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Results 1-5 of 5 for ' pcicompliance ' (1 seconds) “It will never happen to me!” These words have often been spoken moments before a business owner’s site gets hacked – as if the hackers were listening in on their conversations. The fact that 20 WordPress sites get hacked every minute (1 hack every 3 seconds) should wake up most people to the fact that their website could get compromised if they aren’t protecting it with PCI compliant security scans and killer passwords. Need a free scan to see how you’re doing? Visit
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Not yet rated As part of their international expansion and to promote their new European website, website security firm Trust Guard participated in a recent cybersecurity conference at the U.S. embassy in the Netherlands. One of the main topics at the conference was PCI compliance, which is one of the key services Trust Guard provides to protect merchants and their customers.
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Not yet rated PCI Scanning – when your ecommerce biz was just a dream in your mind (and maybe it still is), PCI Compliance was most likely not what got you pumped about going into business. But it’s one of those necessary evils of ecommerce business life, so if you want to stay in business, keep watching our quick and painless guide for the lowdown on PCI Scanning and Compliance.
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Not yet rated If you’re a business owner trying to make sure your website is safe, secure and trustworthy to customers, navigating your way through the dizzying array of cyber security-related can be confusing, frustrating and just plain boring. We’ve put together this in-a-nutshell guide to make it as painless and simple for you to understand some key security terms so you know what your site needs and why.
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Not yet rated So you have a new product or service on the market…and it’s a good one. You might even have a stellar professional sales team in your employ or you might be a one man army filling that role yourself. But then again, if you’re like millions of entrepreneurs across the globe, you have a website doing some or maybe even all of this work for you. Regardless of what role your website plays in your sales process, it only stands to reason that you’re going to need it to perform. But, you know this already. You understand that increasing your conversion rates will increase your profit; it’s simple math.
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