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I tested out this song on Facebook and my friends there seem to like it a lot ..... This is my first vocal song, using my newer gear .... A few friends there suggested that I make a Youtube video for it and feature it as my Halloween video and I think that's a very good idea and so ..... this I guess is my Halloween song and video ....... The DEVIL made ME do it. Lyrics: Sister come and save me. Throw me out a line. I say sister won't you save me cuz I'm drowning all the time. Devil's on my doorstep. Knocking at my door. Make me dance to Dubstep til I can't dance no more. "Ah Yeah." Sister come and save me. I'm running out of line. I say sister won't you save me cuz I'm running out of time. Devil's gonna find me and lead me to his door. Make me dance to Disco til I can't dance no more, no more, no more, no more. The Devil mocks me on my trail. Satan's got me by my tail. My torment that I loathe so well. I'm dancing through the gates of Hell. "Ah Yeah." Sister come and save me. Throw me out a line. I say sister won't you save me cuz I'm drowning all the time. Devil's on my doorstep. Knocking at my door. Make me dance to Dubstep til I can't dance no more, no more, no more, no more. No more, no more, no more. No more, no more, no more. No more, no more, no more.
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Added: 1927 days ago by Herfortz
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Well here's the scoop on this poop ...... My Windows crashed on my main PC and I had lost all of my studio programs a few months back ..... I was focused on creating more pop orientated songs such as what I've been doing for 2017 but all of my vocal songs are still missing vital audio pluggins to continue on with them ..... I've now upgraded from FL 7 to FL 10 and I've got my studio program back but I'll need to work with it more to create new vocal material .... In the meantime, I'm composing new Electronic music with my FL 10 and I have a couple of monster size Electronic tunes created from my FL 7 but I'm still shying away from making videos for them and uploading them to here ...... So what I have here is a project that I was working on with my 7 version but it's also lacking the pluggins for me to go the full route with it ...... What inspired me to do this was after watching Youtube videos of rock songs being spliced together, most likely by university students with an engineering degree and I figured that I could probably do a better job with my old school methods ..... perseverance and a good hammer and nail ..... What I'd like to add to this description was that 4 months back, I had made this comment to a fellow MUSICIAN ??? ...... Youtuber who had just put together a mashup that took him a whole 5 hours to create ...... "A world's record from what I've seen around here" ...... My comment to him pretty much describes what I have here ..... "This sound's awesome bro ..... I'm involved in a similar project right now but with me it's always months of work ..... I'm doing the impossible right now of mashing up classic rock tunes with me accompanying them ..... I started off with Space Truckin .... The problem with this work is that they're not Electronic tunes and so they have no digital BPM .... I have to take my best guess as bands often speed up or slow down .... I added Smoke On The Water by speeding up the track and raising the pitch up 2 steps and then Strange Kind Of Woman which is in 3/4 timing and then Lazy over Space Trucking to Daft Punk's Robot Rock to Chicago's version of I'm A man to Alvin Lee's Going Home to Van Halen's I'm The One to the Stones Around and Around to Sympathy For The Devil mixed in with April Wine's Could Have Been A lady and now I'm gonna try to work in Aerosmith's guitar riff to Walk This Way to Could Have Been A lady ..... Boy ..... and people wonder why it takes me so long to upload a new song." ....... and his reply back was ...... "LOLOLOL Well with Projects like that, ... Do they know what you do??? ...and why put so much pressure on yourself... or is that just what you do? You're obviously talented, why don't you just simply make originals or covers? Oh, and Thank you!!! :-)" ......... ??? ...... Well "LOLOLOL dee DOH" on me ........ What the Hell is wrong with me anyway? ........ Spend over a day to create something special when all I need to do is to pick up my acoustic guitar and sing you all a song through my cell phone and come back to you tomorrow and the next day and then every day afterwards? ....... We'll that may be the Youtube way but it's not my way to all of you Frank Sanatra wannabies ........ You want to make something great? ..... you gotta work at it and spend more time composing than uploading ....... YEAH !!!!! ......... and you gotta wait for me when I feel it's time to sing because I'm the FAT LADY here and the fat lady want's to shine like a pair of dancing shoes and leave some kind of memorable musical poop stain on this planet before making her grand exit ...... Mr. POOPY LOLOLOL 5 hour PANTS !!!!!!
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Added: 1995 days ago by Herfortz
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Children who have disabilities will be able to express their unique experiences like never before thanks to a first-of-its-kind app developed by Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, Minnesota. The app, an ability-themed emoji keyboard called Emojability, will allow families, patients, caregivers and advocates in the special needs community to communicate, support one another and feel empowered to celebrate the goals and successes they’ve achieved. From adaptive equipment and therapy emojis to words of encouragement, Emojability brings to life symbols and phrases that don’t exist on other emoji keyboards. The free app is now available for download on smartphones. To view the multimedia release go to:
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Added: 2467 days ago by MultiVuVideos
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EARTH is published by Philokalia Music (BMI) © 2006 · All rights reserved Music & verses by John D. Torre Aja Kim - Vocals John Torre - Guitars Steffen Presley - Keyboards & Drums Composer: John D. Torre Publisher: Philokalia Music (BMI)
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Added: 3223 days ago by johngeltkn
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Robert Johnson Project From: Eric Clapton The Pavillion San Jose, California 3-18-2007 Soundboard Mid Valley 401 The Band: Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals Doyle Bramhall II - guitar Derek Trucks - guitar Chris Stainton - keyboards Tim Carmon - keyboards Willie Weeks - bass Steve Jordan - drums Michelle John - backing vocals Sharon White - backing vocals
Tags // eric  clapton  robert  johnson  crossroads 
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Added: 3513 days ago by blueshalter
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Learn how you can easily enable Emoji keyboard on your device! Send amazing emoji pictures, unique emoticons, turn any word into emoji preset in a tap, and more! Get ultimate Emoji Emoticons Art iOS app How to enable Emoji 2 Keyboard on iOS 6 - Open Settings - Go to General - Scroll down and tap Keyboard - Select Keyboards - Tap Add New Keyboard - Scroll down and select Emoji - Emoji keyboard has been activated. Now you can use Emoji in Messages, Notes, Contacts, and more! - Open the Messages app, for example - Tap and hold the Globe at the bottom and then select Emoji - Select the Emoji you like by tapping on it
Tags // emoji 
Categories // Fashion and Lifestyle 
Added: 3531 days ago by Apalon
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Not yet rated Lou Gevorkian - Vocals, Keyboards Rouben Kazariyan - Guitars Sergey Ponkratiev - Guitars Vitaly Demidenko - Bass Leonid
Tags // louna  business  rock  metal  rive  video  promotion 
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Added: 3549 days ago by rivevideo
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The official video for Heidra's song Sworn to Vengeance. Credits: Producer & Director Carlos G. R. Camera & Edit Beatriz Barragan Horn Set Photographer Vibek Raj Maurya Lighting Jakob Kold Neess Playback Master Dragan Bucalo Band Morten Bryld - Vocals Martin W. Jensen - Guitar Carlos G. R. - Guitar Danny Svendsen - Keyboards Morten Kristiansen - Bass Mikkel Køster - Drums
Tags // heidra  sworn  to  vengeance  rock  metal  screams  riffs  rive  video  promotion 
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Added: 3549 days ago by rivevideo
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Matt's performance on March 2nd, 2012 at the Port Jefferson Middle School Talent Show.The backing track was bass, rhythm guitar, and drums only. Matt did all the keyboards (electric piano, strings, sampled guitars, synth leads) and vocals live.
Tags // pressure  billy  joel  live  concert  matt  luca 
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Added: 3942 days ago by johngeltkn
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More @ There's nothing like a good office fight between colleagues. Somehow, an employee gets fed up with another person working at a group computer desk. Hitting a breaking point, a guy leaps out of his chair, breaks all kinds of computer, monitors and keyboards to get his mitts on a guy he wants to choke out. If u look carfully the guy on the right keeps chucking things at the guy on the left. Get ready to laugh and..(bing!) lets get it on!!! If your still bored, check out/add my profile/videos if you like 'fails' or are into that sort of thing.
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Added: 5066 days ago by failfunnies
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