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Hal hates history class—it literally bores him to tears. But his father is a big history buff, and unless Hal gets a good grade this year, he’ll never get his own room. Sixth grade gets off to a horrible start when history teacher Mr. Tupkin gives the class an assignment to write journals that will be buried in a time capsule at the end of the year. Things get even worse when his dad makes him take his neighbor’s old shopping cart to school, earning him the nickname “Cartboy.” What else could possibly go wrong? Read Hal’s journal to find out!Filled with photos, drawings, and timelines, Hal’s time capsule journal chronicles a year in the life of the hopelessly hapless Cartboy. Learn more about this book and author at YA
Tags // middleschool  6th  grade  wimpy  kid  dork  diaries  history  kids  book  video 
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Sanjay\\\'s research has been reviewed favorably by internationally reputed scientists. Some of his research has even appeared in international, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Sanjay\\\'s research on the new agreements between spirituality and science is the first ever to get published in such high-ranking journals. This is the gold standard in scientific research and a landmark of superb research on the subject of science and religion or science and spirituality. Visit
Tags // scientific  proof  of  god 
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Do science and religion conflict? Is there disagreement between science and spirituality? It turns out there is no conflict. The apparent conflict is because, till now, the metaphors of ancient texts such as the Bible, Talmud, and ancient Yoga Literature, had not been rigorously studied and compared to cutting edge scientific discoveries. Some of these studies have been reviewed by scientists and published in three international peer-reviewed scientific journals. Sanjay's research on the new agreements between spirituality and science is the first ever to get published in such high-ranking journals. By Sanjay C. Patel, Author of GOD IS REAL - The Stunning New Convergence of Science and Spirituality. Visit:
Tags // science  and  religion 
Categories // Business  Science and Technology 
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Visit: ~ God Is Real - The Stunning NEW Convergence of Science and Spirituality. Over 100 New Proofs of God from the Bible, Ancient Yoga, and Modern Science! Finally, after centuries of search, the holy grail of all proofs demonstrating God is real has arrived. Whether you are interested in proof of God for yourself or a skeptical teenager, these new discoveries proving God is real will forever change the way you view the ancient scriptures of Israel and their metaphorical descriptions of our world. It turns out that the ancient metaphors were not ad hoc. They had a deeper meaning and were meticulously modeled. Hugely important, some of them have been published in three international science journals -- the gold standard of scientific research -- and hailed by many as one of the most important discoveries of this century. By Sanjay C. Patel Visit
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Not yet rated Gordie Gibbon is a helpful character that will take your kids on a trip to different culture. Check out the full series of Gordie videos helping kids to understand the cultures of different countries. Printable children's travel journals are also available at
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The law is constantly developing and Westlaw HK continuously evolves to meet the needs of Hong Kong’s legal profession. This video highlights Westlaw HK’s authoritative content and leading edge functionality that legal professionals in Hong Kong are choosing to use, helping them to achieve better results faster.
Categories // Miscellaneous  Business  Howto and DIY 
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