knowing you’re always prepared and your loved ones are protected – because every second matter. Recommended by hundreds of doctors and medical professionals around the world. Over 100,000 sold in over 40 countries and counting! Is your life or your child’s life, worth LESS than 100 bucks to you? This product is absolutely worth every penny. And I’ll be still very happy to have bought it, even if I don’t ever get to use it. I know it is there if I ever need it. This thing is absolutely fantastic. I’ve practiced a few times and from what I saw, it can very well save a life, in those critical few minutes you have, before the person becomes so deprived from oxygen and ultimately dies. Very easy to use. I’m grateful for it. Always Be Prepared. Get LifeVac Today.
Tags // lifevac  nationnow 
Added: 810 days ago by johngeltkn
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A video describing Causes of War in Israel and Syria: Nations go to war for one of four reasons: religion, ideology, territory, or resources. Each of these factors is enough to cause conflict on their own, however, there are places where all four of them collide. Consider Jerusalem. Home to three major religions, territorial disputes, and clashing ideologies. Peace plans and cease fires are useless, because the politicians are completely out of touch. In the end, peace can only come from the individuals on the ground. Sadly, the probability of World War 3 in our lifetime is greater than the odds that peace will come to the Middle East, or Iraq, or Syria, or any of these other flashpoint regions. Keep an eye on these conflicts, because when any one of them heats up, so too do oil and gold prices. Thankfully, there are far more reasons to avoid war than to engage in it. Nevertheless, WW3 will happen when all those who were affected by WW2 are gone. Until then, there will be numerous spikes in gold and oil prices, each time global tensions rise.
Tags // pennystocks  best  penny  stocks  hot  penny  stocks 
Categories // Business 
Added: 3491 days ago by penny
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Penny has returned. She is now back from her holiday vacation in London. It’s really good to have Penny back at the studio. Today’s episode, Professor HANS and Penny talk about the difference between the men in London and the men in the US and their attitude towards women in night clubs and bars. Men in US possess strong self-confidence and they are really cocky. They are so upfront. They run in places and just come up to you especially in night clubs and bars. On the contrary, the British men are quite reserved. They rarely come up to girls and when they do it’s kind of lame and hesitant. But, in fairness, there are a lot of good British gentlemen out there.
Tags // self-confidence 
Categories // Sexy 
Added: 3622 days ago by Aphrodisformen
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Do you have debts that you want to get rid of? Are you thinking about debt management credit counseling? If so, then stop, step back and think. It pays to consider debt management but you must be well - informed so that you can do it wisely. Do not get easily enticed with credit counselors saying that they are a non – profit company and that they will not charge you a penny when in fact, they will be asking you for some sort of registration fee later on which is about 9% up to 17% of your outstanding debt. Come to think of it! You pay them “cash” so they get profit from you but still they are saying that they are a non – profit organization. Why is this so? Simple – They just want to avoid the payment of taxes. But whether or not they are non – profit companies, the real question is, do they really help eliminate debts??? More often than not, they don’t work so why bother? Don’t just waste all your hard earned money paying for something that will not make all your debts and worries bearable. Instead, consider Plan B. Plan B is a debt elimination program which makes a great alternative to credit counseling simply because it works! It works by helping you reduce your credit card debts by as much as 80% while protecting your assets, income, and savings from being taken away from you because of your debts. More importantly, Plan B also protects against credit card lawsuits, stops annoying collection calls and keeps all your debts at bay until you can already afford to repay them. All these are 110% Guaranteed for a very affordable cost so why won’t you give it a try?
Tags // debt  management  credit  counseling 
Added: 3721 days ago by genell11
Runtime: 2m31s | Views: 2019 | Comments: 1
Not yet rated Deals on iphone,ipad3, Smart phones, HDTV's, Computers, and Video Surveillance Systems. Or Just Need More Money. and Much More at
Tags // penny  phone  mobile  cell  samsung  wireless  iphone 
Categories // Miscellaneous 
Added: 3937 days ago by johngeltkn
Runtime: 2m32s | Views: 4589 | Comments: 1
Not yet rated The most well-liked spots are penny and nickel video clip video games together with quarter and dollar reel-spinning video games, even though you will discover video clip video clip clip video clip video games in 2-cent, 10-cent, quarter, and greenback denominations and reel spinners as much as $100. Most fishing reel spinners take as much as two or 3 cash at any provided time although video clip slots can consider 45, ninety, and in addition 500 credits at a time.
Tags // how  to  play  slot  machines  slots  poker  blackjack 
Categories // Fashion and Lifestyle 
Added: 4462 days ago by frankwyatt77
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Jennifer Tilly and Phil Laak challenge Phil Hellmuth and Johnny Chan to a 1500 dollar penny toss bet. This is 2 teams, each person on each team gets to pitch one penny. The team with the closest penny to the wall wins. Its all the nail biting drama of grade school. Hey, if you have a better bet to share with us lets see it!
Tags // jennifer  tilly  phil  hellmuth  poker  blackjack  21  deal  penny  toss  bet  chucky  pro  laak  chan  player  fun  celebrity  coin  wsop 
Categories // Funny  Comedy  People and Blog 
Added: 5464 days ago by ClubUBT
Runtime: 2m5s | Views: 8233 | Comments: 1
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DavesGraFX AKA Treetman Penny Pig getting down and dirty
Tags // davesgrafx  aka  treetman  penny  pig  flash  movie 
Categories // Funny  Comedy  Cartoon 
Added: 5559 days ago by davesgrafx
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